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Overnight Restorative Cream

Hello. I am in my early twenties and am healing from acne. I use clindamycin pads along with tretinoin 0.5% cream during the night time. I currently got a sample of the Algenist Overnight Restorative Cream with Algornic Acid & it works amazingly with my skin. On that note, I also use the Clinique Dark Spot Corrector before applying my tretinoin cream to help heal the dark spots faster followed by the sample I recieved for the Algenist Overnight Cream. Unfortunately, the overnight cream is $90.00! Which is a bit too much. Are there any other overnight creams out there that will give me the same results? The cream makes me wake up to soft skin with fewer acne marks and my scars have been reduced immensely since I have began using it! Help please!



Re: Overnight Restorative Cream

The two are really similar Alguronic acid is the algae form of hylauronic acid and is supposed to be better at holding more moisture in order to make your skin appear more hydrated and plump.

Re: Overnight Restorative Cream

Murad's Hydro Dynamaic Moisturizer is very similar in terms of ingredients:


The Algenist Overnight Cream has alguronic acid which increases collagen/elastin synthesis and promotes cellular regeneration; vitamins C and E to condition, boost collagen production, and even skin tone; peptides to firm and tighten; and shea butter to hydrate; along with many fruit and plant based extracts.


The Murad cream also contains shea butter; a collagen support complex; plant and fruit extracts to boost moisture levels; peptides; and vitamins. Though the Murad cream is marked with retinyl palmitate, this isn't as potent as retinol itself, but more as a very mild/delicate way to introduce vitamin A into a skin care system, plus it is lower on the ingredient listing so it shouldn't interfere with your acne medications.


The line is developed by a doctor, but just to be sure 100% across the board it's safe to use with the Clindamycin pads and Tretinoin. I do know that Tretinoin is an acidic form of vitamin A and does cause rapid chemical exfoliation and the Clinique Dark Spot Corrector does also contain chemical exfoliants to fade dark spots, you might double check that it's safe to use as well, or at least be sure to incorporate a SPF in your day routine.

Re: Overnight Restorative Cream

Yes I do wear SPF 30 sunscreen everyday as my dermotologist tells me. I will be sure to research on  the murad product. I've used murad products before, but unfortunately they were too dry on my skin (the face wash).  Will the Murad cream give me the same results or even better skin? Thanks for the fast response!

Re: Overnight Restorative Cream

Good good! Smiley Happy


Since cleaners and moisturizers are two different categories entirely, you should and will more than likely find different results, especially since this moisturizer is loaded with moisturizing ingredients but aren't thick or heavy feeling.


The consistency of this cream is almost a whipped, gel/cream, very good for acne prone or sensitive skin that needs some TLC but doesn't want some weighted mask on your face. It sinks in real well and quickly but doesn't just disappear in terms of hydration and care.

Re: Overnight Restorative Cream

Thank you so much for your knowledge & insight! However, is there a difference between this moisterizer & overnight creams or do they have the same effect?

Re: Overnight Restorative Cream

My pleasure, Toughcookie! (love the screen name by the way)


I find that the texture overall in the Murad moisturizer is one that is more rare compared to other night moisturizers on the market. The Murad one can be used for day time too, but you would have to layer or mix in a SPF on top since there's no sun protection. My friend who has very sensitive skin uses it for night and day and is super impressed that it doesn't break her out or cause any reactions.


Because it's kind of gel-like a little goes a long way so you don't need a lot.


Since you were real specific in stating using and liking the Algenist cream I wanted to find/suggest a product that would be similar but not as heavy hitting on your pocked like you requested. I'm sure there are tons of other moisturizers that can work for you too, but in terms of sticking with something familiar and as close as possible to the Algenist, the Murad one is pretty on point.

Re: Overnight Restorative Cream

I have had great luck with Ole Henriksen's Invigorating Night Gel.  It's about half the cost of the Algenist for almost the same amount.  My skin is terribly picky, and this is both gentle enough to avoid irritation, and REALLY effective.  It's definitely helped reduce some of the scarring on my cheeks, and my texture is evening out.  

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