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Nude Eye Renewal

Hi ladies, 


I used to use aAlgenist eye cream. I noticed a weird wrinkle on each of my eyes so I stopped using it last week. Shockingly, it's going away. The cream may have been too strong. I picked up two samples: Nude Eye Renewal which is pretty new and Origins Ginzing. Origins got mixed reviews and I can't find anything on Nude. Anyone use it? anyone try both? I'd love to buy one on chic week. Thanks! 

Re: Nude Eye Renewal

personally I didn't notice any difference at all using the Ginzing eye cream.  Plus you have to use the tiniest amount possible so that it doesn't end up looking PINK. (Illuminators, gotta love them.)  Something that your eyes might not mind though: Clinique's Repairwear Laser Focus for Eyes.  This has been my go to ever since it came out.  It's also one of the few that you can actually use on your eyelids as well, which made crepiness on my eyelids disappear.  Since it's fragrance free, it doesn't irritate my skin.  I tried Nude once and just couldn't stand the smell of the products.  Way too strong.

Re: Nude Eye Renewal

I may have a sample of the Clinique one- I will check. Thank you!!!

Re: Nude Eye Renewal

I really disliked the origins eye cream. It didn't help with any of my eye concerns (dark circles), and the pinkish tinge didn't conceal/brighten that area at all, so I stopped using mine.


An SA recommended the Fresh black tea eye cream, so that's what i've been using, but I can't say I've noticed a huge difference yet.

Re: Nude Eye Renewal

I tried the cream. Wasn't terribly impressed. It's so hard to find an eye cream!

Re: Nude Eye Renewal

I have the Origins Ginzing Eye Cream, but I really do not care for it.  I think the illuminating sheen that it leaves behind is excessive and doesn't look very natural when worn on its own.  I find it to be more like a makeup product than skincare -- in an effort to use it up, I've been mixing it with a drier under-eye concealer, which makes it a bit more easy to blend out.  


I've been having pretty good luck with the Caudalie Premier Cru Eye Cream.  For me, it sinks into the skin so quickly, and has definitely reduced puffiness.  Good luck with your search!  Smiley Happy

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