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REN Skincare

So, as some of us know, my skin is.. very picky with what is placed on my face.  Most foundations, primers, moisturizers, etc cannot be applied without my face having a reaction to it.  However, on Friday, because I heard a lot about the REN facewashes, I decided to buy it.  Just got it yesterday and I need to say this: I cannot really feel the difference.  I was on CeraVu moisturizing cleanser, which was moisturing but left gunk on my face.  REN is just as moisturizing, if not a little bit more, and wipes off clean.  So far, no irritation with it either, which is a plus.  Plus, it made my skin so soft.  Hey, this might actually be a keeper. Smiley Very Happy


For those who are wondering which REN facial wash I got, it was the Moisture Protect one.


Re: REN Skincare

Hi! REN is amazing! The line was created specifically for those with sensitive skin, so it's no wonder you had a good result with it. Have you tried anything else from the line before? I love the Radiance Perfecting Serum. Definitely my favorite serum year round

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