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Searching for Serum

Hi all! I am on the hunt for a really great serum, and am hoping for some suggestions! I am 35, with mostly normal skin (prone to a little dryness/dullness). I have some fine lines on my forehead, around my mouth, and some annoying "11s" between the brows--I know I can't get these to disappear but am looking to diminish their appearance. My skin isn't too sensitive or acne-prone. Anyone with similar issues have something they absolutely love? I'm currently trying Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II (LOL, what a ridiculously long name), and not sure about it; doesn't seem to be doing much yet. 

Re: Searching for Serum



I love Kora Organics Noni Glow Face Oil!  They also have an Eye Oil and it works wonders:


I"m also a super fan of Sunday Riley Luna Oil:


And finally, Ole Henriksen's Truth Serum is part of my daily routine (Drunk Elephant C Firma or Sunday Riley CEO can be used instead, but they are pricier)


Good luck!!!  xoxoxoxo

RE: Re: Searching for Serum

Great, Iโ€™m getting a sample of the Luna night oil in my allure box this month, so now more excited to try it!
Anonymous Insider

Re: Searching for Serum

Hi there @mmck07!  We are about the same age, so I am totally focused on those issues, also.  I follow a ten step routine which I started about a year ago.  I was already doing multiple steps, so it wasn't a huge jump for me.  I would suggest beginning a 5-7 step routine and make sure you double cleanse every night.  Also, make sure you are exfoliating.  Anti-aging products aren't going to penetrate your skin as well with a lot of dead skin and/or oil on top. 


As for products, I agree that Good Genes is great.  I am actually going to pick up the huge bottle in November.  Lactic acid works really well for me.  I suggest that you incorporate an acid (which can be your chemical exfoliator) most nights.  I am using PTR peel pads, and they work well.  Look for something with both AHA and BHA.  Dr. Dennis Gross alpha beta peel pads are great.  First Aid Beauty has some that I also like at a very reasonable price.


The other thing you should be using is retinol.  I started using DDG ferulic + retinol wrinkle recovery peel, and it is my favorite product.  I use it twice a week.  It has been a gentle way to incorporate retinol into my routine, and I have not experienced any irritation.  (I use the peel pads every night that I don't use these.)  These pads should help with the fine lines and 11 on your forehead.  I've been using them consistently for about four months, and it has definitely helped my forehead lines. 


DDG also makes a ferulic + retinol brightening solution that I am about to open. . . as soon as I finish Drunk Elephant C Firma.  I personally don't like C Firma.  I have used two bottles back to back and seen zero results.  However, it seems like I am in the very small minority, so it might be a product for you.  Also, I strongly prefer the peel pads I mentioned to DE's TLC Framboos.  I experienced stinging with Framboos and no noticeable results.


I try to ensure that every product that goes onto my face is either treating my fine lines or adding hydration.  Caudalie is another brand that I adore.  Their Resveratrol line is great as is the Vineactiv line.  I hope you find something you love!  Let me know if you have any questions.

RE: Re: Searching for Serum

Thanks so much, this is a super helpful answer!
Anonymous Insider

Re: RE: Re: Searching for Serum

You're welcome!  I LOVE talking about skincare!  80-90% of my "rouge" status comes from skincare purchases!  (Yikes!)  I also recommend checking out the Klog and Peach and Lily.  They are K beauty sites run by very knowledgeable ladies, and the sites will be really useful in explaining a multistep routine and why you should double cleanse.  Happy weekend!

RE: Searching for Serum

Hi @mmck07! A few serums worth trying are Sunday Rileyโ€™s Good Genes. Although it is expensive, I think it is worth every penny. I also like The Ordinaryโ€™s retinol. Peter Thomas Roth also makes jumbo swabs with 25% AHA which smooths out the skin. It is like a mini- facial. Hope this helps.

RE: Searching for Serum

Thanks for the suggestions!

Searching for Serum

When I first started thinking about adding serums to my skincare routine I was a bit confused. I didn't know what to use or how to use them until I was introduced to a brand called the Ordinary. I was able to built a skincare routine using serums that targeted specific areas of concern. I still use some of their products, but have since incoprorated some new product/serums from other brands.

Re: Searching for Serum

@mmck07 Are you mostly trying to address wrinkles?  Brightness/Dullness?  Hydration?  What are your main areas that you're trying to tackle?  Different serums usually target different concerns.

Re: Searching for Serum

Mostly wrinkles and fine lines!

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