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Milla help

I have searched the forum for help with this problem but no real answers popped up. I don't know why I have gotten them. I feel like its a result of my clarisonic, but I'm not sure. But nothing I do gets rid of them. I have researched this and it seems the consensus is to go to a dermatologist or do face peel such as Dr Dennis. Has anyone had good results on getting rid of this pesky problem??

Re: Milla help

Retin A is normally prescribed for it. If your skin is sensitive  to Retin A I would go with the scrubs that Laura suggested.

Re: Milla help

The key with millia is understanding it's cause and then taking a look at what your skin care routine and products and seeing what you can alter, contribute, or do to change up what you have the ability to control.


If your body just rapidly produces an excess of skin cells but doesn't naturally exfoliate quick enough then those cells can get trapped, with that being said, you can't really turn to your DNA and go "Hey, slow it down!" so instead, focus on what you can control.


You mention your Clarisonic, how often do you use it and what brush head are you using? Though it's a cleansing brush, it does also offer dual benefits of manual/physical exfoliation, and if used too often then you could be removing too many skin cells too quick, sending messages to your body to produce more and quicker. Though it is important to exfoliate, finding a good balance is key.


Face peels or products with chemical based exfoliants like alpha hydroxy acids (more commonly glycolic acid, which are fruit enzymes and acids or lactic acid, which are milk proteins and enzymes) and beta hydroxy acids (most commonly salicylic acid, which helps to deep clean pores) are very beneficial because they work to break down dead skin not just at the surface, but also promote healthier cellular regeneration. Peels like ones from Dr. Dennis Gross are nice, so are other peel pads lie ones from Origins or Philosophy (which offer 2-part peels and even a quick, one minute enzyme rich peel mask) to help refresh and regenerate skin while also helping to resurface.


Try also to utilize a glycolic or alpha hydroxy based lotion like Exuviance's Essential Hand & Body Lotion (rich in poly hydroxy acids) or Fresh's Acai Body Cream, these will help introduce a slow and steady amount of alpha hydroxy acids into skin to keep a stable level of treatment to the problem areas if your body is affected as well.

Re: Milla help

Caroline Hirons says on her blog and tweets that it's due to drying the skin out.  You might want to watch her Twitter feed and go to her blog and search for it.  She's brilliant!

Re: Milla help

So there is no real cure besides having them removed?? Oh that is sad...... Well that does present a problem I will definately try a peel before I try a Derm. Thanks!!!

Re: Milla help

That's rightSmiley Sad You can try a scrub like the one that Laura recommended, which might help!

<3 Melissa

Re: Milla help

Hi Pinkliussamel,


We do not carry a specific product that will cure millia however, Laura gives from great advice that can be found here:

<3 Melissa
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