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Origins Promo


My local Origins store is having a promo this upcoming week, so I am looking at a few products to pick up.  I bought their charcoal mask and Out of Trouble 10 minute mask about 4 years ago and was not impressed. I used the charcoal one once and broke out like crazy.  The Out of Trouble was okay, but I never wanted to use it. I felt like it didnt really do anything, plus I didn't like the smell. I eventually ditched it after having it sit for 3 years in my vanity.


A few weeks ago I picked up a sampler bag of Origins items at a CCO. I had read a lot of great reviews about the Ginzing eye cream and wanted to try it. My sampler bag has a mini Ginzing, a mini mascara, a mini double-ended lipgloss, and a small hand cream with an adorable/earthy looking bag.  After trying the hand cream & Ginzing- I took a trip to the Origins store and tried the Plantscriptions eye cream. They gave me a sample to take home and I have really been liking it a lot (have used it about 5 times)


I have to purchase two full-sized items for the promo. I really like the Plantscriptions eye cream and am looking for one more recommendation. Does anyone have a MUST HAVE product suggestions from Origins? Skin care or makeup!


Re: Origins Promo

You are asking this at the most perfect time - I just got the Modern Friction Nature's Gentle Dermabrasion and it truly amazing!!! It makes me feel like I just came out of a spa, except there is barely any sting or redness. My pores look smaller, my skin fresher, softer, and brighter!!!


Re: Origins Promo

nice! I saw that one on their website. 


Re: Origins Promo

do you know if/use a serum afterwards?

Re: Origins Promo

Its always good to moisturize your skin after using such products, but a serum is not necessary to activate this cleanser.

Re: Origins Promo

I've gone through a few tubes of the checks and balances cleanser and the never a dull moment cleanser. I really love those 2 because they remove ALL of my makeup (eyes too) without me having to use a makeup wipe or toner to get the job done. I also really want to get the mega bright serum because I saw visible results with my sample.

Re: Origins Promo

Years ago, I swore by their Perfect World serums- they're light and just...lovely.

Re: Origins Promo

do u still like the Perfect World serums? or do you like something else better (i just noted the past tense)

Re: Origins Promo

I had to scale back my skincare routine a few years ago when I took an income hit and just didn't repurchase now that I have the income to do so.


(Although since I am on a serum hunt, I may have to go retry it).

Re: Origins Promo

I'm sorry to hear about your hardship but I am happy that you are doing well now.  Im not really a serum girl but will have to test it out and see!

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