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Night cream for sensitive skin

Hey guys, i need recommendations for a night cream for sensitive skin.


I have very sensitive skin, combo/oily.


Brands that i dont like: Estée Lauder, Clarins, Aveeno, Clinique, Neutrogena, Olay, Nivea, etc.


I used to like: No.7, Elf.


Those 2 that i used to like were really good, for a few weeks, until for wtv reason, i started to itch.


I could try them again, because i love the Elf Hello Hydration cream, so idk if its because the night cream was getting old, because i had that jar for a long time, im not always constant with my skincare, so maybe it got old, but im not sure.


After all that, i was thinking to try the Cerave brand, and im still looking.


Edit: im also curious about the Skyn Iceland Oxygen cream and also the "new" Marcelle Day&Night Gel cream, or one of theyre anti-aging one. I loved the Marcelle Hydra-C gel cream, so maybe i could that brand again, as it seems to work well with my skin. 


What do you think??


Thank you.

Re: Night cream for sensitive skin

I have dry and sensitive skin. I love the Volition Yaupon Tea moisturizer. It has a nice texture and feels soothing and cooling on the skin. It’s very hydrating but not heavy or greasy 

Re: Night cream for sensitive skin

@ChrisCupcakes hello 😁😁😁


Thank you for your suggestion, ill look into it.


By the way i like your photo.

What is the product you are holding?


Re: Night cream for sensitive skin

It is my new favorite product ever! The Kosas Tinted Facial Oil

Kosas Tinted Face Oil Foundation 

Re: Night cream for sensitive skin

By the way guys, i tried tge Night Cream from Marcelle, the one in the dark packaging box, and i really didnt like it!


It felt kinda greasy but not greasy-greasy, a kind of silky feel, but kinda greasy at the same time, but not straight up greasy lollll.


Now, the feeling was not disgusting, but personally for me it was too much, like, i feel like the product had 98.5% of the smooth feel ingredient, and that the rest was the other ingredients.


It reminded me a bit of those crazy smooth primers that do nothing but make the skin feel smooth, know what i mean?


In the morning my skin felt the same, kinda greasy like if the product didnt sink in the skin. 


So i returned it. 


Im currently back using my No.7 night cream, and so far its fine (day 3, sometimes i skip a day), i dont remember why i stopped using it, but ill see how it goes.


Re: Night cream for sensitive skin

Hiii @Emy10! I sometimes have sensitive skin as well and I can recommend you this cream: Burt's Bees Night Cream for Sensitive Skin. It's working well for me. I don't know if you tried it before but I use this new tool called Midori and it helps me find great products for my skin and it gives me a list of all the toxic ingredients, super useful!! Try it if you want 🙂 

Re: Night cream for sensitive skin

@Jbgd  hey there, Burt's Bees, i used to like theyre lip balms, but then it started to not really work anymore, my lips kept getting dry faster so i stopped using it.


They came out with makeup and more new products like the cream you told me about, but im a bit scared to try it, but maybe i should.


Ill check the ingredients and see if i want to try it.


Midori? Is it a website? Ill check on Google.

Re: Night cream for sensitive skin

@Emy10 it's actually a free chrome extension I discovered and it works on Sephora but also Amazon and UltraBeauty. Reading labels used to take me ages but now I have all the info in just a few seconds. If you type midori chrome extension on Google, you should be able to find it 🙂

Re: Night cream for sensitive skin

Thanks @Jbgd 


I also wanted to add that another brand that didnt work for me is Aveeno.


It itched alot. Im not sure if its an oat intolerance, but that was around like almost 10 years ago.


Maybe they probably changed theyre formula since then.


Dr. Dray talked about one of theyre new lines and said the ingredients were good, so ive been curious about it too.


But again, i think ill try Marcelle or Cerave to start.

Re: Night cream for sensitive skin

@Emy10 No problem! Ahh, which product from Aveeno did you use? 

Re: Night cream for sensitive skin

@Jbgd  it was one of theyre original cream, i say original because it was when the brand was new and came out.


Wait... im not sure if it was a cream for the face, because at first i think they only had cream for the hands and body ?


Anyway this was a long time ago, but i remember the itch lol, still i could try the brand again, but it will be later because i decided and got a night cream from Marcelle. I will use it tonight, hopefully it feels good, ill let you guys know 😊😊


Re: Night cream for sensitive skin

Re: Night cream for sensitive skin

@faeriegirl  its out of stock.. hmm... might mean its popular.


I checked the ingredients and im not sure, but ill look into it more. Thank you for your suggestion 😃

Re: Night cream for sensitive skin

this one worked surprisingly well for me Dr. Jart+ Cicapair™ Tiger Grass Cream. But also the avene skin repair has worked magic for me at a pretty good price. My skin is combination, but gets oily if not hydrated enough, and both of these products didn't make me too greasy and did not cause break outs.

Re: Night cream for sensitive skin

@stasiiazh  i already used FAB products before, one i liked and another one not so much. 


Im still curious about trying this one, so ill be checking if there's a small jar.


@gabbie1212  i also tried Avène and that Cicapair product and didnt like them... which can be suprising because Avène is well known, same for La Roche Posay, but still, they dont work for everyone. 


Another brand that didnt work for me is Bio... something, there are 2 brands that have a similar name, i forgot the one i tried, but anyway it didnt work with my skin.


i also have the same skin situation as you, i get more oily if im not well enough hydrated. Also during summer.


I think i might try Cerave next, or Marcelle.


Ill update you a little later 🙂

Re: Night cream for sensitive skin


 love this 

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