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Rash-like thing on my face?




I’m not sure what this is, it’s only on the left side of my face and I’ve never experienced anything like it.. it’s red, and textured. It almost feels leathery? It’s tiny almost micro bumps but there’s also larger bumps. It feels mildly sensitive to touch.
I’ve used mostly all the same things for the last while and the only things I can think could maybe be the problem are…a sudden sensitivity to niacinamide in my Ilia spf tint and glow recipe dew drops, or maybe too much AHA/BHA? But I don‘t use AHA every day though, I do use the glow recipe toner but not usually on my cheeks, just my T-zone. My other suspicion is lots of phenoxyethanol products and I ruined my skins microbiome protection? Or maybe the glow recipe plump serum or Cosrx snail mucin? Idk. I’ve basically full stop ceased all products and only use Alitura (goated btw) and it seems to slowly be improving but I get the feeling if I use literally anything else it will flare up. 

it’s weird that it’s only one area of my face though.. it’s puzzling me greatly! Has anyone experienced anything similar?



Re: Rash-like thing on my face?

The exact same thing happened to me a couple months ago after trying the Glow Recipe Guava serum. For me it was worse on my neck, but it affected my entire face. My skin still hasn’t gone back to normal. It’s like it is now hypersensitive to everything. It’s interesting you mention niacinamide, since the Glow Recipe also contains it.

Re: Rash-like thing on my face?

I wonder! Has your skin gone back to normal? Mine has gotten worse, stinging pain and now I can’t wash my face at all, the only thing I can tolerate is dousing my face in sweet almond oil and using Kosas concealer only under my eyes and on a broken vein and then using ultra smooth Kleenex and sweet almond oil to rub off. I have done this for at least a month maybe longer, the stinging went away but still red and sensitive but yesterday I tried using cicaplast baume and a bit of CT flawless filter mixed with oil so I washed my face in the eve and it’s so stingy and tender today! It feels like I’ve made no true progress. It’s sucks because I can’t wear any of the makeup or skincare I loved and it just will not heal. Skin barrier stuff just stings it. Suuuucks man lol

Re: Rash-like thing on my face?

Hey! Have u started using a new laundry detergent, perfume or hair product? It’s weird that it’s only on one side of the face which makes me want to eliminate the possibility that it could be a skincare product (since you’d apply it all over). Whatever it is, the steps are the same though; simplify your skincare routine and focus on barrier health, and try to reduce the amount of “allergens/toxins” in your environment: fragrance, hair products like dry shampoo, oils or hairspray, detergents, candles even… good luck! 

Re: Rash-like thing on my face?

Sorry it took me so long! For some reason the app only lets me respond to the top comment and nothing else. Umm, no nothing like that, I haven't used perfume in years, same "clean" laundry soap, I don't use any hair all those are easy to answer. Thanks for trying though!

Re: Rash-like thing on my face?

Did you start the snail mucin recently, @missmissajade? People who are allergic to dust mites have been known to have bad reactions to the essence. 

Re: Rash-like thing on my face?

I think I got it in November 2021 but I used it solid for a bit, then took a break, then used it here and there so you’d think it would be weird to suddenly be a problem now 😮💨

Re: Rash-like thing on my face?

I’ve had the same thing happen! Definitely an irritation to something. I’m not an expert so I couldn’t tell you which product would’ve done it specifically, but I would wait til it calms down and then slowly reintroduce products back into my routine to figure out which product may not agree w my skin + give my skin time.

Re: Rash-like thing on my face?

Thanks so much for weighing in, that’s good to know. I really hope I don’t have to give up any of my loves long term 🥲

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