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Nothing I try seems to fix my skin! Help!

For the past couple years, I've gone through different skincare routines, and nothing seems to have worked for my skin. I have normal skin, with a tendency towards dryness. I've been getting quite a few breakouts for the past couple months/years. My main concerns, are dryness, of course, I have a couple CCs, but they don't bother me too much, a lot of rough texture on my nose and chin, even when I exfoliate, and I have a lot of pigmentation left over from past blemishes.

I've had a couple different routines, including essences, I've tried different toners, serums, a different moisturizers. Here is my current routine:


1. Biotherm - BIOSOURCE Toner for Dry Skin
2. Caudalie Essence
3. Biotherm - AQUASOURCE Aura Concentrate
4. Biotherm - AQUASOURCE Gel Moisturizer
5. Sunscreen

1. CLINIQUE - Take The Day Off Balm
(Will do Biotherm Wondermud Mask/Exfoliator 1x a week)
2. Biotherm - BIOSOURCE Toner for Dry Skin
3. Caudalie Essence
4. Alternate between the Drunk Elephant Framboos and Biotherm AQUASOURCE Aura Concentrate
5. Biotherm AQUASOURCE Everplump Night
(Will finish sometimes with the Fresh Seaberry Face Oil)


I've used the DE Vitamin C before, but it didn't really do much for me. I'm just at an impass as I'm not too sure where to go from here! Whether it's for product recommendation, of even just steps to fix, it would be really helpful. I can't order online, so anything from The Ordinary won't be possible.

I mainly want to fix the dryness, at least minimize the breakouts, and get rid of the texture on my nose/chin.

Thanks in advance!

Re: Nothing I try seems to fix my skin! Help!

I would add in a cleanser. You could have product buildup clogging the skin, since there's really nothing to provide a deeper clean.


FAB, purity, Dermalogica ultracalming, Neutrogena fresh foaming cleanser all ok for drier skin.



RE: Nothing I try seems to fix my skin! Help!

I suddenly developed cystic acne at 24, and it was hell for awhile. I have spent a completely insane amount of money on my face. I've had a lot of luck with just a few things—but most of them aren't on Sephora. My skin concerns include occasional breakouts, hyperpigmentation fromold blemishes, minor scarring, and fine lines between my eyebrows. - I'm 35 and I finally have pretty clear skin. The answer was Spirinolactone, an anti-androgen. I'm on a pretty huge dose, 100mg 2x daily. If you're still wrestling with blemishes at your age, they might be hormonal. A doctor or nurse (or dermatologist) can put you on a low dose of Spiro and see if it helps. - Right now my super simple routine is a makeup wipe/facial cleanser, followed by Thayer's witch hazel, followed by CEO Rapid Flash Serum, followed by CosRX Snail 96, followed by moisturizer if needed. I have a million bazillion products in my skincare drawers, but these are the only ones I can claim without a doubt are having a positive effect on my skin. - Yesterday I signed up for Curology, which skincare geeks are NUTS for on Reddit. A consultant looks at your skin online, then gives you a clinical-strength prescription that you don't even have to buy from them (they can send the prescription to CVS for instance). It potentially saves a lot of money in dermatologists' visits. I'm still waiting for my prescription to get here, but I know I was prescribed a solution made of tretinoin (which is basically Retin-A, the stuff my mom used to smuggle from Mexico), Clindamycin (a topical antibiotic), and azelaic acid for hyperpigmentation. - That's so frustrating that you can't shop for The Ordinary; it would be an affordable way to get your hands on azelaic acid, as well as niacinamide. They also have an Ascorbyl Glucoside solution that I'm sure would be similar to Sunday Riley's CEO serum (vitamin C) in terms of results. - Stridex pads!! Mind-blowingly, they've achieved cult status... for both your face AND your armpits - Good luck!!

Re: Nothing I try seems to fix my skin! Help!

@itscindytho I have very dry sensitive skin, and I also get a lot of breakouts on my chin causing texture and scaring. I’ve tried a few different AHA products and nothing has given me results like Dr. Dennis gross Alpha Beta Peel in extra strength. I was really hesitant to try this treatment because of my sensitive skin, although it was strong enough to “feel it working” it didn’t bother my skin or cause any adverse reactions. I’ve had a really hard time with flakey, dry, red patches around my nose and this product cleared it right up, which really surprised me. It’s also made a huge improvement on my skin texture and on the appearance of my acne scaring. I’ve also noticed a huge decline in breakouts since starting it. It just gets me face so soft, smooth and refreshed socthat my moisturizer can get in there and really do it’s job. Good luck!

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