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Red and White bumps.

I have these white and red bumps on my arms. I dont really know if they are zits or what they are from, but I have had them for years. I would like to go to a dermatologist, But they are super expensive. So I was wondering if anyone knows of any strong body scrubs or cream solutions.

Re: Red and White bumps.

Definitely KP- and I couldn't agree more with the DermaDoctor KP Duty suggestion- it works wonders!!!!

Re: Red and White bumps.

I FINALLY found something to work! Couldn't believe it.  I'm 48, and have had them forever, and my son has had them about 4 years or so at least, pretty bad... he's now 15. I think he had them some earlier, but it really kicked in recently.  


What I found is the Microdermamitt.  It's a rough silk(?) cloth, sewed into a mitt.  They have one for the face, one for face with zits - or sensitive, one for body, and then a soft little mitt for makeup removal.  It just sloughs off the old, dead, in my case, excess skin!  It's amazing, (kind of awful looking seeing all that skin come off, so definitely do it in the shower - NOT the bath!), but works so good!  


Anyway, watch the video on the main page of microdermamitt .com  to see how to use them, and how she discovered it from living in Turkey and having some spa stuff done to herself... pretty interesting.  I really think it's wonderful and the answer to my prayers!

They could also be sebacous cysts. They are cysts of the...

They could also be sebacous cysts. They are cysts of the oil glands. They are harmless, unless you squeeze them like a pimple and they can burst and cause a skin infection that would require antibiotics and/ or possibly minor surgery depending on the severity of the ruputure. I have had these all my life, didn't know I wasn't suppose to pick at them. One burst, and had to go on medication for 2 weeks. They seem to be genetic my brothers have them and now my daughter has them on her arms as well. I guess the take home message is just leave them alone and you"ll be okay. I also use a gentle exfoliater once a week. Smiley Happy

@Sls35, That definitely sounds like keratosis pilaris, wh...

@Sls35, That definitely sounds like keratosis pilaris, which is a disorder in which the openings of the hair folicles become plugged with skin tissue called keratin. I have experience battling keratosis pilaris myself, and this is what worked for me:

- Use a body scrub that contains glycolic & lactic acids like Kate Sommervilles Exfolikate Body is really good or DERMAdoctor’s KP Duty Body Scrub. Salicylic acid & benzol peroxide can also help, so also look at Peter Thomas Roth's Blemish Buffing Beads Body Wash and DDFs Pumice Acne Scrub. A great exfoliating tool is the Clarisonic Plus, which comes with a special brush for the body.

- Use lotion every day. DERMAdoctor's KP Duty lotion is specifically for treating keratosis pilaris (and it worked for me), but even a gentle moisturizer, like First Aid Beauty's Body Moisturizer, can help if used consistently.

Hope that helps!


It sounds like keratosis pilaris. I have had it for years...

It sounds like keratosis pilaris. I have had it for years and it's super annoying. I haven't found a cream or lotion or treatment that consistently works yet. They seem to get better in the sun but that doesn't exactly help as we are moving into winter. I hope there is someone that can be of more help here, sorry!

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