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Need a new eye cream

You guys are so great at recommending products, I am hoping you can help me.  So a few months ago I started using eye cream regularly, morning and night, in my panic over turning 30 this year.  My skin is very fair, and the skin under my eyes is naturally dark though it gets darker if I'm sick or not sleeing well or stressed.  I also have allergies and sensitive eyes. I've noticed some fine lines under my eyes lately, though no crow's feet yet, and I'd like to tighten the skin above my eyes since that seems to be... shifting... lately.  I drink a lot of water and wear sunglasses all the time, I also wear contact lenses daily.


My main concerns are that the eye cream should be gentle and not have any fragrance.  And I really want something that will absorb quickly.  So far I have tried a sample of Philosophy's Hope in a Tube and that takes forever to absorb.  It's nice at night, the skin around my eyes feels nice and soft in the morning, though not tightened, but I tried it once during the day with no makeup and my skin just felt sticky for hours.  The other one I have been using daily is Lancome High Resolution Eye Refill 3x.  It feels lighter than the Philosophy but I feel like that combined with my slightly oily eyelids just turns any makeup I wear into a smeary mess.  Even if I wear eye makeup primer I end up with mascara smudges that don't appear if I skip the eye cream, and eyeliner stamps above my crease.  So I want something that will absorb quickly and moisturize my skin, not sort of sit half absorbed and half on the surface making me worry about smears all day long.


Any suggestions?

Re: Need a new eye cream

Try Somme Institute's Eye cream! It's everything you're looking for. I highly recommend you check it out.

Re: Need a new eye cream

If you're noticing a problem with your upper lids, I'd like to suggest (as a former contact lens wearer) that you make sure you're not tugging on the lids too much when you're inserting/removing your lenses. You can do damage to the skin that way by overstretching it. It should snap back, but over time, it might lose some resiliency.


And yes, I have oily lids too. They say that your lids are not supposed to produce oil but you and I must be mutants then. If you find a good cream for that, let me know too. On the plus side, the fact that our skins make more natural oil than normal means we will likely stay looking younger a bit longer. It's proving true for me.

Re: Need a new eye cream

I was on the search for eye creams last year, and ended up going back to my favorite (my jar had broken. arg.) Ole Henrickson Fresh Start. Must be something about turning 30...I turned 31 a couple months ago.

Here's some thoughts, hopefully it helps:

Ole Henrickson Fresh Start - a very thick, though relatively fast absorbing cream. I prefer it over the Visual Truth eye cream, plus it is cheaper. You get quite a bit for $38. May be thicker than you are looking for, though. Don't drop the jar on ceramic tile Smiley Wink

Boscia -- all natural, no added fragrance. This one is not as thick as the Ole cream, but still feels luxurious. Absorbs fast and seems to tighten/de puff similarly to the Ole cream.

Caudelie -- Got a sample of this ridiculously expensive cream, and was not impressed AT ALL. The feel and smell are a little off-putting.

Benefit Ooh La Lift -- this is my favorite for de-puffing. When my allergies are bad (like now!) I use it in the a.m. instead of the Ole cream.

Eye rollers -- Sepora and First Aid Beauty -- the sephora one feels great when applying, but leaves flaky bits behind. yuck. The FAB roller has caffeine and is a little to tingly for those of us with sensetive peepers.

Clinique -- love their All About Eyes cream. However, it didn't seem to show much results even though my eyes felt awake and moisturized. Haven't tried the "rich" version which may be more effective. They have a roller now, too, which I may have to sample next!

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