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Milk Hydro Grip primer - any reactions?

Hey yall! 


Last week I bought Milk Hydro Grip primer and used it with my hydrating Pro Filt'r.


As I applied the hydro grip to my face I felt a slight sting that went away quickly.


The next day I woke up with small bumps all over my face and it was swollen. I can't say for sure if it was the hydro grip that caused this because I also used Saint Jane serum for the first time that day. But I kinda doubt a CBD serum would cause my face to react badly right?


I just wanted to know if anyone else with sensitive skin has had any type of negative reaction to hydro grip before I decide if I should not use it again. It wears so beautifully and I don't wanna give it up but I'm also terrified to have this bad reaction again. LMK yall!

Re: Milk Hydro Grip primer - any reactions?

Same thing happened to me, I had a worst reaction around my eyes 😭

Re: Milk Hydro Grip primer - any reactions?

Thank you for posting this and bringing awareness to possible allergies. The area around my eyes swells up and is red and itchy, the day after I apply this product. It’s such a shame as it’s a great primer but I’m vowing not to use it again. 

Re: Milk Hydro Grip primer - any reactions?

I used the milk hydro grip and both times I have used it my face swells up. This second time it is so bad my face looks burned! 

Re: Milk Hydro Grip primer - any reactions?

Omg, yeah. I had the WORST reaction after using this. I got the mini to try, and when I put it on I felt a sting, but it went away after it dried but my face was super red. It started feeling drier too. Over the next 2 days my whole faced (mainly where I concentrated the primer tho) cracked, bled, and felt like the worst chapped skin/sunburn I've ever had. Treating it with pure aloe and argan oil. It hurts so bad 😭 . Plus, I cant wear any makeup because its flaking off everywhere and very red.

Milk Hydro Grip primer - any reactions?

this is a good question. I almost bought this the other day, so I definitely want to know! personally, I tend to stay away from skincare that isn't specifically formulated for sensitive skin. otherwise, it can take up to a week for my skin to calm down.
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