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Sensitive skin deoderent

Hi, I hope I’m doing this right!

I’m just curious if anyone has found a great deoderent for really sensitive skin? I’m using Native right now, which works well- but by the end of the day it mixes with my natural scent and smells… weird. It’s not bad- just weird. I have also had a few instances where my skin started burning and itching after applying.


I have very sensitive skin and I had to stop shaving my underarms because my skin was just not having it anymore. I need something that is strong, smells nice, doesn’t have aluminum and is gentle. Anyone find anything that works at Sephora? 

Re: Sensitive skin deoderent

If you develop a rash or irritation in your underarm, try switching to a hypoallergenic product to see if it helps. Some hypoallergenic deodorants and antiperspirants include: Almay Hypo-Allergenic Fragrance-Free Roll-On (deodorant and antiperspirant) Mitchum Roll-On Unscented (deodorant and antiperspirant)

Re: Sensitive skin deoderent

Hi @Deezley ! A problem with many natural aluminum-free deodorants is all the essential oils and/or baking soda they contain, which can irritate sensitive skin. Do you know if your underarm skin’s sensitive to any essential perfuming oils in particular? 


Routine Baking Soda Free Blackberry Betty (full size glass jar version or the mini jar) is the only deodorant I can think of right now that contains no baking soda and might have an essential oil blend that’s easier for sensitive skin to tolerate: blackberry, raspberry, and vanilla oils. I used to use this and other Routine deodorants all the time. In fact, I still keep some mini jars in my purse/bag in case of emergency. (I use Vanicream’s antiperspirant each night after showering and don’t need to apply more in the morning, but on a very hot muggy day I might need a little extra non-stink insurance from Routine.) 

If you hate the idea of applying with your fingers, consider Routine’s stick form of Blackberry Betty. Note that the stick version contains baking soda; don’t know if you’re sensitive to that. Might also wanna look at their other scents in jars and sticks. They sell mini jar kits that are a good way to try several scents. 
Oh, and Routine is based in Canada. If you're in the US like me, their site will display prices in USD. I think Routine also still sells via Amazon. 
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