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New runner's feet need some TLC

I recently started running more and my poor feet are in need of some TLC.  Any good foot products you'd recommend?  There are still some months of sandal weather here in the South, so need them presentable until hibernation starts in the fall.

Re: New runner's feet need some TLC

L'Occitane Shea Butter Foot Cream! - I recommend using it after soaking and pumicing.  The cream is rich and hydrating, smells like lavender.'OCCITANE%20Shea%20Butter%20Foot%20Cream%2...

Re: New runner's feet need some TLC

Invest in a good foot file to keep calluses in check.  I soak my feet in Epsom Salts to ease any running tiredness, then when the calluses are soft, I use the file gently, then slather on foot cream. If you do this at night, wear a pair of socks to keep your sheets tidy and you'll wake up with nice soft feet.


Also make sure that your shoes fit well.When I start running in earnest in the spring after sporadic running in the winter, I find my feet are bigger than last fall, so I get a pair of 1/2 size bigger shoes so I don't get blisters until everything settles down again. The bigger shoes are also great for summer when my feet swell from the heat. 


Band-Aid Friction Block is also great to prevent blisters that usually accompany taking up running. In a pinch, if you are at the gym with no Friction Block, you can use a solid-type antiperspirant. 

Have fun running!

Re: New runner's feet need some TLC

The most important thing is a good pair of shoes and I can't stress that enough and make sure they are "running" shoes and not walking shoes or any other kind. I've been running for a while now and I have the Asics running shoe and I love them. I agree with the other recommendations for the foot products but I've always had pedicures and stuff so I never really had a problem. Hope this helps!


Also wanted to stress to you about the importance of a good shoe. You want to makes sure these are good because as your running you want to make sure your shoes are good and absorb the pounding of the pavement because not wearing the proper shoe can lead to back and leg pain and other injury.


 This is just one of the pairs of I but there are zillions of colors.

I put this in here so you could look at the bottom to see what to get.Smiley Happy


Re: New runner's feet need some TLC

Yep - I went to a local running store to have a professional (not some random shoe salesperson) fit me in a shoe.  I had to change socks though because the original pair really created blisters.  Now I have to get some insoles to help because I over-pronate(flat feet) and, even with the right shoe, still need a little more support.


Thanks for the tips!

Re: New runner's feet need some TLC

I over pronate too, and find Brooks Ariels to be just what I need. (I also have orthotics, but before I got them, I used to run exclusively in the Ariels). They provide good support and last a lot longer than other motion control shoes I've bought, presumably because they are a bit stiffer. They are pricey, though, and at my age, I have to get new shoes every 4 months, yow!  Cuts into my beauty budgetSmiley Sad lol

Re: New runner's feet need some TLC

I got the Mizuno Wave Alchemy 12, and it's been great (~$30 cheaper than the Ariels).  I haven't tried the Ariels though.  Maybe after I run this pair down.

Re: New runner's feet need some TLC

If you have a lush store near you, try the sugar scrub, foot trade lotion and volcano foot mask, definitely amazing. If you call in advance they can so a free foot treatment on you! Also they are all amazing workers and give lots of free samples.

Re: New runner's feet need some TLC

Hi kimchikween,  (cute name!! I love it!)


All I can say is... Foot powder!


It has saved my life- I just started running too and it helps with friction between my feet and socks/shoes plus absorbs any sweat. AND keeps my sneakers from getting pretty gross smelling Smiley Wink


Indulge yourself in a weekly foot soak with some warm water and a pumice stone to keep your heels soft, and follow up with a minty foot cream. They are SO soothing and really help your feet and mind to relax.



Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: New runner's feet need some TLC

Re: New runner's feet need some TLC

Thanks for all the info!  I really want to keep up with the running but I was having so many feet issues at first that I had to take breaks inbetween - getting runners toe (ew!).  After spending my youth in crazy high heel shoes, my feet can use some TLC.


Re: New runner's feet need some TLC

I'm a runner and love my feet! Since I run several miles daily, my foot recovery plan always includes a sugar/olive oil scrub. Cheap, natural and an excellent way to relax with a mini-massage. Sit on the side of your tub with a small bowl of the above-mentioned ingredients and a glass of wine. Rub, scrub, and massage where needed. It's me time!

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