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SOS 2014: Wash Your Dang Face, Woman!!

I initially posted about my horrifying skincare habits here:


(Think falling asleep ontop of a laptop with fake eyelashes still stuck to my face), so my resolution for 2014 was to finally grow up and stick to a skin care routine. I am a complete make up junkie, and I'm finding the same to be true for the skin care products I've been testing, so this journal will hopefully help me to keep track!


Current skin status:

* Normal; dry around my lips, sometimes oily on my forehead by the end of the day.
* 28 years old -- Two lines on my forehead that I'm positive I was born with, since those stubborn jerks have always been there
* Rarely any acne, usually a small flesh colored bump or two will pop up on my forehead or around my hairline.
* No blackheads, but obviously sebaceous filaments on the tip of my nose.

*Lips seem to always be dry and cracked



Current routine:
* AM - Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser, Clinique's Mild Clarifying Lotion, Clinique Turnaround concentrate, Clinique Moisture Surge, City block sheer face protector (spf 25). 

* PM - Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser, Clinique's Mild Clarifying Lotion, Clinique Turnaround concentrate, Super Rescue Antioxidant night moisturizer, Nevea Creme. 

* Weekly - Neutrogena Microdermabrasion System


*As Needed - Retin-A (I use this as a spot treatment, maybe once a month if that). 



Skincare goals for 2014:

1. Actually stick to a skincare routine. For someone who is rather particular about my makeup, I'm embarrassed to say how lazy I have been about my skin. I attribute this to the fact that throughout my life my skin has been amazing to me, and dealt with all the crap I've thrown at it. Well, I need to be a little nicer to me skin, or it's going to stop being nice to me.


2. Take my makeup off. Every. Single. Night.


3. Wear only mineral sunscreens, no chemical barriers, especially anything containing oxybenzone. 


4. Attempt to minimize the giant lines on my forehead. This may be impossible - I'm a total forehead creaser when I'm thinking.


5. Sleep more. Drink more water.



Any other factors that might be impacting your skin?

I am a TERRIBLE sleeper. I sleep maybe, five hours a night. Also I don't drink nearly enough water. My main supply of moisture is diet coke (Holy crap, writing this down is horrifying. My skin deserves humanitarian aid.)


Things I want to try:

I already crossed one thing off - the Shiseido  Ibuki line. I LOVED this initially. I know that a lot of people think the smell is too strong, but I loved it. The problem was that the amount of alcohol in the products actually made them more drying than not, even the enriched moisturizer wouldn't go the distance for me at night. I would have to use the enriched in the morning as well. My skin felt AMAZING, but I had to constantly re-moisturize. Also, the packaging is not great for stabilizing anti-aging ingredients, so it's a lot of money for products that potentially won't work after the package is opened.


I can't wait to try the Peter Thomas Roth 40% Acid peel! 



Re: SOS 2014: Wash Your Dang Face, Woman!!

Try Clinique's Laser Focus Repairwear.  Seriously.  I had a friend from high school ask what my secret was, since she thought I hadn't aged a day (last time she saw me I was 18) and now I'm 32!  It can take up to 12 weeks to see results, but I still have no lines on my forehead.  I also use the Clinique Repairwear Intensive Night Cream as well and they work really well together.

Re: SOS 2014: Wash Your Dang Face, Woman!!

"Wash Your Dang Face, Woman!!", rofl Smiley Very Happy

Re: SOS 2014: Wash Your Dang Face, Woman!!

Weeeeeeeelll my skin officially freaked the eff out. 


About two weeks into my routine, and my skin seemed to have multiple personality disorder. Some days I was leaving *layers* of oil my iphone screen, other days I seemed to have more dry scales than a lizard. Tone was gross, pores were very visible for the first time in my life. Can you really blame my skin? Twenty eight years of nothing and suddenly 8 million products. So I decided to get back to basics, scrapped my entire routine, and stripped it down. 



 Wash with Kate Somerville Detox Daily Cleanser: I love this cleanser. It smells like I just walked into a spa and leaves my face really soft. It's the only thing that ever made me want to wash my face twice.

Tone with Kate Somerville Toner: Beautypedia doesn't seem to like very many toners that aren't Paula's Choice (shocking, since that's what they are selling) but you know what? Beautypedia isn't trying to break an addiction to face-laziness, and this alcohol free toner feels great.

Moisturize with Clinique City Block SPF 25: This isn't sold as a moisturizer, but it is *very* moisturizing. If the skin around my eyes and mouth are extra dry, I will spot treat with Clinique Moisture Surge. It's also a fantastic primer.



Wash with Kate Somerville Detox Daily Cleanser: Any makeup that is left behind I take off with Neutrogena oil free makeup remover.

Use Peter Thomas Roth Retinol Fusion PM: I splurged a little for this ($65 for the bottle, but that's not even that extravagant compared to many products out there). 

Moisturize with Clinique Super Rescue Antioxidant night moisturizer


 A few days into this routine and my face is already much better. The day after using the Retinol fusion I had some dry patches, but my skin seemed to get used to it very quickly. Here's crossing my fingers!


Re: SOS 2014: Wash Your Dang Face, Woman!!

Are you using the retinol every day?? Sometimes that can cause a freak out. I alternate with glycolactic acid( REN) and seem to have good luck with it. 

Re: SOS 2014: Wash Your Dang Face, Woman!!

I wasn't using any retinol (except maybe a one a month retin-a spot treatment) before the freak out. I'm using the PTR at night as opposed to the Clinique Resurfacer twice a day. So far so good. My skin tends to be pretty hardy, but I'm going to go by what my skin tells me and use that as my guide. I was definitely considering doing alternating nights with another product depending on results. 

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