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Oily skin care regimen

Hello! I recently broke out in small itchy bumps on my face, thought it was acne so I bought acne skincare products & it made my face breakout even more! I went to a dermatologist & he gave me a prescription cream to get rid of the bumps, which were not acne but contact dermatitis and told me not use any skin care products for 2 weeks. So once the 2 wks were up, I started using my regular skincare products that I used prior to purchasing the acne products, and I noticed that my skin is still breaking out so now I think that it might be the brand that I was using that’s causing my skin to breakout… so now I’m looking for a new brand to try for my oily skin, does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks!! 

Re: Oily skin care regimen

@quspork  Yes, my dermatologist told me to reintroduce all skin care products slowly & that’s what I did… I introduced 1 product every week on my face, and then when I bought some new products, most of them I had used before except for the toner, that’s really the only new product I’m trying… I’ve used Ole Henriksen products before & my face did not breakout so I’m hoping this will help me!!! If you have any other suggestions, please share!! Thank you 😃 

Re: Oily skin care regimen

@PrincessAmis  What brand are you using now? I have super sensitive skin so I try and stick with clean skincare brands. I found since I’ve switched I’ve noticed a huge difference in my skin. What type of product do you use? 

Re: Oily skin care regimen

I was using Origins oil control products, and I think that’s what might’ve been causing my breakouts, maybe it just didn’t agree with my skin so  right now I’m trying a toner from Laneige & Tatcha water cream, I’ve used that moisturizer before & it didn’t cause any breakouts so hopefully this new toner that I’m trying works!! I’m gonna need to try a new face wash soon once the one I’m currently using is done. I do try to stick with all clean skincare products so hopefully I can get rid of these breakouts!! 

Re: Oily skin care regimen

Origins products have caused issues for me in the past as well, @PrincessAmis. You mentioned a couple different brands though. Did you start using all of these at one time or were you already using some of them before introducing the newer items? I ask because it can very difficult to determine what specific product/ingredient could be causing your issue if you started everything at once. The best practice with skincare is to start everything slowly- introduce one product at a time and use it for a couple of weeks before introducing the next new product. That can better help you determine what might be causing a negative reaction. 

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