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Questions about shaving (yeah I know, how glamorous)

So I've never paid much attention to my shaving and this might be a weird question. Anyways, I started out with electric ones, but found out that I can get a closer shave with razor. I saw some article that said you should shave in the direction of the hair growth (down your legs) but I find I get a closer shave when I shave against hair growth (up my legs). So,


  1. Do you shave along with, or against the hair?
  2. And if I'm using those fancy multi blade razors with moisturizing strip thing, do I really need shaving creams?
  3. And speaking of shaving creams. Is there a difference between different shaving cream? So far I've just been using conditioners, but I'm wondering if there's any difference?
  4. And if you are shaving your arm pit, do you use shaving cream there too? 
  5. Ok last one. I can never shave 3D areas like my knee or arm pit properly. Any tips? o.O

Re: Questions about shaving (yeah I know, how glamorous)

So I only just started to shave my legs again after 15 years of not so I'm not a super expert.  Also I stopped shaving my armpits after just a few days because shaving seemed to anger them and I only want to do all this beauty stuff when it's fun.  So no armpits. I do however shave my face and I have done for years.  I have PCOS and have been blessed with a lady beard and moustache Smiley Sad   Anyway


1) I shave against the grain.  On my face that means shaving from several different angles to get all the hair (which I think is how it works in your armpit too)


2) You probably don't need to, but I would experiment a little, use shaving cream for a week, don't for a week, see if there is a difference.


3) I actually shave with baby oil.  I read that it extends the life of the razor but even if it doesn't it is amazing to shave with.  My legs feel so much smoother than with regular shaving cream or without shaving cream (I have a moisture strip thing) and they get much less irritated.


4+5 I have no expertise in as I don't shave my armpits and am usually too lazy to shave above the knee


Re: Questions about shaving (yeah I know, how glamorous)

OK.... I have super sensitive skin, but I've found my HGs.


1. Against

2. YES YES YES YES YES. Have I made myself clear? YES.

3. YES. I get ingrowns and nicked up with anything but the following 2 shave creams: First Aid Beauty and Whish.  They both make my wallet sad, but legs happy.

4. YES.

5. It's all about the razor.  I actually use a man's straight razor (Mach 3 or 5) instead of a woman's razor since it gives me more precision as well as more weight to the razor, which allows me to target areas.

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