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Newbie hoping for help

I'm 43 and have not been taking care of my skin. Until recently I would wash with Yes! Grapefruit scrub in the AM and apply Oil of Olay face lotion if I was going to be outside. Occasionally I use R&F exfoliating scrub and usually follow with a moisturizing mask. 


Fast forward to my birthday and I received the  Laneige water bank cream and mask. Holy cow, I had no idea my skin was so in need of moisturizer! Almost immediately my skin looked so much better, but I have a lot of redness so I started using Derm E Vit C Brightening Cleanser every AM, the Yes scrub PM and the Laneige moisturizer twice a day. More improvement. So now I would really like to get a good skincare regimen down (that isn't outrageously expensive) to continue with this trend and address some aging concerns.


So I would primarily like to continue to address my uneven skin tone (especially redness and darker under eye circles) and address some creases I have on my forehead plus one big one on the bridge of my nose. Also, some firming in a preventative sense. The women in my family all look much younger than they are and I would like to keep it that way. 


I've included a few photos. Suggestions appreciated. I tend to have combination skin and do occasionally get very large pimples now and then, typically around my period, but acne is not a huge concern otherwise, though I would love a rec for a spot treatment. 


I was thinking of switching to the Laneige Radian-C cream in the AM since it has SPF and should also help with redness and keep the water bank cream PM, and add something for the creases. I was looking at the Ordinary serums, maybe the Buffet? 


Pictures attached - note that the straight on shot is off a little, my undereye circles aren't that dark and for the forehead shot I'm squinting to emphasize the creases. 










Re: Newbie hoping for help

I've had good result using Drunk Elephant A-passioni retinal cream for dark spots. It shouldn't be used nightly, it can irritate easily amd it will be a whole minute before you notice results. I used my points to  get a sample size about a year ago and made it last a very long time. Definitely long enough to vouch for its effectiveness.  


I've been using Biossance squalane and vitamin c dark spot serum for about six weeks now. Morning and night. It has proven gentle enough for daily use and I am noticing changes. My complexion is fair, light colored eyes. I freckle easily. The Drunk Elephant retinol cream makes skin really sensitive to sun exposure but if you're careful, washing it away in the morning and using a sunscreen throughout the day you should be fine. These are my current top two dark spot remedies. 

 As for eyes, I've had good results with Philosophy hydra bounce eye gel and L'Occitane nightly reset eye serum. 


Forgive me, I am still working up to posting images here! I hope you find you're favorite thkng and when you do, please share! 

Re: Newbie hoping for help

Hey there, I'd definitely switch to the LaNeige SPF cream you mentioned for the AM because sunscreen is SO important, I'd also throw in a vitamin C serum underneath it every morning to help with the lines you don't like and the uneven skin tone, I'm a big fan of the ole henrikson truth serum or the sunday riley CEO glow serum, but for something a little less pricey I've heard great things about the Sephora Collection ultra glow serum. 


If you also add some retinol at night you'll really see a huge difference in the forehead lines, breakouts and overall firming, I like Paula's Choice (not available at sephora unfortunately but easily found online) 0.3% Retinol+2% Bakuchinol treatment that you could put on underneath your water bank, and for something more affordable you could try the ordinary Granactive retinoid serum (use it same way, before your PM moisturizer), I've not used it but I've seen some good reviews.  If you have health insurance though the best thing to do is to just get a px for retin-a from a dermatologist, it's typically covered with little to no co-pay. 


Whichever type of retinol you pick though start out only using it once a week so that your skin gets used to it, then work up to twice a week, then 3x a week if you think that your skin needs it.  A lot of people recommend that you work up to using retinol every night, but I've been using it for years and 2-3x a week works really well for me to keep my skin looking the way I like.  Also, don't use it the same night that you use your facial scrub or your skin will peel and sting really bad!  Whenever you start up with the retinol I'd cut the face scrub down to 2x/week.  


Your skin might be a little sensitive at first when you start making all these changes, but just bump up the frequency of your moisturizing mask (start storing it in the fridge for some extra refreshing goodness) and you should be good.  Your skin is already pretty imo but hope this helps you get to where you want to be! ๐Ÿ™‚

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