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My makeup and skin looks so gross after 6-8 hours! Help!

Ok, so let me try to explain thoroughly so that people can provide accurate help!  I currently have a lovely skincare regime including products from Peter Thomas Roth and Algenist, however my cleanser(s) are Tatcha and mask(s) are Glamglow.  I also wear a primer before my foundation (Cane+Austin) and am currently using UD's naked skin foundation.  I drink enough water each day, and I do not over exfoliate (I do it maybe 2-3 times a week).  I have normal skin (well, or so I thought) with slight oil in the t zone during the summer, and fully normal in the winter (however I have dry cheeks in the winter).  I have noticed that my chin has tiny under-skin bumps as well, like they are ALWAYS there, and sometimes they turn into zits.  Not sure if that's relevant or not.  I also have been using UD's setting spray as well, and oh yes Laura Merciers setting powder.


If anyone has ANY suggestions of what I can do, please help! The photo below shows my issues, and it only seems to happen on my chin, around my nose and also around the top of my forehead.



Re: My makeup and skin looks so gross after 6-8 hours! Help!

honey your skin texture is a bit all over the map.

What I would recommend is to get the most hydrating masque you can get your hands on. I like glamglows thirsty mud and i also like fresh's rose masque... theres a bunch TBH, you want a deeply hydrating masque.

You're going to have to wait for the dead skin to slough off on its own because youre already doing too much to exfoliate, and thats why you have dry patches.


you want to spot treat your acne along your chin with origins little turquoise/blue bottle spot treatment or kate sommervilles eradikate. 

Re: My makeup and skin looks so gross after 6-8 hours! Help!

You need a gentle lactic acid/ retinol peel. Look around at sephora for some. First aid beauty Dennis gross has some good ones. Go to the sephora store get some samples and see what works. 

Re: My makeup and skin looks so gross after 6-8 hours! Help!

I had the small bumps on my chin for years and tried everything- changing my diet and products.  I fianlly threw in the towel and went to the dermatologist.  I was given a cleanser that I use once a week - made a huge difference.  Next I started using gentle products on my face. 

I also finally found a regime that works for me.  I have incorporated rose products.  I know it was recommended to not use oil on your face, but it's the only way I can keep moisture in my skin (I live in an extremely dry climate).  I have a few different oils that I use depending on how dry the air is (how dry my skin is that day).  The oil is the last thing I apply after a good facial cream.  I use Jurlique rose oil and Bobbi brown extra face oil.  

one last thing, I cut primer out of my routine.  Primers seems to upset my skin except for cover fx calming primer.  I use it only on occasion.  

Hope you can find what works for you 


Re: My makeup and skin looks so gross after 6-8 hours! Help!

Okay, first let me start by saying you are a very lovely girl! I take skin care very seriously and genuinely hope that my knowledge helps in some way so that your life can be a little less stressful.


However.... your skincare regimen needs updating. While there is no one-type-fits-all for face care, I have found that the only products that seem to work best for all skin types are for sensitive skin. Why? So many reasons- preservatives, fragrances, comedogenic oils, chemical sunscreens, etc. that everyone's skin hates, but supposed "normal" skin types can tolerate. I hate that term by the way... "normal". 


Anyways, there are two issues here: your pores are clogged and your skin is scaling (Google "perioral dermatitis" as a possibility). The makeup you're using is clinging to these problem areas, and by the end of the day it separated further accentuating the unevenness. I can't determine which product it is because you're using so many, but I'm going to recommend you do an elimination diet of sorts for your skin to pin point the offending ingredient(s). All dermatologists will tell you it can take 48 hours for delayed allergy responses, but it can take a week before pimples pop up when your system is purging toxins. This can be from the food you eat down to the products you use.


A little backstory- I used to have terrible skin... to the point it was ruining my life and I was very close to getting Accutane (a pill that eliminated acne prescribed by dermatologists when topical creams didn't work). I was even sure I'd be scarred forever from the cystic acne I had. I used every product under the sun for "oily skin" because everyone told me oil is what caused pimples (Oil alone does not cause acne, but can trap bacteria in pores that enter your skin and that is what causes acne- of course not including hormonal or allergic response types). Which is why I talk about comedogenic products. Coconut oil is one of the worst, and although it has minor antibacterial properties, the only thing it is good at is forming a protective shield around your skin like cling film, and holding what moisture you already have on your skin IN your skin. Not unlike Vaseline jelly, it doesn't actually moisturize the skin because it cannot be absorbed. This is why I consider it a nefarious ingredient that I had to stop using in order to live a "bump free" existence. I suggest you eliminate that and every other oil based product from what you use. Glycerin based products hold in moisture well but tend to not cause bumps, which is why they are used in almost every oil-free product in today's market. That is the first thing. Next, is to eliminate sulfates (coconut derived). They strip the skin and leave it exposed to bacteria. Over exfoliating exacerbates this by leaving microscopic scratches on the surface of the skin that allow bacteria to enter. No one on God's green Earth needs anything more than cold cream (olive oil based if French) to remove waterproof makeup (if you must wear it, but I highly recommend not for the simple reason it either clogs pores and/or requires harsher scrubbing to remove) and a good cleansing milk to remove residue (assisted by a Clarisonic with a Delicate brush head if you like flawlessly smooth skin). 


I am over 30, so my skin is showing fine lines... I use products with hyaluronic acid and other ingredients that can leave the skin thinner, more irritated, and susceptible to sunburn as well as bumps/irritation. It took many years of hunting to find a serum that did not break me out, and one of the most irritating ingredients was mineral oil (and additionally coconut oil). So I had to eliminate those. Just remember, your skin needs to breathe.


Besides oils, there are other reasons your skin could look like this. But I am inclined to believe it is more than likely a moisturizer because it's most prevalent in your creases where moisturizer and oil tend to collect. However, to address some other reasons...


1) a poor diet high in saturated fats and refined sugars. Cut back on both and see if your skin becomes less "reactive"

2) allergic response to new detergents or soaps that you may use along with potential food allergies. Elimination diets will be necessary if it's the latter.

3) bacteria. Are you cleaning your makeup brushes after every use or at least wiping them with rubbing alcohol and letting them dry between uses? Are you changing/cleaning your pillowcases once or twice a week? Are you sanitizing your phone before you place it to your face with an alcohol wipe or using a cleaning product such as Windex? Do you place your hands on your face without thinking throughout the day?


I apologize for my drawn out scientific responses, but after years of wasting money and time at the dermatologist (and other doctors), I gained valuable information of that nature which I want to pass on to you from them: Oils should be put in your mouth and not on your skin. A good fish oil supplement along with zinc, vitamin c, biotin and a well balanced diet in general will make your skin glow with its own natural oils. Too much sugar can cause glycation which leads to premature aging and can cause skin issues. Food allergies can overactivate immune responses to anything applied or ingested. Most soaps are too stripping and no one should bathe daily (unless working out), and if you do, moisturizer (oil free glycerin based work fine) must be applied immediately (while skin is still wet preferably) to conserve moisture on skin. 


My personal thoughts are of course to cut out coconut and mineral oils. I switched entirely to olive oil soaps with only 2 ingredients (olive oil, salt) for my body (because body acne is nasty), and cleansing milk (mine has glycerin as a top ingredient and oils fall last) for my face. I cannot use cleansing oils or foaming products unless I want acne. My skin is combination and reactive to most oils. Alcohol does not touch my skin. When I see alcohol as a top ingredient versus a stabilizer at the end of an ingredient list, I won't purchase it. It removes all sebum (natural oils on your face) and causes me to peel like a snake. I use alcohol free toner on my face or rosewater after cleansing to get a clean-but-hydrated feeling. Additionally, I have switched to a cleaner diet that limits intake of sugars/carbs, and preservatives. It is similar to the paleo diet, except I allow myself cheat days on the weekends where I will indulge in carbs (in moderation) like pasta and sweets. Good sleep (I don't have) and exercise (I barely do) help immensely... or so I'm told, ha! Since changing my diet and skin care regimen I never get acne unless I don't clean my makeup brushes (a lazy day), or I eat cruddy foods for more than 3 days (I don't know why, but that's my magic number), or of course the simple period pimple that happens once a month. It's down to a science as to what works for me, and I am restricted to a very limited amount of products I can use that won't make me break out or peel.


You must find out what works for you, no one else can tell you that.... not even a dermatologist. Other people can only make recommendations based on their own personal experiences or what they've read written by others based on their personal experiences. It's all very complicated, but where there is a will, there's a way!


Please let me know if you find a solution. In the meantime, and for the sake of argument... I will tell you my products to clear acne quickly if you would like. But only if you ask, because I do not want to sound like a spokeswoman for them. Even though my response is long (apologies for that), I am not trying to sell you on individual products or brands because your skin is unique and I respect that- so I tailored my response to be generalized to apply to all skin types.


Also, try not to use powder on your face for awhile while you have rough patches, it will only accentuate them. Attempt oil free primers, oil free tinted moisturizer along with an oil free setting spray (I use primer water) instead. I live in Florida where it is hot and humid, and even on my t-zone where it tends to be oily my makeup will not run. Nor does it at the gym until I rub my face in the shower to clean it. Setting powder (in my opinion) is evil. Matte complexions never look natural either, and a fresh dewy glow is ideal to look young and vibrant. The better your skin looks naturally, the less products you'll need to use. I should note: I am focused only on skincare... the only goal I have with makeup is to use as little as you can get away with. I am not a minimalist by any means, but I prefer a natural look for skin (eyes and lips are a different story, haha!) Another goal is never to have to use photo filters on my phone when I take selfies, so whatever I look like in photos is through scrupulous maintenance.


I hope this helped! =^)

Re: My makeup and skin looks so gross after 6-8 hours! Help!

Hello , I know this post is a couple years old but I came across it when I googled “ my face is gross “ out of frustration and this popped up. Everything you wrote registered with me so much . It’s so crazy that coconut oil is so widely promoted but not good on your skin ( I learned the hard way) . I have acne along my jaw line and somewhat on my right cheek ( always my right cheek) I have spent so much money on products that work at first but always end up breaking me out. Your post was so helpful and informative I don’t normally followblogs but I’f you had one I would definitely be a follower. Could you please tell me the products you use ? My face isn’t oily I would say normal to dry . My t Zone can get a little oily but it’s not too bad that is actually the clearest area of my face. I live in San  francisco so whether is pretty cool most of the time. I need help with my skin

thank you for your time. Oh I’m also allergic to salycilic 🙈

Re: My makeup and skin looks so gross after 6-8 hours! Help!

@peacefulseraph Hey there, thank you so much for taking the time to help me out!! When I think of my diet, I honestly can believe that plays a factor. I do drink alcohol quite often, and I eat junk almost daily. I know I need to take a break with all this crap!


As for actual acne issues, I'm sorry if my photo looks a bit deceiving lol I know theres a few red zits, and that's actually from me picking!! I do not have acne or any real skin issues, just the weird patchiness from my foundation. I only get zits around ovulation time or a few days before my period.


I also generally avoid putting any sort of unnecessary oils on my face, so thankfully I don't have to fear that!  I am going to cut out a lot of products that I'm using though so that I can find the culprit!

Re: My makeup and skin looks so gross after 6-8 hours! Help!

I know you've gotten great advice already from jemly but I just wanted to add that last year when I was having issues with MY foundation doing stuff like your photo, I was also over exfoliating!


I was using St. Ive's apricot scrub daily in the shower (that stuff cleared up my skin when I was younger and had iron skin but guess as I got older my skin needed better and gentler care) and when I posted here, jemly told me I was over exfoliating and that my skin was getting oily because I kept stripping it of its natural oils.


Switched to daily chemical exfoliation (slowly--my skin did not like it at first) and added a facial oil, I haven't had this problem since. I rarely use blotting sheets anymore Smiley Very Happy


Another thing--MUFE setting spray actually makes my skin oilier and more likely to allow foundation to slide off. Not sure if the UD spray is the same!

Re: My makeup and skin looks so gross after 6-8 hours! Help!

Thanks for your help! I actually sent you a pm as well Smiley Very Happy

Re: My makeup and skin looks so gross after 6-8 hours! Help!

I don't know how to solve it but I'd say it looks like dry skin and try a heavier cream that's going to really sink into the skin.  I liked the sample of fresh rose moisturizer I got -- Tongue406...


I also like the chanel moisturizer that comes in a tub.  Chanel HYDRA BEAUTY CRÈME RICHE

Re: My makeup and skin looks so gross after 6-8 hours! Help!

your skin looks dehydrated and a bit stressed. what sort of exfoliation do you use ? and which cleansers from tatccha (and PTR and algenist if so) ? do you use a facial oil ? and what sort of moisturizer ? and...lastly, how often do you use the glam glow ?


you do indeed have some lovely products you use in your skincare routine, but they may not be right for you, so that's why i want to grasp the basics of your routine. while your routine is different from this user's, i just answered her inquiry which was very very similar to yours, so check it out ! feel free to ask me questions though more specific to you....

Re: My makeup and skin looks so gross after 6-8 hours! Help!

@jemly I hope you don't mind me popping in to give you some info for me because I have the same issue (but it's not consistent). It looks like my makeup is breaking apart on my face! 


My routine: Day 1: DE TLC Framboos + Nude Advanced Renewal + DDG Ferulic and Retinol eye cream

Day 2: Skin INC moisture overnight mask

Day 3: SR Luna + SR Good Genes +Nude Advanced Renewal + Ferulic eye cream

Day 4: Skin INC moisture overnight mask



In the morning I use JM SPF 47 and NUDE serum


I use PTR Clinical Peel & Reveal twice a week, Boscia pudding once a week, PTR whole mask lineup (one per night) the rest of the week.


My foundation is Rainforest of the Sea, Double Duty or LM tinted moisturizer with cover FX drops.


From reading your responses here and on the other post I am wondering if I am over moisturizing my face/using really heavy products? I have been told I have pretty dry skin from facialists (is that a word?) I have dehydration lines they said, and if I don't use the NUDE oil I get flakes between my eyebrows... Should I stop with all the products and simplify? I do find my skin reacts very well to the SR luna and GG and NUDE. Maybe I need to slow down on the product frenzy? I was thinking about adding a ceramide product to my routine too...


Thanks and sorry to butt in, you are just a wealth of knowledge.

Re: My makeup and skin looks so gross after 6-8 hours! Help!

hi @Persais ! no problem. you have a lot of lovely products, too. i will say, though, that yeah, i think you're over treating. over exfoliating. i think you need to mix in some more gentle products along with the things like the luna, gg and the nude renewal--all 3 of these products have exfoliating ingredients, as well as the PTR clinical peel. it's all too much. i don't think you need to get rid of these products, but i wouldn't use as regularly or all together.


this is all treatment and no pampering.


nourish the skin, don't beat it into submission ! so....all these treatments help skin cell renewal, which in turn helps the skin absorb things--like nourishing facial oils or hydrating serums. but all you're putting on top of it is more cell-renewal treatments.


before i give any more specific recs, what do you cleanse with ? and most importantly, how old are you ?

Re: My makeup and skin looks so gross after 6-8 hours! Help!

Smiley Happy thanks for answering @jemly


I use DE Pekee and Juju (though I really don't wash in the morning can't bring myself to get up early enough Smiley Sad) and omorovicza thermal cleansing balm or nude perfect cleanser when I have makeup on. 


I I also should note I have been trying to remember to use my caudalie grape water before moisturizing. (I didn't know the renewal had exfoliating properties yeep!)


i do do have philosophy renewed hope in a jar and laneige  (full line) maybe that is better and more gentle?


also I am 30 Smiley Happy

Re: My makeup and skin looks so gross after 6-8 hours! Help!

@Persais we're the same age. while it's good to start thinking about and introducing so-called anti-aging products, i don't think you're entire routine needs to revolve around them. i don't think you need to get rid of anything per se, but i think spreading these sorts of products out, not using them all together, and using some gentler products more regularly will help you out. your skin is stressed.


i think your cleansers are good. i also think you should cleanse in the morning. Smiley Wink there are plenty of respectable people who don't think it's necessary, but i do. i do a full routine in the morning (cleanse, hydrating serum and moisturizer) and it never takes longer than 3 minutes. 


lets say you keep your 4-day routine in place. i'd reduce the use of the masks and PTR peel to once a week, and not on the same days you're doing GG & luna (hydrating masks, though, you can use however often you like; i'd maybe even reduce the clinical peels to once every 10 days to every 2 weeks). i'd get a nice nourishing oil (like CLARINS blue orchid or lotus oils) to use on nights you're not using GG or the drunk elephant serum, as well as a hydrating serum (like VICHY aqualia thermal serum, to layer before the oil). i'm not sure about the laniege, i've never used it, but try it. see what happens. 


i wish i could give more specific instruction, but my point is, take it easy. focus on hydration and soothing the skin, not all anti aging all the time. learn to listen to your skin and what it needs. and feel free to come back here in a couple weeks, let me know what you've noticed (good and bad) about the tweaks, and then i can get more specific about what i think you need !

Re: My makeup and skin looks so gross after 6-8 hours! Help!

You are awesome thank you so much @jemly. Does your profession involve skincare or are you just this wise in general Smiley Happy


i will switch it up starting tonight, have some milks and hydrating serums/moisturizers to put to the test. I'll pick up that Clarins tomorrow too!!


wish I could give you more than one heart 😘

Re: My makeup and skin looks so gross after 6-8 hours! Help!

Oh no Smiley Sad Poor skin.  Well, I've kinda been all over the place in terms of exfoliation lately (I had samples and such to use up) most recently it's been some caudalie glycolic mask, and before that I used the flashmud glamglow mask to exfoliate as well.


I use tatcha's camelia oil cleanser followed by the rice powder (2 step cleansing) whenever I wear makeup, and on days I don't wear makeup, I use the algenist gentle rejuvenating cleanser.


I have a facial oil, the algenist advanced repair anti aging oil which I use at night before my moisturizer, and the night time moisturizer which I apply over is it the algenist overnight restorative cream.


For daytime I've been alternating between PTR's dragon blood serum + Algenist genius anti aging day cream and ole henriksens vitamin c serum and sheer transformation moisturizer (this combo has only been tried for a few days though, and I've had my skin issues for longer than that).


I use the glamglow maybe 1-2 times a week, and also use it as an exfoliator since it's grainy (I don't mean I use it separately as an exfoliator, but when I wear it as a mask, I use it as my exfoliation day/item as well, hope that makes sense).


Thank you!!

Re: My makeup and skin looks so gross after 6-8 hours! Help!

ok, unlike my response to the other user, i actually think you are over exfoliating ! the tatcha powder is an exfoliant. plus the caudalie glycolic (which i like, but i'm not sure how often you use it ?) and the glamglow (which i don't like, i think it's way harsh) that's a load of exfoliating (not to mention the retinyl palmitate in the anti aging serum--which will have a mild exfoliating property as does the OH sheer transformation moisturizer).


the tatcha oil cleanser may work well for you. if it does, double cleanse with the oil only. use the powder as a treatment like you would a mask, or perhaps as a morning cleanse once or twice a week, and no where near the times you use, say, the caudalie glycolic mask. i wouldn't use it as your second cleanse, particularly when you're using other exfoliating treatments. (once you get things sorted, pay attention to how you think your skin reaction to the camelia oil--works magic for most people. broke me out, as well as a couple of other BTers. but i think it's ok for now).


i think, in general, you need less harsh products (this is loads of exfoliation mixed with loads of anti aging products), and instead focus on pampering and hydration (you'll find that keeping the skin as hydrated as possible is, in it's own way, also a type of anti-aging). the night cream you're using is super heavy, too (3rd ingredient is shea butter). it may work just fine for you, but it may be contributing (as well as the over exfoliation) to the small bumps under the skin--which i do find relevant ! Smiley Wink so just keep an eye on that (i don't think it's the main culprit here, but i'd be remiss to not suggest it). 


i would also try adding a facial oil that has some more soothing-oriented properties. you can interchange with the algenist one, and use as you feel your skin needs it. CLARINS has my favorite oils...

Re: My makeup and skin looks so gross after 6-8 hours! Help!

@jemly Thank you for your detailed response Smiley Happy I didn't even think about all these anti aging products having these exfoliators in them! I actually just placed some pretty fat orders as well from Peter Thomas Roth, and honestly I probably won't be needing most of the stuff I got based on your answer! I did order quite a few of the peel pads which I was thinking would be great to use as my exfoliator instead of what I'm using now, otherwise I may have to give most of the stuff I bought to my mom! 

Re: My makeup and skin looks so gross after 6-8 hours! Help!

fantastic--i actually think the chemical exfoliator is the way to go, but i was trying not to recommend you chuck out all your stuff ! which ones did you order ? 

Re: My makeup and skin looks so gross after 6-8 hours! Help!

@jemly I got the peter thomas ross ones since they had a great sale on their website! I also got some retinol night time stufd and a ton of the red dragon blood products which are probably too much for my skin lol

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