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New Eye Cream recommendation?

Hi everyone!!


I'm looking for some recommendations for a new eye cream.

I have big eyes & I'm aware of fine lines & darkness below my eyes becoming more prominent.


I used to use Philosophy products religiously, but my skin decided it didn't like them anymore!

I've tried Clinique's "All about eyes" & didn't like the texture or notice any difference.

I'm toying with trying Benefits "It's Potent", but I'm not sure!!

Any suggestions are most welcome.



Re: New Eye Cream recommendation?

This convo is from quite some time ago but I would check out the Eyes have it, it's a $100 product but you can get it in this beauty grab bag right now, it works wonders.  the grab bag is only $29 and free shipping.!grab-bag/cd38

Re: New Eye Cream recommendation?

Origins plantidote eye serum is the best!!!


Re: New Eye Cream recommendation?

You should try Skyn Iceland "icelandic relief eye cream". Sadly sephora stopped caring this brand (beyond my belief) as it was one of their top selling eye creams. It won a lot of beauty rewards as well.

My sister swares by this stuff. It's one of her most welcomed presents I give her each year. It targets pretty much every main eyecare concern. 



Lightweight contouring eye cream to minimize puffiness, wrinkles and dark circles

Re: New Eye Cream recommendation?

Dr. Gross'Ferulic+Retinol Triple Protection Eye Serum. It will help correct what you have now and prevent future damage. Hope this helps!

Re: New Eye Cream recommendation?

You can also try Origins Plantscription, they have the eye cream formula for dry skin and the treatment gel-cream formula for oily skin. It's my new fav. =)

Re: New Eye Cream recommendation?

Give Dr. Brandt's Ruby Retinol Eye Cream a try. I recently did and was very impressed. The retinol percentage/content isn't crazy high so it won't dry out the delicate under eye skin or cause sensitivity, plus it's time released for a more delicate absorbtion/delivery. Fruit extracts and retinol will help brighten and even texture by helping to repair and regenerate healthy skin cells. Plus it does have optical diffusers to give a luminous glow, but isn't too shimmery.

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