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Red hair, brown eyes, and light olive/medium skin tone...wait, what?

Okay so I have natural auburn red hair with natural giner toned highlights from the sun, really dark brown eyes, light olive skin tone/medium (not really sure how to describe it). My dad is greek so i get my skin tone from him, it's not really true olive but not fair either so it's a mix...I also have natural freckles all over my face. I know red hair and brown eyes is really rare, especially since my mom has green eyes and I should've gotten the gentics from her, but I'm not sure I like the combo. On top of that you add my skin tone, which if I didn't have freckles would look pretty, but with freckles looks...strange? Nevertheless I seem to have gotten all of the weirdest attributes of being a rehead yet coming from european descent. But I've been told how rare this whole combination is and that's not the problem. What I really wanted to ask about was my eyebrows...they're really really black! I've gone to hair salons before and asked if I've died my hair before just because my eyebrows are black! And I don't mean dark brown, I mean literally black! SO I was wondering if there is any products that could change my eyebrows from being black to even a brown? My hair color is different from typical red which is ginger and not quite auburn either so I have a hard time getting the right match, but would any of you recommend a certain product to help with this? Thanks!

I will say that you should embrace your color combination...

I will say that you should embrace your color combinations, who cares if a red head should have green having brown is rare and interesting. Plus, I love freckles, I think it makes you look younger. Unfortunately I only have freckles come out in the summer from the sun for me. Can your hair stylist do something to color your eyebrows? I don't think I'd do anything myself, I'd be afraid to do something wrong. I'm not sure if someone on here will have a good suggestion for how to alter ur eyebrow color, but I'd just be careful doing anything at home ...if not, is changing your red hair an option to match your eyebrows? Or close enough?

Re: I will say that you should embrace your color combination...

Um, I'm young so I'm not allowed to dye my hair but I'll definitely see if maybe my hair stylist could do something!
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