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Never ending acne scars...

Hey everyone! I have an odd and unique skin care question I was hoping for some insight on! I don’t have acne per say but I do get pimples a few times a month to a few times a week. I have combo skin, oily t-zone and normal- dry cheeks. The pimples are always on my cheeks and jaw line, never forehead or nose. My issue is every time I have a pimple it leaves behind an acne scar, literally every pimple leaves a scar. The scars eventually fade because I have a pretty strict skin care routine but it is extremely frustrating to always have acne scars. I never pick at or pop pimples, I always let them be and run their course. I don’t have sensitive skin either. I wash my face in the AM with Kate Somerville Eradikate acne cleanser on my FOREO Luna 3. My morning serum is Peter Thomas Roth power-c followed up with Peter Thomas Roth Cloud cream moisturizer. I wash my face at night with Fresh Soy Cleanser on my Foreo Luna 3. 2-3 times a week I use the ordinary lactic acid treatment followed by Dr. Jart Ceramidin cream and on the other days I use Volition snow water mushroom serum followed by fresh rose deep hydration moisturizer. I am getting beyond frustrated with EVERY single pimple I get leaving behind a scar. Like I said they go away in a few months but I feel like I shouldn’t be left with a scar from every pimple. Is there anything you ladies recommend I try doing? Or anything I should stop doing? Please help, I am desperate!

Re: Never ending acne scars...

@sparkles0913 Have you looked into microneedling patches? It could help with existing marks if you get the ones made for removing dark spots (I haven’t used the lightening ones) or if you get these PEACE OUT - Acne Healing Dotsit will help heal quicker and possibly leave less of a reminder behind. For some blemishes I just use a regular hydro colloid pimple patch, but they probably won’t help with scarring.

Never ending acne scars...

Apart from Curology, one thing that has worked well for me is taking a daily supplement with 250mg of glutathione. It's an antioxidant that has dramatically reduced the redness of my scars and helped my skin heal faster. Adult acne on the cheeks and jaw line are often caused by hormones, and some women do go on hormonal birth control to stabilize their hormones, but that has its own risks. My skin scars like yours does--every pimple ever has left a scar, and my dermatologist said it is just unlucky genes, the only thing that can really change that is clearing up the acne to prevent new scars. My Curology prescription is what finally wiped it out, combining tretinoin (Retin-A) with a topical antibiotic. I don't see anything wrong with your routine, but you might want to take a look at Dr. Jart's Cicapair line. It's designed specifically to help scars heal and fade more quickly. Good luck!

RE: Never ending acne scars...

@tg1973 thank you so much for all your help! I especially appreciate you doing that research and reading reviews for me. It is amazing that sometimes supplements can help more than anything! I think I will go to Sephora and get a sample of the serum and the sleeping mask and see which one works best for me 🙂

RE: Never ending acne scars...

@tg1973 thank you for the info! I was afraid it was going to mostly boil down to genetics *sigh* I just looked at the Dr. Jart Cicapair line and there are quite a few products to chose from! I don’t like to add too many new products at once, so are there 1 or 2 products you would recommend starting with? I am also going to be looking into that supplement.

To be honest, I haven't actually tried anything from the...

To be honest, I haven't actually tried anything from the Cicapair line, just the Ceramidin, which I love. I have tried similar items from brands not sold by Sephora, but I don't know how much they want that promoted on here, plus availability becomes a whole thing because Korean brands tend to reformulate and cancel products often. But generally speaking, I feel like if you have to add something to a routine full of products that work and don't break you out, it's always easier to add a serum than change something as complicated as a moisturizer. But reading the reviews, the reactions to the serum are pretty mixed, with some people getting more breakouts. The Camo Drops actually have the target ingredient centella way higher in the ingredient list than the other products in the line, and they're designed to work with whatever serum you're already using. Another option is the new Cica Sleeping Mask that Laneige put out recently. That I have actually tried in sample form because it's a promo option. I like it a lot, and it does give a pretty impressive calming effect overnight. I don't know how you feel about sleeping masks, but that might be a more flexible option because you don't have to use it daily. If you've ever tried the regular Laniege Water Sleeping Mask, this is pretty similar, but creamy instead of a gel and more focused on soothing than on plumping. You should definitely take a look at products and ingredient lists, none of these products are super cheap and your routine is already pretty pricey, but if it were me, I would start with either the Dr. Jart Camo Drops or the Laneige Cica Sleeping Mask. It sounds like it goes against everything we've been told about skin care products, but I can honestly say that the glutathione supplements have done more to fade my scars than any topical product, but that doesn't mean you can't do both.
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