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Nose and Black heads.. What?

So I recently noticed I have black heads like crazy on my nose. I always had a few but mostly white heads. But now it's crazy! i usually use my Nars sheer glow and my Clinique intense moisture. But I'm not sure if because I now use foundation almost every day and my Mia 2 everyday which increased my black heads on my nose!?! Before 2013 I never used foundation just my moisture and compact. But I want to think that my Mia may have opened my pores causing makeup yo get clogged up in there.? the newest moisture I've tried is by philosophy and I like it:) I've used it for 3days so I don't think it was that...

how do you gals treat unwanted black heads? I hate nose strips just so you know... They hurts haha..

Re: Nose and Black heads.. What?

Contrary to popular belief, pores don't open and close. Blackheads are formed when hair follicles become clogged with sebum (oil), dead skin cells and/or bacteria. The black appearance is caused by exposure to air (oxidization). Increased cleansing/exfoliating can actually cause you to produce more sebum. Maybe this is the cause in your case.

Re: Nose and Black heads.. What?

look into BHA toners . they exfoliate better than  a scrub would and get deep down into the pores. i had red marks either from the hairs on my face, or something irritated it like when a whitehead comes up and the hair is in the pore blocking it. either way i saw a change in 2 weeks using it twice a day, the redness cleared up. i use the CLEAR Regular Strength Anti-Redness Exfoliating Solution With 2% Salicylic Acid

I bought the travel size and that lasted about two weeks, and then i purchased two full size. i am nearing the end of one now and its been 2 mons. the blackheads on my nose are a lot clearer.

Re: Nose and Black heads.. What?

Toners like Aviscardi said would be great, especially for the mornings when you don't want/need to fully wash your face but still want to perk up and freshen skin.


Peter Thomas Roth has their Correction Pads (available in 2 formulas) that use salicylic acid (beta hydroxy acid):

Peter Thomas Roth - Gentle Complexion Correction Pads


Murad and Korres also offers toners with SA/BHA:

Clarifying TonerPomegranate Toner

Re: Nose and Black heads.. What?

im thinking about trying Murad BHA. But when during my skin care routine do I do this? after I use my Mia and moisture? 

Could certain moistures cancel out Certain useful chemicals in a toner?


sorry all the toners and masks begine to be an overload and I get confused..haha

Re: Nose and Black heads.. What?

A toner goes after cleansing and before moisturizing


Or cleanse, tone, serum, moisturize



Re: Nose and Black heads.. What?

thank you! Simple to the point haha.

Re: Nose and Black heads.. What?

Blackheads are formed when sebum and oil get trapped within pores and oxidize, it's possible the regular use of the Mia is bringing any oil/sebum trapped below the surface more to the light, thus causing this increase in blackheads you're noticing.


The above thread has some treatment products and masks to look into to help unclog pores and target sebum.


Which brush head are you using for your Mia 2?

Re: Nose and Black heads.. What?

Thank you very much I thin it's the normal or sensitive head. It came with the mia2. But I recently bought the delicate The one I use feels a little rough on my skin specially on my cheek area.

Re: Nose and Black heads.. What?

Be sure to not press or grind the brush into your skin while cleansing, it should rest gently along skin as the motorized pulsating action does all the "work" for you. 🙂

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