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Proactive made me break out?! What cleanser will calm my pores down...

My skin was not bad, but I had a few break outs so I ordered proactive. Now after 2 weeks of using proactive my face is freaking out. I have extremely sensitive skin, and I am naturally oily but since I started the proactive my face is haywire. I am 27 years old, and feel like I am going through puberty again. what is a gentle cleanser I can use to calm my pores down?

When you say you ordered Proactive, do you mean the whole...

When you say you ordered Proactive, do you mean the whole kit? If so, that whole kit is too drying for just a few breakouts because it contains benzoyl peroxide in its cleanser AND lotion. You could try REN's Clear Calm 3 Clarifying Cleanser. It uses natural salicylic acid and it's definitely not drying. If you need an added boost to target specific areas, try a spot treatment that contains sulfur or try a mask with sulfur in it. Murad has a sulfur mask and DDF also has a sulfur mask, but DDF contains a higher percentage of sulfur. I'm not sure how your skin is now after using Proactive, like is it still oily or is it too dry now? Either way, I religiously use Murad's Skin Perfecting Lotion when I run out of anything I'm using, so I would recommend that. It's oil-free and I've used it in different seasons without any problems. Of course, you should try out different oil-free moisturizers to see which is right for you. I know Clinique makes a dramatically moisturizing gel, which is an alternative to the lotion one, so that might be better suited for your skin because that's good for acne-prone skin. I really hope this helps and good luck!

Re: Proactive made me break out?! What cleanser will calm my pores down...

Sounds familiar! Someone suggested Clinique's 3 step system and I couldn't be happier. Clean healthy skin. Hardly any blemishes any more. I use the liquid face soap, the clarifying lotion 3 and the dramatically different moisture gel and I will never be without them! Good luck!

First off, I hope you have discontinued use of Proactiv....

First off, I hope you have discontinued use of Proactiv.  It sounds like you went to more extreme measures to handle the situation.


Have you been under any additional stress lately?  Has there been a change in diet?  Some tend to overlook these things but if you have not had any problems until recently, these are good indicators.  If those apply to you, go back to your old routine and try as best as possible to reduce stress levels.  Perhaps in addition, use a spot treatment for those problematic areas instead of overhauling your skincare routine all at once.  More water intake, less sugary items (includes "flavored" water and fermented beverages). 


Are there any spots in particular that seems to break out more than the rest of your face?


Was the regimen you were using before effective?  Did the product recently go through remformulation?  If the second question is yes then it might be time to switch products. 


My favorite lines for sensitivity are from Boscia and Skyn Iceland.  Skyn Iceland's Glacial Face Wash might be something to look into.

Boscia cleansers:  Since you do not have dry skin, you probably will not run into these not being moisturizing enough.  (:


Hope this helps. 

Purpose cleanser it's so gentle and affordable, it doesn'...

Purpose cleanser it's so gentle and affordable, it doesn't feel like anything even if you get it in your eyes.  It's $5 at walmart or target.  I also hear good things about Philosophy purity and they came out with a new cleansing oil.

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