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Not/Worth: The Price

What skincare products have you found to be worth the price and others to not be worth the price? 

Re: Not/Worth: The Price

Ok... serums are so expensive, and I think some of them are amazing and really effective, but some... not so much.

I don't think that the Ole Henrikson Truth Serum did much for my face. I'm not a fan of the slightly syrupy texture, and it ran out too quickly for the price.


I'm a big fan, however, of the identically priced Caudalie Vinosource S.O.S. Thirst Quenching Serum. It lasts forever, and I feel it makes a tangible difference in my skin elasticity, moisture balance, and texture.

Re: Not/Worth: The Price

Worth it: Anthony Logistics Glycolic Facial Cleanser.  It's done fantastic things for my skin tone and texture.  I visited the Gentleman Caller for a long weekend and didn't pack it and within two days I was breaking out on my chin.  I just wish the packaging was a little more travel friendly.


Not worth it: still on my quest for the perfect eye cream!  The latest dud was Korres Quercetin and Oak Eye Cream.  I'm not really on the hunt for anti-aging yet, but I do have some fine lines and it came with a box set, so I figured why not?  It didn't help the fine lines and after a few weeks of consistent use I noticed a small rash at the corner of my eye.  The only eye cream I've ever had that reaction to.

Re: Not/Worth: The Price

worth the price:

any of the cleansers or toners from Clarins

LUSH Dreamwash Body wash

Peter Thomas Roth cleansers for both face and body

Dermadoctor KP Scrub

Dior Capture serum

Lancome Pure Focus mattifying gel-creme for oily skin


Not worth the price:

Clarins eye contour gel

cleansers and toners from Chanel skincare line

Clinique toners

Dior youth sorbet eye cream

Re: Not/Worth: The Price

When I think of Not worth the price, I always think about my half used La Mer moisturizer just sitting on my skincare drawer!!

Rodin olio lusso face oil on the other hand is one of the most incredible product I know --definitely worth the price!! A bottle cost $150 but it lasts about 7 months so I guess it wasn't too bad.  It has been about a couple of years since I started using it and my skin is clear, bright, soft and radiant. I get carded all the time and at school people are always surprised when I tell them I have a kindergartner...most of them guessed im 19 LOL. Thanks Linda Rodin!



Re: Not/Worth: The Price


Re: Not/Worth: The Price

Perricone Cold Plasma Body. LOVE the hudration, hate the price. I almost want to say it's worth it & I haven't found a single body lotion that compares & works as quickly as it does, but $100 for a body lotion is rediculous! I bought it last year during a VIB sale & I had a gift card. I'm almost out of it & am tempted to re-buy on April 11th. I'm so torn Smiley Sad 

Re: Not/Worth: The Price

REN No. 1 Purity Cleansing Balm has been worth every single penny I spent on it.  It has help clear my skin because it doesn't overdry and removes every bit of makeup without having to use more than one product.  It goes on like a balm cleanser (much less messy than oil, which also does a great job), and then emulsifies into a cleansing milk with warm water.  And it doesn't ruin my wash cloths like so many other oil/balm cleansers I've tried.


I've never had an HG cleanser, but this is it.  I will be spending the money on this once a year as long as I am able.




I have a lot of products that weren't worth it, so I need to think about that one...the first shameful product(s) that came to mind for me pertain to the skincare line from Chanel.  Too pricey and nothing spectacular.  Wow I wasted my money on that line.  I'll stick to a few nice makeup products and perfume, but that's it from Chanel.  There are others that I know will come to mind that I will be adding later. Smiley Happy

Re: Not/Worth: The Price

Perricone MD blue plasma peel. Love love love. I can't even say love enough. I bought it about 9 months ago and still have 1/3 of the bottle. It lasts so long because you only need one dropper full for the whole face. Actually you only need about half of a dropper for your whole face. I went through a good month of not using it because I just didn't think it was doing that much and then my skin was horrible. My pores were clogging. My skin was so dry. Flaky. Irritated. And just meh. I still used my clarisonic but it just didn't give me as good of results. I went back to using the plasma peel about a month ago daily and WOW. My pores are SO much better. My skin is SO much softer. I am just so pleased with this product. I have never loved a product more. I bought a backup even though I have 1/3 of a bottle left because I just cannot live without it.

Re: Not/Worth: The Price

Kate Sommervilles Exfolikate- I find to be so worth the price tag. I loved it after a sample! So i bought the little travel size! Got alot of good uses out of it, and bought the next size up, the 2 oz. It's worth the price! So many great benefits, and doesn't dry my skin out! $85 isn't bad when you consider the benefits, and how many uses you will get out of it.

Re: Not/Worth: The Price

I got a sample of it too. It was a bit too harsh for my skin, but I agree, this is the most intense exfoliators I've ever tried in my life and I'm an exfoliator junky (both abrasive and chemical!)

Re: Not/Worth: The Price

Oh gosh....were do I even being.


The Caudalie Premier Cru la creme was *not* worth the price to me. At 150 bucks a bottle (without tax) the formula, the packaging, and what it did for my skin was not worth it. I've tried many many face creams and can name several that I like a lot better and cost 50 bucks or less.


Worth it: Loccitane Ultra Rich Face Cream. I love this so much, have lost count how many jars I've used up.

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