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Poor customer service!!!!!

  • store number #1140

Costumer service can suck at times. I visit this Sephora location OFTEN! Maybe too often. I buy products. If I dislike a product I return the product. I’ve been doing this over the course of years however, I did not know if you return a product between 31-60 days you only get merchant credit instead of your original form of payment. I was so unaware of this! Especially when I spend $100’s of dollars sometimes in one visit. Life happens but who purposely want to jeopardize a full refund by returning things outside of the return date? I have no problem following rules but AGAIN, I was unaware. Sunday 3/26/2023 I tried to return 5 items and the Sephora beauty advisor by the name of “Tara” informed me that she would have to give me a store merchandise card because my return date was between the 31-60 day mark. I tried to explain to her that all my items wasn’t and that I purchased some within a few weeks ago but she insisted on telling me that I was wrong because the computer said otherwise. I told her that I am not trying to cause trouble here but this is unacceptable and I wasn’t accepting a store merchandise card with a $200-$250 balance. I asked to speak to the store manager. The store manager was ironically on the next register over checking out a customer. The store manager (I didn’t get her name because I didn’t see her name tag) swapped customers with “Tara” so she could better assist me. After I explained the issue to the store manager, she reinforced the same exact thing “Tara” stated. I told her that the computer is wrong! She hesitated and THEN decided to look up each item individually. She then discovered that 3 out of 5 items were not in the 31-60 day mark and that I was right. She issued a full refund for all 3 items and put the other two on a store merchandise card. I was extremely upset for 3 reasons! ONE: I come here often. I’m a regular customer who spends a lot of money. Sephora isn’t a cheap store. This is/was my favorite location and this is the 2nd time I experienced poor customer service. TWO: “Tara” refused to listen and she didn’t take the time to check each product original return date. Instead she limited my choice of options and tried to turn me away. I’m happy I spoke up for myself. She delivered such poor customer service!! THREE: The store manager wasn’t any better. Yes I received some of my return in its original form of payment but I still wasn’t satisfied. Why? Because when I asked the store manager “why didn’t TARA just look up the products individually like she did?” As a store manager, instead of saying “I’m really sorry and I will make sure this doesn’t happen again” all she said was “I don’t know” …… PATHETIC!!! PATHETIC!!! I’m very upset and highly disappointed! I spend a lot of my here. And never had this issue! 

I actually said that to her “I never had this issue”. The store manager pointed to the policy located at the register. I said to her, as busy as the Sephora store’s is, how many customer’s actually walk up and read a policy? 
At check out, when y’all ask the consumer if they want to open up a store credit card to get 20% off, the return policy should be stated as well!!!!!!! Stand up for yourself people! Don’t let anybody just tell you anything! 

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