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Product(s) to help with Milia?

I have a couple of a white bumps under my eyes, Milia, so I am looking for something that can help treat and prevent that. 


I know I might have to go to a derm to get them removed, but I would like to see first if I can get something to help the skin cell nourishment, etc.



Re: Product(s) to help with Milia?

I get milia on my cheeks & on my eyes (including the eyelids). I usually just try to treat the ones on my cheeks since the eye area is so delicate. 


A few things to remember:

- Most milia are genetic, so as much as you treat & try to remove, they normally come back. The longest I was milia free was maybe a month.

- Stay away from mineral oil & petroleum jelly! 

- Be careful where you apply your moisturizer. Eye products go on the cheek bone, make sure your moisturizers are under that area. To be safe, put eye products on first, then face products so they can form a protective barrier incase you get too close. 

- Never EVER try to remove the ones on your eyes yourself! Every once in a while when a seed comes up to the surface on my cheeks I'll remove it with a needle, but it usually ends badly & I'm left bleeding & with a scar. I've never attempted to remove one on my eyes! Once I had one close to the eye that I tried to remove myself and it was not pretty. 


There are a few products to try to treat them, but they do take time. Any eye treatment that exfoliates can help. can be drying due to the high concentration of retinol, when I use this product, I always need a gel over it for hydration. It's meant for dark circles, but it still exfoliates a bit (just not as quickly as the DDG). It's a peel so an eye gel is needed over it. 


Try to use eye gels instead of creams/lotions, they are more light-weight and don't clog as much. Very basic eye gel. No real wow factor. I haven't tried this yet, but want to purchase it after I run out of the OH. I've heard really good things about it Used this for a while, it's moisturizing & helps with fine lines


Good Luck! 

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