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Pimple that won’t go away

My 13 year old daughter has a large angry pimple on her chin. It’s been there for several weeks.... and just when it looks like it was healing, it’s a whitehead again! She otherwise has clear skin.... any recommendations on what may help it?

Re: Pimple that won’t go away

Hi! From my experience with what you described, if the pimple keeps coming back, there's definitely something trapped in the pore. I think Aha and Bha are key; chemical exfoliation then obviously physical exfoliation to remove the loosened cells. I'd try Dennis Gross Aha/bha wipes- the wipe's texture will losen and pull the dead remaining cells in that area off, cutting off the trapped debri or bacteria's "energy source," lol. Moisturizing is important too on an inflamed area like that- to try to prevent it from becoming so dried out that when you go to squeeze it you just peel off some skin. I used to love Aha/bha serums but the wipes I mentioned are a game changer. Totally prepares the pore for extraction. 

Re: Pimple that won’t go away

Hi @kaycee28 I'm a teenager and I've also dealt with this. My favourite product is the Starface HydroStars. They are so effective, help me not pick at pimples, and are adorable - which makes me feel better! I hope this helps! Tell your daughter she is beautiful no matter what ❤️ Have a great day!

Re: Pimple that won’t go away

Re: Pimple that won’t go away

In case this is at all helpful, my recommendation is to see a dermatologist.  If it is cystic acne, a derm will likely need to treat it.    Sometimes they inject a steroid in the acne head.  Make sure they know what they are doing because incorrect injection can lead to scarring (I'd mention you don't want scarring).  Because chin acne tends to be hormonal (but could be something else like just regular acne), they mask to prescribe various oral meds.  I'd stay away from long-term antibiotic use (one time might be ok?).  Otherwise, they may give a topical cream as well.  For any topical cream, make sure your daughter uses sunscreen liberally.  


Regarding over the counter treatments, some farmacys carry Epiduo (which used to be Rx).  That is good for combating later acne.  But, again, if it is hormonal, most likely an oral medication will also be given. Some people use Acutane (but, that was not a good look for me, mentally).  It can make the acne terrible worse before it gets better.   Eliminating things like dairy, excess sugar helps some people (this is what I had to do). I've also incorporated mediation and yoga (in addition to working out).  Turns out my hormonal acne does get exacerbated by stress/anxiety. 


I know a lot of folks still use proactive.  That worked for me a bit when I was younger but then made my face very sensitive.  So, it depends on the person.   

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