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Need suggestions for acne scars:/

I have severe hormonal acne, where one day my face is completely clear and the next day I have 5 pimples that last 5 days at most and then are gone until my next monthly visit. I know some of you with acne are rolling their eyes at me, sorry! but they leave the worst scars. I do not like the feel of a full coverage foundation, I prefer to use a bb cream or tinted moisturizer so I try to keep my skin as even toned as possible. does anyone have any suggestions on a great dark spot corrector? my current night skin regiment is as follows:


Remove makeup with face wipes

wash face with purity face wash and clarisonic

Josie maran argan oil

algenist night repair(I only have a deluxe sample and do not intend to buy the full priced for $90 so if you have a replacement for a night cream as well I would greatly appreciate it!)


thanks for any help/suggestions in advance

XOXO Britt

Re: Need suggestions for acne scars:/

I used to have terrible cystic acne and the two products that have helped me deal with the leftover hyperpigmentation have been the Makeup Artists Choice 25% Mandelic Acid peel and the Makeup Artists Choice 40% Lactic Acid peel. These might be a little bit too intensive for your needs though, I'm not sure. After I do the peels (about once every three weeks, I don't like to go overboard) I tone with Thayers Alcohol-Free Cucumber Witchhazel and then moisturize with Jurlique Calendula Cream to sooth my post-peel skin. Also, second MissFawnie's love of Caroline Hirons, I wish she would update! I'm now double cleansing (oil then non-foaming gel) every night because of her!

Re: Need suggestions for acne scars:/

wow! this was my first time posting a question on here, and your responses were amazing! I will definitely be trying out a few of your suggestions!


thanks, XOXO

Re: Need suggestions for acne scars:/

I have the same problem as you.I get 1 or two.I usually can't leave it alone and I end up prematurely popping it, which leads to scarring.Everytime.I use a cream called Dermisa Skin Fade Cream.It has hydroquinone, which is really efficient.You can find it on Amazon for under ten dollars.It's a great spot treatment.I also use the Korres Wild Rose cream, but that's a little pricey and isn't as good as a spot treatment.

Re: Need suggestions for acne scars:/

I completely feel you with this whole thing.


The one thing that saved me the most is actually Caroline Hirons. She's a NY/UK-based skincare goddess. Like seriously- this woman is a genius who knows her stuff. She has a blog that is incredibly informative, and I highly recommend you check it out. She talks a great deal about acne, acne scarring and just general skincare routines. I would try to quote you some of it, but then I would probably just end up quoting her entire blog.



She'll also do online clinics where you can submit your skincare issues/ routine and she'll give you advice. They're quite helpful, so if her blog posts alone don't save your skin, you can always try that. 

Re: Need suggestions for acne scars:/

Have to find this girl to replace my stupid derm.

Re: Need suggestions for acne scars:/

Hey Brittbuck!


Over exfoliation can cause hyperpigmentation to darken in some cases, I use Eminence Organics clear skin cleanser and Strawberry dermafoliant, these products will not break you out are safe for anyone to use and yet strong enough to lighten hyperpigmentation. They are amazing! Check your local spas to see if they carry them. unfortunately Sephora doesn't carry this line Smiley Sad

Re: Need suggestions for acne scars:/

Murad 2% hydroquinone (they have an acne version and a dark spot version ... I use the orange one as its part of their vit C line same amount of hydroquinone though).


^that stuff is potent. Also if you read the directions it says to only use for 3 months at a time and then take a 3 month break, I believe. Also, you can't use it if you are pregnant. That being said it works really well. I only used it after I had a product reaction so I had a lot of scars I wanted to get rid of but I knew they wouldn't come back. I am not sure I would use it on my face for hormonal marks (which I get too... geez it does suck doesn't it! but I wouldn't get in the habit of using it all the time is what I mean). So in general just be careful with the dark spot correctors and be sure to read the ingredients and any warnings.


I definitely agree with the Korres Wild Rose and Vit C cream. It is awesome and its meant to lighten spots as well. It's certainly not as obvious as the 2% hydroquinone but what was obvious was how bright and supple my face looks the next morning and I don't wake up an oil slick either (so good hydration for my skin). The rose smell is very potent so go take a sniff first. This ain't cheap either, but its not $90. I have some deluxe moisturizer samples I am using from Algenist as well and I really like them, looked up the price and was like "whoa... no way!". So I would definitely recommend this for night. Worth asking for a sample in store if you can!

Re: Need suggestions for acne scars:/

Hi Britbuck,


You have already received some wonderful suggestions! Another product that has really helped me with the pigmentation left behind from breakouts is the Korres Wild Rose + Vitamin C Sleeping Facial. I'll use this about 2 to 3 times a week. On the evenings I use this, I keep my my skincare very basic. I'll remove my makeup and lightly exfoliate with the clarisonic. After that, I'll apply the Wild Rose Sleeping Facial. It takes about 10 minutes to completely absorb into the skin. When I wake up, I see an immediate difference in my skin. My skin looks brighter, more radiant and is very hydrated. After I used this for about 4 weeks, I noticed that my pigmentation had faded drastically. Smiley Happy





Re: Need suggestions for acne scars:/

some people are allergic to argan oil, it wont do much but i've had friends who it has broken out, 

the Lancome dream tone color corrector lightened up all of my acne scars, however it is a little pricey. 

Re: Need suggestions for acne scars:/

I can totally relate... I have battled with cystic acne for several years and finally feel like it's under control; however, I have tons of scarring/hyperpigmentation left behind on my cheeks and chin. I have been getting microdermabrasion treatments for the past few months and while that has really improved my skin's texture, it has only minimally helped with discoloration. I too went on a hunt to find some brightening products that might help lighten those scars up. A few weeks ago, I purchased the Korres Wild Rose + Vitamin C Advanced Brightening Sleeping Facial and the Korres Wild Rose Daily Brightening & Refining Buff Cleanser. I have been so impressed with how these products have improved the appearance of my scars! Within a week, there was a noticeable improvement, not only to me, but to others around me who know my struggles with scarring. I just wanted to share what worked for me. I am finally starting to feel confident in my skin again, and I hope that you find the products that make you feel better about yours! 



Re: Need suggestions for acne scars:/

Have you tried just using an actual lemon on your face? It's natural and it can lighten up your skin by applying a little bit of it on the scar every day. Lemon has a lot of great beauty benefits. You can apply the left over lemon on your elbows, armpits, or other darkened skin area and makes it soft.

Re: Need suggestions for acne scars:/

Please note that though lemon juice does carry many benefits, it is important to follow up with due diligence, lemon juice should not be left for prolonged periods of time on skin and may cause sensitivity/reactions if areas are exposed to the sun. Lemon juice as is can be highly acidic as in its purest form is not tempered or regulated in levels made safer for more skin types. Though lemon extract is used in skin care (glycolic acid for example, the enzymes/acids from the lemon are used, along with being sourced from items such as orange, grapefruit, and sugarcane), these amounts and traces are formulated to be less harsh on skin and thus minimize the chances of irritation.


Please be careful if you have any open wounds, cuts, or blemishes as the juice can irritate these areas.

Re: Need suggestions for acne scars:/

I use the Ren AHA concentrate and Murad radience serum that lylysa mentioned and they work really well for me. I am really pale so every time anything happens to my face there's a super noticeable red spot afterwards. I've been using this combination for a few weeks and was just noticing last night that my red spots are noticeably lighter. I'm hoping in another month they'll be complely gone! (Of course, by then I'm sure I'll have some new ones, but oh well. Baby steps.)

Re: Need suggestions for acne scars:/

Hormonal Acne SUCKS.  You're lucky that your acne only lasts for the period of your... period!  I will get big, painful hormonal acne on my chin which never really comes to the surface, but leaves big hard bumps for MONTHS.  This has resulted in discoloring scars. I've found that the Murad Rapid Age Spot and Pigment lightner with Hydroquinone has been helpful in lightening these.

Re: Need suggestions for acne scars:/

If the scars you are referring to are for discoloration, the Kate Somerville D-Scar serum will do little to help as it's more targeted for treating textural scars (raised or pitted) rather than discoloration. It's a wonderful product, don't get me wrong and I've recommended it plenty of times here in the forum for scars, but for discoloration it wouldn't be the place to turn to.


In terms of discoloration, there are a couple of ingredients to keep an eye for:


-Vitamin C, a gentle way to brighten and even skin tone that won't run the risk of sensitizing skin like more potent ingredients. Vitamin C helps to also combat UV and free radical/oxidative damage, allowing the benefits of protecting the darkened areas from deepening any further.


-Hydroquinone, a more potent lightening agent that also blocks melanin production from affecting the targeted areas from darkening any more. This can cause mild sensitivity and is crucial that its followed up with sunscreen if used in the day time.


-Alpha hydroxy acids (typically in the form of glycolic acid, which are fruit enzymes, or lactic acid, which are milk enzymes), these help to increase exfoliation, allowing darkened areas to surface quicker and fade while boosting cellular regeneration to replace those cells with healthier and newer ones. Glycolic acids tend to be high in vitamin C as well and lactic acid is more gentle, also helping to soothe inflammation and redness.


-Alpha arbutin/arbutin, this ingredient works similarly to hydroquinone in terms of fading discoloration but also inhibiting melanin production but does run the risk of causing as much skin sensitivity


-Retinol, this hefty ingredient is used for a slew of skin issues ranging from discoloration/hyperpigmentation to anti-aging factors such as the loss of elasticity, fine lines, and wrinkles due to its ability to help cellular regeneration and to improve skin's current condition. Retinol can cause sensitivity and can be found in many forms such as encapsulated/time release methods (also known as retinoids), retinyl palmitate (much more mild), and in prescription forms like Retin-A. Retinol itself is derived from vitamin A.


-Botanical extracts and sources such as licorice, mulberry, kojic acid, apple, and grape seed extract all work in line like vitamin C, being very gentle on skin but helping to brighten and even skin tone. These tend to be high in anti-oxidants, allowing a product to combat oxidative/free radical damage in the environment and atmosphere. Free radicals and UV rays damage healthy collagen and elastin, leading to premature degrading which can eventually result in discoloration, loss of elasticity, and loss of suppleness in skin.


Truth Serum® Vitamin C Collagen BoosterPure Truth™ Vitamin C Youth Activating OilFerulic Acid + Retinol Brightening SolutionResurfacing AHA ConcentrateTurbo Booster C PowderPost-Acne Spot Lightening GelRapid Age Spot and Pigment Lightening SerumComplexion Correction™ Daily Discoloration PerfectorComplexion Correction™ Overnight Discoloration PerfectorComplexion Correction® Spot Reducing ConcentrateDe-Spot™ Skin Brightening CorrectorVinoperfect Radiance Serum


Check into brands such as Ole Henriksen, REN, Murad, Kate Somerville, Philosophy, Dr. Dennis Gross, Caudalie, and Peter Thomas Roth for many options for spot treatments.


Be sure that to also be diligent with SPF in the day. The levels of exfoliation caused by brightening treatments can leave skin vulnerable if not protected from the elements and sun. If exposed/not protected, these areas can worsen and all the work dedicated to reversing the damage won't be as effective.

Re: Need suggestions for acne scars:/

Personally I love the REN. It is a repurchase several times and just be sure with the glycolactic acid that you don't use it with a retinol. I would suggest every other day as well. 

Re: Need suggestions for acne scars:/

lylysa, as always, I am in AWE of the detail and information in your replies.



Re: Need suggestions for acne scars:/

Agreed, I love lylysa's explanations and info. Very helpful!

Re: Need suggestions for acne scars:/

Thank you so much too, Kenny!

Re: Need suggestions for acne scars:/

Gaawww, thanks, Nebel! Smiley Happy

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