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Questions about shaving (yeah I know, how glamorous)

So I've never paid much attention to my shaving and this might be a weird question. Anyways, I started out with electric ones, but found out that I can get a closer shave with razor. I saw some article that said you should shave in the direction of the hair growth (down your legs) but I find I get a closer shave when I shave against hair growth (up my legs). So,


  1. Do you shave along with, or against the hair?
  2. And if I'm using those fancy multi blade razors with moisturizing strip thing, do I really need shaving creams?
  3. And speaking of shaving creams. Is there a difference between different shaving cream? So far I've just been using conditioners, but I'm wondering if there's any difference?
  4. And if you are shaving your arm pit, do you use shaving cream there too? 
  5. Ok last one. I can never shave 3D areas like my knee or arm pit properly. Any tips? o.O

Re: Questions about shaving (yeah I know, how glamorous)

OK.... I have super sensitive skin, but I've found my HGs.


1. Against

2. YES YES YES YES YES. Have I made myself clear? YES.

3. YES. I get ingrowns and nicked up with anything but the following 2 shave creams: First Aid Beauty and Whish.  They both make my wallet sad, but legs happy.

4. YES.

5. It's all about the razor.  I actually use a man's straight razor (Mach 3 or 5) instead of a woman's razor since it gives me more precision as well as more weight to the razor, which allows me to target areas.

Re: Questions about shaving (yeah I know, how glamorous)

So I only just started to shave my legs again after 15 years of not so I'm not a super expert.  Also I stopped shaving my armpits after just a few days because shaving seemed to anger them and I only want to do all this beauty stuff when it's fun.  So no armpits. I do however shave my face and I have done for years.  I have PCOS and have been blessed with a lady beard and moustache Smiley Sad   Anyway


1) I shave against the grain.  On my face that means shaving from several different angles to get all the hair (which I think is how it works in your armpit too)


2) You probably don't need to, but I would experiment a little, use shaving cream for a week, don't for a week, see if there is a difference.


3) I actually shave with baby oil.  I read that it extends the life of the razor but even if it doesn't it is amazing to shave with.  My legs feel so much smoother than with regular shaving cream or without shaving cream (I have a moisture strip thing) and they get much less irritated.


4+5 I have no expertise in as I don't shave my armpits and am usually too lazy to shave above the knee

Re: Questions about shaving (yeah I know, how glamorous)

Personally I use conditioner and shave against the hair, I no longer spend money on electric razors I stick with Gillette. (oh and the conditioner will also leave your legs baby bottom smooth) Smiley Happy

Re: Questions about shaving (yeah I know, how glamorous)

Here's what i do:


** i always gently efloiate with a loofah before shaving



1 - I shave against the hair to get the closest shave.  Because this shaves so close, it is really important to wash with something that lightly exlofiates the skin, like a loofah or wash cloth, to rpevent ingrown hairs


2 - I use the schick hydro silk 5 blade razor with moisture strips and I really like using Dove white bar soap to shave with.


3 - I used to use shaving cream, but find that  get a better and closer shave useing Dove white bar soap.  But when i did use shaving cream, i didn;t find much difference between them and just picked one that had a scent i liked, usally a gillette shaving cream.


4 - For my arm pits i again use bar soap, but you can se shaving cream if thats what works best for you!


5 - for my knees i always shave with my leg extended and then pull the skin above my knee up to create a smooth surface  I don;t know if this what everyone does, but this works very well for me and i never get cut or miss any hair.  For my arms pits i extend my bent arm so my elbow points to the roof and I shave down (against the hair) then up (with the hair growth) to make sure i get all of the hairs, as they kinds grow in different directions.

Re: Questions about shaving (yeah I know, how glamorous)

I don't know much about shaving but I wanted to add that I use an epilator for my pits and they work wonders. The first time you use it is painful but every time after that, I don't mind. I keeps my pits nice and clean and takes longer for the hairs to grow back. Once they do, they're thinner and more manageable. 


you can also use it on your legs. Since I used it the first time, my leg hairs have been growing super thin so I don't even think about shaving/epilating them anymore. Haha. 

Re: Questions about shaving (yeah I know, how glamorous)

1. I actually shave in both directions, first one way then the other, to get the closest shave.

2. You don't need cream with moisturizing strips. I'm liking the Gillette Venus & Olay Razor for summer because it is so convenient.

3. There is a difference in creams, some are more moisturizing, others more foamy, but really your personal preference I guess. I've used conditioner when I have run out of shave cream and I'm pretty sure it dulls and clogs up your razor. My favorite it EOS shave cream (I get it at Target). Love the creaminess and pump. Least messy one I have ever tried! When I don't use those, I actually like men's razors, Schick Quattro Titanium blades are my fave: closest shave ever! Women's razors just don't compare whatsoever.

4. Yes of course, unless using a razor with the moisturizing strip.

5. Knees: extend your leg so that the bony part of your knee is not bulging out and you will be less likely to knick yourself.. Underarms: I have long arms, so dunno if it will work for everyone, but I pull my underarm taught with the opposite hand and shave with the same hand as the underarm I'm working on.

Re: Questions about shaving (yeah I know, how glamorous)

1. I shave against the hair, I just find that my shaves are closer that way.


2. If you have a blade that is surrounded with a moisturizing shave bar (it will generally state this on the packaging) then you will not need a cream. However if it's just a blade with a moisturizing strip then you'll need one. I always aim to use a shaving cream; they're moisturizing and prevent ingrown hairs.


3. Yes, there is a difference between shave creams. I generally use one that is gel based or First Aid Beauty's Smooth Shave Cream. I really love this one it's really gentle on my skin and I find that I'm able to maintain that smooth after shaved feeling for several days.




4. Absolutely! An ingrown hair is a total pain, but one under the arms...ouch they're especially annoying.


5. For under the arms I usually just lift my arm straight up, bend from the elbow, and rest my forearm/hand on my shoulder.
I don't usually shave my knees, but I would recommend doing something similar to the arms. Having a bent knee will help you in gliding over the skin without accidentally cutting yourself.

Whimsically yours,

Re: Questions about shaving (yeah I know, how glamorous)

The direction of hair growth and which direction I shave actually varies. For my legs since hair isn't as close together, I shave against the grain since there's less chance for ingrowns as the hair follicles aren't as close together so they don't risk the base of hairs getting trapped back. For my underarms, it's a combination of both just because the underarm is so contoured that it's not always possible to get the smoothest shave with just working in one direction.


For razors that have moisturizing strips or blocks (like the Venus Embrace/Venus Olay or the Intuition) those are still good to use on their own; however, I find that it takes a bit longer for those moisture strips to "lather up" or get slick so shaving cream still works well. The Intuition lathers up and applies well, but it's so large that it might make shaving finer areas a bit difficult.


Some shaving creams contain agents which provide the foaming payoff, the result of some of these could be drying if the wrong types of alcohol are used or if used in excess. Conditioner works well or even nonfoaming shave creams/gels because they don't clog up a razor as much and still allows you to see where/what you're shaving. Billy Jelousy's HydroPlane shave cream works well, a little goes a looooong way (the travel bottle can last me months) and doesn't get crazy opaque or soapy so I can still see the shave I'm getting.


Yes, I use shave cream on my arm pits as well (unless I'm traveling then I just have a razor with a moisture strip/block to cut down on space). Hair on the underarms can get coarse feeling since it's an area that most women tend to shave constantly with it being warmer out and sleeveless tops so hair is constantly being shaved down and growing back blunt. Creams/conditioners/gels work well to soften the hair so you're not having to repeat too many strokes with your razor.


For tips on shaving contoured areas like the underarm, I found that lifting your arm up then shaving down a few strokes to almost the bottom helps, then shaving upward from the bottom helps to grab hairs at the base and sides real well. For the knees, if bending to keep the area taut doesn't help because it emphasizes curves, keep leg straight and relaxed, don't put too much work in keeping it so straight your leg is stiff. Then put a bend and using small, short strokes go back over specific areas in case you've missed some spots.

Re: Questions about shaving (yeah I know, how glamorous)

1) I shave against the grain.

2) I don't, I find the big thick moisture strips to be enough.

3) I think this is personal preference.

4) I use soap.

5) sorry Smiley Sad

Re: Questions about shaving (yeah I know, how glamorous)

1. I shave down first then so to get as close a shave possible.


2. - 5. I find that using a body scrub before shaving gives me the best results! I use Pacifica coffee scrub, which is oil based so it acts like a lubricant as well. I won't shave my legs or underarms without it!

Re: Questions about shaving (yeah I know, how glamorous)

Hmm, I'm far from a shaving expert, having been blessed with very blond hair and a need to shave once a week at most unless I'm going bare legged.  However, my husband has the most wiry beard hair ever, so I've got good second hand stories.


1) I would always shave against the hair.  i.e. I always shave up my legs.  I can't imagine shaving with the hair growth, since you'd just make the hair lie flat.  I know if my husband shaves down, he has to shave up again to try to get the stubble.


2) Are there really rules?  Are you managing to shave off the hair without cutting yourself?  If so, I don't personally see why you need shaving cream.  Then again, I just use the lather from my shower gel myself.  I tried the really moisturizing strip and just found it too gooey myself.


3) I think some shaving creams have moisturizers, some might have ingredients that open up the follicles more and let you cut better.  Personally I'd rather moisturize separately afterward than worry about what's in the shaving cream.


4) Yes, I use something there too.  For the same purpose -- to make sure that I have enough moisture that I don't cut myself and to help get the hair to stand up.


5) My only suggestion is to follow the curves of the body.  Go in multiple directions if you need to.  I usually shave both up and down under my arms.  And make sure you've got enough lubrication that you don't cut yourself.  If you need shaving cream of some sort, make sure you reapply if you find you missed an area instead of cutting corners.  For me that is the biggest tip to not cutting my ankles.  Take it slow and make sure the razor glides easily.


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