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My Clarisonic: A love letter

Dear Clarisonic,

When you came into my life 2 years ago I was dubious, at best. $225 for a electronic face scrubber? Surely you were kidding.  Yes Oprah loved you, and Kate Somerville, and a host of other famous people who are quick to recommend products that they get for free in award show gifting suites, but let's be real. For that kind of moola, you better have been a miracle worker.

Everyone thought I was crazy to even give you a chance. "Drink more water!" They said. "Don't you know we're in a recession?" They admonished.  "You can get the same effect if you [insert woefully ineffective home remedy here]" They advised.  But no, it had to be. I knew that I needed you.

It was a bumpy ride at first (literally).  My skin reacted worse than an actor detoxing on Celebrity Rehab.  It certainly wasn't used to this kind of deep cleaning on a regular basis,  and it let me know it.

But then, a miracle happened. I was at brunch with my father one Sunday and he looked at me and said, "Your skin is glowing, have you been drinking more water like I told you?" Amazing! My father, who only comments on my backside getting larger or my hair styled in a way he finds to be unflattering, actually paid me a compliment!  "No!" I shouted triumphantly. "Enough with your blasted water! I'm using my Clarisonic!"

And so was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.  The buildup of gross whiteheads on the side of my nose? Gone.  The line of pimples on my chin that show up whenever Aunt Flo is in town? Nowhere to be seen.  The rough skin on my cheeks that makes my foundation look like it's trying to hard? Vanished.  You had vanquished them all, dear friend.

So today I say, Viva La Clarisonic! You have changed the balance of power (on my face) forever!


And for that, I thank you.




(Okay, so I know this is a bit much, but I REALLY do love my Clarisonic. Don't you guys???)



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Re: My Clarisonic: A love letter

I absolutely love my SoniCare toothbrush, which is what really pushed me into taking the leap of faith in buying the face brush since I knew what a difference the toothbrush had made in cleaning my teeth.  Like katie, I'm terrified of the dentist, and I have to have the funny gas just to be able to sit in the chair and not rip the arms off of it. Smiley Tongue  The sonic toothbrush really makes a difference that you can feel the very first time you use it.  It's definitely worth buying. Smiley Happy

Re: My Clarisonic: A love letter

@kaite and tenngal: great. Now you two have talked me into making ANOTHER investment! Smiley Wink

Re: My Clarisonic: A love letter

@mermadelove:  ROTFLMAO!  Lady, you crack me up! Smiley Very Happy

Re: My Clarisonic: A love letter

 Like tenngal, I also used the Sonicare & loved it, and that made me think the Clarisonic was going to be awesome too (which it is!) I had a tendency to brush too aggressively. I have sensitive gums and the dentist was always telling me I have to brush really carefully to avoid injuring my gums. They were always a little sore and would bleed sometimes. The Sonicare is so much better because it really cleans your teeth without injuring your gums.It's amazing how clean your teeth can feel; you don't realize they DIDN'T feel clean until you start using the Sonicare.


@cocobella, that's a beautiful love letter Smiley Happy

Re: My Clarisonic: A love letter

@daisy346:  Yeah, my dentist keeps fussing at me for brushing too hard. 

For all of you that are thinking about buying a SoniCare toothbrush, that's the only thing about the SoniCare that you have to be careful about is you have to let it do the work.  I still have the compulsion to brush with it like a regular toothbrush, which is totally unnecessary, but I can't help myself! Smiley Tongue  So I do end up with my dentist telling me that my gums are receding because of the over-brushing...but I do have REALLY clean teeth though (lol)! Smiley Very Happy

Re: My Clarisonic: A love letter

@tenngal, @daisy: Well, sheesh -- now I have yet another item on my "must buy" list!! (Seriously -- if a sonic toothbrush works really well, then I'm all for it!) I'm glad you both mentioned about the brush doing the work, though, because I probably would have tried to brush my teeth with it. 


I had to have a ton of dental work this year, and perhaps this would be a worthwhile investment. Did I mention that I don't like the dentist? My own is actually a really nice man, but he's still wielding a drillling tool THISCLOSE to my face, which automatically makes me suspicious of him. The last time I was having a filling, he had to gently point out that I was gripping his elbow. How embarrassing! 

Re: My Clarisonic: A love letter

Hey Katie, after having dealt with "periodontal" issues for some years, not cavities but major issues with bone erosion and gum issues, I can tell you without a doubt the only thing that has saved my teeth (and wallet) is the Sonicare toothbrush.  I now get cleanings every three months and the heavy duty issues are gone.  That is why I did not hesitate to buy the Mia based on reviews and the experience I had with the toothbrush.  It's kind of hard not to use it correctly, i.e. to brush "too hard" because you use it the same way as the Mia.  So for you, and for anyone else who happens to read this, go ahead and buy it.  Your teeth will be whiter, healthier, and your dental visits will be so much easier!

Re: My Clarisonic: A love letter

Oh and Katie, btw, I have had some experience with feral cats and I know, it ain't a pretty site..  meow.....

Re: My Clarisonic: A love letter

@anaa: Sold!


...and, no, not a pretty sight at all! Smiley Tongue

Re: My Clarisonic: A love letter

I also was very skeptical and fell in love! I was sure I would return it but instead I wish i'd gotten the full size version instead of the Mia. It's not often I regret not spending more money. But, I would like to know what cleansers work the best with it. I have sensitive skin and use Cetaphil, which it great, but I have some oily areas that need something a little stronger. I just got Nude facial cleanser since i really liked it when i got sample of it but im on the fence about it now... very expensive and not sure its doing anything special for the price. 



Re: My Clarisonic: A love letter

@sundy - if you like Cetaphil you should stick with it. The thing I love about the Clarisonic is that you can use whatever cleanser you'd like with it!


I have oily skin too, but it's not sensitive (I could take a sand blaster to it and wouldn't react!). However I do love the Boscia line, which is all natural ingredients and good for sensitive skin. I really like their Purifying Cleansing Gel: It has the same consistency as Cetaphil but it's really gentle. Also make sure you're using the "sensitive" brush with your Clarisonic.


Hope that helps!

Re: My Clarisonic: A love letter

Question: when your face started becoming a bumpy did you stop for a while or continued using the Clarisonic for the bump to clear?

Re: My Clarisonic: A love letter

Oh I love my Clarisonic. <3 After four days use, I am already seeing a difference.  My skin is beautiful and my acne had gone down (which is amazing, since I've suffered from acne all my life).

Re: My Clarisonic: A love letter

I work at the Sephora at Miracle Mile at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. I demo Clarisonic by putting the cleanser on the back of my hand and gently give it a good cleansing with the Mia or Clarisonic Plus. After about a minute or so, I clean off the back of my hand and compare it to my other one- it is always brighter, cleaner, and more radiant than the back of my hand I didn't clean! It is an amazing product! I am purchasing one for myself for my birthday! Smiley Happy

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