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My skin!!

Best skin care...? I have mildly oily skin through mid day...but I also have skin that peels my nose and forehead! Help!! I need something that will help these problems... Because part of me wants to get an oil control product but the other part of me wants to get a good moisturizer... There are also some hormonal problems going on... If that helps! Thank you very much!!

Re: My skin!!

Hello Em24blue!  I have had similar skin problems.  Mine is combination but is dry to the point of flaking on my forehead and sides of my face with an oily nose and eyelids too. To rid your forehead and nose of flaky skin I highly recommend AmorePacific Treatment Enzyme Peel.  If you have100 points it's still available as a Beauty Insider perk.  I've stressed over my skin for months and I can't tell you how impressed I am with the Enzyme Peel. I can wear foundation again without ugly, flaky skin showing through.  I always follow up with an alcohol free/freshning toner and Tarte Pure Maracuja Oil.  Those of us with combo skin are cursed with almost always having to use two different skin care products.  These winter days I can get away with using Maracuja Oil all over but sparingly.  Come Summer time my routine will change.  If it helps, you mentioned hormonal problems. I can relate.  I'm 64 and I don't take estrogen, hence, much drier skin than I've ever had in all my years.  Best of luck with trying different products.  Hopefully you can find some as samples or 100 point perks. Eventually you'll find the right combo that will give you a flawless canvas to apply your fave color products.  Be sure to keep us posted,  :-)

Re: My skin!!

By chance are you exfoliating any? If so, how often and what do you use.


Aside the mention of you using the Olay Fresh cleanser and breaking out from the JM Argan Oil, you also state you're allergic to botanicals.


By chance do you know what specific botanicals/ingredients you are allergic to or sensitive to?


I've looked up the ingredients in the Olay Fresh wash, and it contains witch hazel, which is a natural, botanical based ingredient that has astringent like properties which help clarify pores/oil. If you are indeed allergic to botanical based ingredients, it would be beneficial to find out what specifically so we can make better recommendations rather than suggest an idea that may seem safe but might break out out.


The Olay wash also contains myristic acid, stearic, and palmitic acid, which are fatty acids dervived from various animal, salts, plant, or microrganism sources, though I cannot pinpoint the exact source used in the wash, the chance that it does come from a possible derivative of palm oil from fruits or palm plants, linking it to more chances of "botanical based ingredients. These 3 acids follow in that order right after the first two ingredients comprising of the wash being water and glycerin.


Let us know the specifics of your allergies or what reactions you have when in contact with those precise botanicals.

Re: My skin!!

You can get both! Argan oil is one of the heavier facial oils, which is why it might clog/cause bumps for oilier skin. If you really want to stick with an oil, here's some information about lightweight oil you might be interested in:


Personally I like an actual moisturizer when my skin is oilier. If you think the peeling/flaky skin is due to the wind/indoor heat during the day, then you need a better moisturizer with SPF. If you don't think it have to do with that, it might be that you need to exfoliate a bit more for your night regimen. As for night moisturizers, have you tried Clinique moisture surge? It's gel cream so it is lightweight enough to sink deep into the skin instead of just sitting on top but is still a bit protective. If you are talking about hormones, Murad Resurgence line is great at dealing with hormonal stress/aging on the skin. However, this is a bit rich, altho not as rich as argan oil. You can use the code "revitalize" to get deluxe sample of the mask and moisturizer to test it out before splurging. Algenist is also great for hydration and anti-aging (new favorite, currently testing out serum and a super rich moisturizer...which does not clog pore or make my combo skin oily (surprise!) prob cuz it feels more water-based than oil-based).


You mentioned botanical-like, which I take to assume natural based so I suggested more scientific based brands. However, Boscia, Origins, Caudalie and Korres are all great gentle natural brands, so if you know which ingredients you are allergic to and it's not in there, I still recommend checking them out. I've tried a ton of moisturizers, but not sure where you fall since argan oil is at the heavier end of the spectrum. If suggestions above doesn't work, feel free to PM me and we can work to find something better.

Re: My skin!!

The Bosica black line is more detoxifying than Botanical and the Korres has more vitamins in it than botanicals so both lines in the bosica  are exceptional in detoxifying and will renew and correct your complexion, and as you  already mentioned argan oil gave you weird oil bumps as I'm sure it clogged your pores so detoxifying your skin is the way to go. I definitely would not  recommend the Clinque there have been so many users that have just been disappointed with the moisture surge especially with oily skin you would not want an actual moisturizer you would want a gel mositurizer, so you would get more hydration with out the added oil. Hope this helps!

Re: My skin!!

Have you researched the Boscia black line or the Boscia pure cleansing line, there's oil control but still has hydrators to balance out your skin. Also to add something to help with your peeling you could look at thw Korres Wild Rose and Vitamin C sleeping facial or the Perricone Blue Plasma peel either of these are gentle and would fine to add in to your current skin care routine. Hope this helps!

Re: My skin!!

I am currently using olay fresh effects cleanser which I love!! But I am just struggling to find a moisturizer... I previously used Josie maran argan oil but that gave me weird oil bumps... So I just been switching all over!! Also it would be very helpful If the products were not botanical-like... As I am allergic to!! Thank you again!!

Re: My skin!!

What kind of products are you using now?

Re: My skin!!

I am currently using olay fresh effects cleanser which I love!! But I am just struggling to find a moisturizer... I previously used Josie maran argan oil but that gave me weird oil bumps... So I just been switching all over!! Also it would be very helpful If the products were not botanical-like... As I am allergic to!! Thank you again!!❤❤❤

Re: My skin!!

Your very welcome!

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