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No foundation for a few days.

So some days I want very little makeup on. id like to give my face a break and let it breath. I notice some days my skin seems really pink on my cheeks and nose. I'm not sure if it's because I use my Mia 2 a little to much (those areas are sensitive) or because my face is tired of makeup hahaa. I use my Mia 1min =20sec 30sec in the morning and at night.


so to the point. I want little make up so I want to skip on the foundation. However I have a little redness on my cheeks next to my nose and on my nose and around it. would a good skin tone light concealer be good for those areas and then a powder on top? Smiley Happy


whats your little makeup look? And days you skip Out on makeup?

im trying to improve my skin and reduce redness. I've been drinking as much water as I can I tend to forget about hydration when I'm busy.

Re: No foundation for a few days.

I've been wearing Lorac CC for less makeup days. I also have redness, very sensitive and no issues with Lorac. It does cover up redness and is made for sensitive skin without harsh ingredients/fillers.


I also only use the Clarisonic once at night, to remove makeup well. In the morning a gentle cleanser.


From the drugstore, Eucerin also has a redness relief line. I've used the green moisturizer and it does lessens redness.


Green with cover redness, but a neutral, more towards warm tone, will cover redness in a face makeup color. I use a green primer under a neutral tones foundation. Under the neutral CC a basic primer, if needed.

Re: No foundation for a few days.

I've been skipping foundation a lot lately! I love using NARS concealer for redness (the line leans yellow), so my concealer shade works wonders in lieu of foundation -- I just dot it around my nose, mouth and chin, and use powder to blot shine. My skin always tends to get pink when it's dry, too -- could it be that? It could be a combination of things, too -- you might be overusing the Mia if your skin is dry (or just overusing it, period). All skin is different and some people can handle 2x a day, but others use it once a day or even a few times a week. 

Re: No foundation for a few days.

I think it might me the Mia twice a day. I want to purchase the sensitive head as well. When I use the Mia I go over my aplles of my chees one because that's where I turn pink and it's very sensitive. So I might try the Mia aver night instead ? or cute the minute into half a minute haha.


i have olive yellow skin too.

Re: No foundation for a few days.

I would scale back the usage, or, like you said, change the brush head. Which one are you using now? I started with Sensitive and I liked them, until someone bought me Delicate by accident, and I wound up really preferring those -- the Sensitive feel too harsh now. You could try the Sensitive ones and use once a day or every other day and see how it goes for a while. For redness, though, yellow-based concealers are great! 

Re: No foundation for a few days.

I mean I have sensitive but I want to purchase delicate Smiley Happy sensitive feels a little to harsh on my cheek area.

Re: No foundation for a few days.

I do only use make up when I am specifically going somewhere, not every day (I work from home some days, and don't wear make up on the weekend unless I'm leaving the house for more than the grocery store).  But then again, I'm not much of a goer-outer, we go out to dinner once or twice a week, I may see a friend or have a date once or twice a week.  And for work meetings.  Other than that I let my skin breathe!


I also use Bare Minerals which I find very light and non-irritating, doesn't feel heavy or smother my skin.  It's good for lightly covering any pinkness, too.


ALso for redness - Dr. Weil for Origins mega mushroom anti-inflammatory line is really great.  Just started using it, the treatment "lotion" which is really a softener/treatmentliquid/like a toner almost without the astringent, and also the Intensive Mask (which I just leave on honestly it's lightweight).


These are REALLY reducing slight redness and irritation I have.


You are better than me about water! Smiley Happy



Re: No foundation for a few days.

i think my skin needs a little more breathing then haha I just about use foundation every day. I used to not use it at all until the past few months when I got my Nars sheer glow.


Dr. Weil hmm origins seems to be good so think I'll try that outSmiley Happy

thank you!

Re: No foundation for a few days.

The only times I even wear face make up is when I am going out, dates, and work. My easy go to trick… self tanner. I always get a light shade so there is never a worry about looking orange. It evens out the skin without the need of makeup. I have an extender that makes the smell non-existent after a day (I cannot STAND the smell… seriously, I find it nauseating.) 

Re: No foundation for a few days.

self tanner sounds funn haha. But I think I'll let me skin breath a little more it seems to enjoy that more. usually the following day I'm not as pinkSmiley Happy some days my skin looks great very little pinkness and other days my apples of my cheek and nose are super pink like a old raggedy Ann doll with rose cheeks.

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