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Sakura Silk- Exfoliator

I cannot for the life of me remember who recommended Sakura Silk Mild Exfoliator to another person when they were looking for an excellent face exfoliator but I looked into it, found nothing but really great reviews so went ahead and got some. A thousand beautiful hearts to whoever suggested it because it is AWESOME. It seriously removes all the dead skin from your face with no irritation. It is kind of disgusting as the dead skin rolls around on your face as you rub, but wow, I am so glad I took the plunge. 

Re: Sakura Silk- Exfoliator

from the descriptions, i can say that it's pretty much like the Cure water based exfoliator from Japan. it's their best selling exfoliator claiming to sell 1 bottle for every 12 seconds. i tried it and it does the job. it removes dead skin cells. but over time, i just felt like it's just a gimmick-y product. i prefer micro peels as exfoliators.

Re: Sakura Silk- Exfoliator

It looks like it may have been sarinalove here:


I may have to check that product out!

Re: Sakura Silk- Exfoliator

Thanks! You are right, just went and thanked her, it is awesome!

Re: Sakura Silk- Exfoliator

I saw that post too and I've seen it in action on YT... Where's the best place to get it?

Re: Sakura Silk- Exfoliator

Apparently there is some sketchiness getting from third parties so I ordered straight from their website, should be the first hit on Google. It came in less than a week, shipped from California (I'm in Canada). 

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