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Moisturizer for the man in your life?

What do they like to use? 

My guys is rough around the edges, and doesn't really use product.

- He washes his face in the shower with a bar of soap

- Sometimes he'll use the PTR Blemish Buffing Beads on his face, but we use it as a body scrub

- Clinique M Shave Gel only because I got it for him a few years ago, and he like the close shave he gets. BUT... If I don't buy it for it when he's low, he'll pick up something cheap, he'll never go & get it on his own

- Lubriderm daily moisturizer (blue label) as his after shave moisturizer. 


I'd love to get him a moisturizer that's better than his Lubriderm, I just have no idea where to start LOL. 


When we travel, he'll use a moisturizer that's in my bag... Likes OH Sheer Transformation, doesn't like Boscia Black Gel (not a fan of the cooling effect). 


I'd say he's on the dry side of combo, gets breakouts here & there, razor burn/ingrown hairs... 


Re: Moisturizer for the man in your life?

OMG, I LOVEEEEE the AL lip balm! I have the Blood Orange scent and I live for it! My bf is hooked on them too (same scent as me, he's not a mint person) and he's on his third tube. It was funny because last Christmas we took a trip back to his home town and I guess during the drive he had it stored in little holder on the side of his car door and it must have fell out while we got gas. Anywho, when we arrived and he discovered it was gone we had to instantly take a trip to the mall to get another one!


P.S. I'm a huge fan of the cleanser too! It's my nightly/regular face wash I've used and have gone through 3 bottles. When Sephora had a 3 oz as a birthday perk I took that instead of the Fresh lip set!

Re: Moisturizer for the man in your life?

I knew you were a fan of the cleanser, I always see you talking about it, so I figured I'd give it a try. I was going to get as a point perk on-line, but doubt I'm going to place an order & my store didn't have it as one of the options. 

I was wondering if you'd tried the lip balm. When we tried it last night, he put the Jack Black in the drawer, and left the AL on the night stand. I guess we have a new favorite Smiley Wink 

Re: Moisturizer for the man in your life?

Whoohoo!!! I used to use the JB lip balm and was on my second or third tube when I started breaking out around my lips. For some reason, mint oil tends to do that to me now. In small doses or uses it's fine, but I guess my frequent use ended up bringing up a blemish! >.<



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