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Redness on my nose & minimize the pore

My nose looks terrible Smiley Sad  It is always dry and red on my both the corners, and I've tried lots of products to minimize my pores on my nose, but none of them work!! I need help!

Benefit's Porefessional may the primer you're looking for...

Benefit's Porefessional may the primer you're looking for! Another great pore minimizing primer is Too Faced's Porefessional (pink tube).


As for the redness, try Murad's green line used for soothing redness in the skin. If could be the winter weather in combination with your skin type that is causing dryness and redness to occur. Use a gentle scrub like one from Boscia (Facial Smoothing Polish) as it as sugar polymers so you get the nice physical feel of an exfoliant with gentle particles that slough off dead skin but won't scratch and irritate like a scrub with fruit seed powder or actual sugar granuals which can be too rough and cause more inflammation on delicate areas.


You may want to try a glycolic face wash too, like one from Anthony Logistics, which uses fruit enzymes to brighten and exfoliate the skin chemically rather than manually (or with physical particles). It's a very gentle formula and also contains aloe. It's one of my faves and helps brighten and even the skin tone!

Re: Benefit's Porefessional may the primer you're looking for...

Aw, thank you so much! Smiley Happy
If you wanted to try the AL wash they have a mini one for $8 and it lasts quite a while, about the size of a dime, maybe even less is all you need to use per washing. I love using it in the morning because it smells so nice! It has a light citrus scent that just wakes you up and perks up your senses!

I almost forgot, Korres has a yoghurt and milk line that's also good for soothing skin! Haha, didn't mean to toss more your way to browse and overwhelm you! But that line's super gentle in case your skin is more sensitive!

Tis the season for more shopping! And saving! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Benefit's Porefessional may the primer you're looking for...

wow! sounds like I got lots shopping to do lol Thank you so much for your recommendation! you sounded like a pro Smiley Happy
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