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Scar left after waxing 1 wk ago, now what to do!!

I got my face waxed over a week ago and the woman burned a par tof my skin near the chin/lips. It scabbed and i picked on it and didn't bleed but was red and painful. Now, it is all smooth but brown and now looks like a scar. I am panicking because now I am afraid I'll have this scar on my face forever. What should I do/ use? My complexion in tan/olive (I am South Asian). 


Please help!

Re: Scar left after waxing 1 wk ago, now what to do!!

You may want to try  Josie Maran's Argan Oil both morning and night - after a gentle cleansing.  And I agree with the other answer about sunscreen is mandatory over this scar.

I had a similar burn experience last year and it worked for me. I am fair skinned but hopefully it will work for you too. My scar went away in a couple of weeks, but I started  using the JM Argan oil immediately after the burn.

I like First Aid Beauty's gentle cleanser.

Hope this helps.

Re: Scar left after waxing 1 wk ago, now what to do!!

Let it completely heal, and if you are sure it is a scar, I would try a product called Mederma.  It reduces the appearance of scars, and I find it workse very well.  I'm not sure if it is intended for use on the face, so I would research it a little before buying.  If you do get it, be dure to go with the name brand and not the store brand version, as I find there is a huge difference in the effectiveness of the product.  Goodluck!

Re: Scar left after waxing 1 wk ago, now what to do!!

Leave it alone!


1. Make sure you put extra SPF on that area because it's summer.

2. I agree with the Vitamin E- you might also want to find a medicated cream. Treat it like a burn anywhere else.

3. Leave it alone!

4. Don't cover it with makeup.

Re: Scar left after waxing 1 wk ago, now what to do!!

Well, first of all - STOP PICKING!!!  Trust me, I am a seriously compulsive face picker and I know it's practically torture not to scratch or pick at something like that, but that's DEFINITELY making things worse.


Secondly, one week isn't enough time to figure out whether a mark is just a temporary spot or a permanent scar.  Don't panic!


Lastly, whether it's already healing/fading or not, you want to nurture and baby your skin as much as possible to promote rapid cell regeneration and healing.  So don't use any harsh products (no harsh cleansers, NO exfoliating for a bit, minimize any sort of contact with it) and get in the habit of applying a gentle moisturizer to the area.  If it doesn't lighten in another week, you can do a couple things:


- start doing vitamin E oil massages (literally massage a tiny bit of vitamin E oil into the area, gently)

- start using a scar-minimizing product like Mederma

- after about a month, if it's still noticeable try using a dark spot minimizing product or routine (Kiehl's has a great face cleanser designed to reduce dark spots, I think it's called the Bright White line and the exfoliator is called the Clearly Corrective Bright White Exfoliator) to decrease the pigmentation.


But again, it's only been a week, and unless you were burned VERY severely, I'd be surprised if there was a lasting mark!  Good luck <3

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