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Morning/nighttime routine

I posted this before but I would love suggestions Any help and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Lately my skin has been looking very dulled, I’m of the mind that once you hit 30s(a few months ago for me) your skin changes. Throughout the day my face looks haggard, it doesn’t hold up. I don’t wear makeup at all, I only wear makeup when I got out out. If I wear makeup on a regular day it’s slight eyeshadow or eyeliner. This is my routine which I’m sure is lacking a lot; Up until recently I’ve been using the all in one egg mellow cream with DE’s tinted spf. I liked howit gave me a slight even tone, But my mellow cream finished so I’ve beenusing my clinique moisturizing gel alone. My night routine at the momentis washing my face with Shea moistures African black soap. For a while I would put on DE’s framboos and Marula oil combo after but it startedsmelling funny to me and wasn’t doing anything so I stopped. After that,I was using aveeno essential night cream but again no difference. PLEASE PLEASE I can really used the help. I wonder if I should visit a dermatologist to kind of find out my skin combo but I feel like that’s taking it too far just for my normal skincare routine.

Re: Morning/nighttime routine


There's really nothing we can do to stop aging but we can slow it down. I found that when I hit my 30s taking multivitamins and drinking more water and changing my diet (eating cleaner) has helped my skin a ton! Wearing makeup doesn't really put a bearing on how your face ages. Are you getting enough sleep?  That could also be a factor. I made a switch from drugstore moisturizer to a bit more high end-- LANEIGE - Water Sleeping Mask LANEIGE - Water Bank Moisture Cream aren't priced too bad and I'll pair this with a gentle exfoliator.  Right now, there's a holiday set that I'm loving its the FIRST AID BEAUTY - Fablantis from First Aid Beauty.  It's a complete system, and the toner pads are actually great exfoliator and this may help your skin.  Sometimes when you put oil on top of dry skin, it doesn't necessarily hydrate it.  I'd if you are really really concerned, start with an esthetician first before you go to a dermatologist.  It might save you some $ on that end and it sounds like the dullness you're having is just surface dryness if I'm understanding correctly.  I hope this helps! 

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