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Seeking Skincare Recommendation for Dry and Acne-Prone Skin

I'm trying to develop a skincare routine to better suit my face/needs. TL;DR looking for advice on products suited for dry skin and acne. 


I have really dry skin, especially on my forehead and nose, and I get acne that pops up basically anywhere on my face, which I believe is largely hormonal as it flares up when I'm stressed out, but I have not been able to see a dermatologist. A lot of what I've tried specifically to counter the acne has severely dried out my face to the point that my skin flakes, and foundation to cover any remaining redness looks horrible as it clings to the dry patches. 


I have recently tried out the Glow Recipe Fruit Babies Bestsellers Kit which has improved the overall texture of my face, so it's significantly less flakey and I no longer have the horrendous dry patch on my forehead. However, I haven't noticed a change in terms of acne. 


Usually cleansing day and night is too drying on my face, so I've switched to using a toner in the morning and fully cleansing at night, but I haven't settled on a toner yet and have been using several trial sizes.


Wondering if people have recommendations for skincare to help with acne but won't dry out my skin. Especially looking for a new cleanser or toner, maybe a serum. I currently have a moisturizer from the Sephora collection that seems to be doing alright, though I haven't been using it for very long yet, so I'm not currently in need of one but am open to suggestions. 

Re: Seeking Skincare Recommendation for Dry and Acne-Prone Skin

@Yodarox99 do you use anything with like hyaluronic acid or glycerin? Both are humectants (draw water/moisture into your skin), but only work if your skin is damp/moist.


So normally, I spray my face with either water (like Evian or Avene Thermal Spring water) or hypochlorous acid (Tower 28 Daily Rescue Facial Spray, or cheaper ones are found on Amazon), and then add a serum with hyaluronic acid.


If you want to use glycerin, you can make your own spray/toner (or purchase already made toners with glycerin). Combine glycerin (you can buy it online) with something like rose water (small amount of glycerin into like 50ml rose water), and spray it on your face. This should really help with moisturizing your skin.



Re: Seeking Skincare Recommendation for Dry and Acne-Prone Skin

@Yodarox99 Your skin might be dry and dehydrated. It might also be getting irritated by switching up products. I also don't wash my face in the morning so I just rinse my night skincare off and then use a toner. I do a double cleanse at night followed by toner, serum, and moisturizer. Right now I'm using a lot of K-beauty products. I really like Pyunkang Yul, Beauty of Joseon, and COSRX, among others. The products are usually pretty affordable and have good formulations. Here are some examples of products that might work for you. Prices might be cheaper on other websites. Whatever toner or serum you decide on, start 1-2 times a week and build up so that your skin has time to adjust. I added the toning pads because they are a very gentle exfoliating product and don't irritate my skin (I only use them once or twice a week). Niacinamide is good to balance out your skin.  The Heartleaf toner just went viral and is supposed to help with breakouts. This cleanser is super gentle and doesn't dry out my skin. I haven't tried this specific cream but I included it as an example since I like this line of products.


Re: Seeking Skincare Recommendation for Dry and Acne-Prone Skin

Thank you @makeitup305 ! This is really helpful. I hadn't even thought of needing to gradually introduce products and allowing my skin to adjust, 

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