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Masks, Masks Everywhere- Share Your Experiences Here

Hey ladies-


After starting yet another mask trying spree, it occurred to me that it might be a great idea to have one thread with our common knowledge of various masks in one place- a BT guide to masks if you'd like.  We have the swatch board for makeup, but nothing like that for skincare.


If you submit a mask, please include the following:

  • Name of mask
  • Type of mask (rinse-off, peel-off, etc)
  • What type of skin you have
  • Your experience with it
  • Do you recommend it? To whom?
  • And is there anything else a BTer should know?

I'll get started here in a minute...

Re: Masks, Masks Everywhere- Share Your Experiences Here

I was surprised it's clear as well, i only got one chance to see at my nearest Sephora and should have got a samples cause i haven't seen it since!! If anything, you might want to use a calming mask after the OH just incase you get some redness, or irritation. 

Re: Masks, Masks Everywhere- Share Your Experiences Here

That's a good idea to remember! I have a couple things I could use if necessary, but I have been going light on the chemical exfoliation this week because traveling is stressful enough without giving my skin more reasons to be irritated, haha. So I think I should be okay, I have never yet had redness or dryness after a mask or peel, but I've never done Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta extra strength or anything involving high percentages of glycolic acid sitting on me, so it could still happen.

Re: Masks, Masks Everywhere- Share Your Experiences Here

Name of Mask: Ole Henriksen Blue/Black Berry Enzyme Mask

Price/Availability: $32, Sephora

Type: Rinse-off

My skin: combo-extremely oily t-zone, combo part of skin can get very dry and flaky from retinols etc, some redness

My experience: I was interested in enzyme exfoliator mask - bonus that this mask was for sensitive skin (which I generally don't think of my skin as, but with all my acne med use - yes). This has never irritated my skin. It's fabulous. My skin feels refreshed and glowy afterwards. I use this mask when I want a little spa treatment - it smells like lavender (not berries which you might think from the title) and it's like a nice little aromatherapy experience for me. Also it is somewhat moisturizing. Great for the more normal areas of my face. I use this once I start getting flaky around my mouth/chin and it really helps so that the next day I don't have that flaky skin under foundation look (yikes).

Do you recommend? Yes, for anyone that is interested in trying an enzyme mask (will review Ren next!) but doesn't want anything too harsh. And for you lavender lovers out there like me!

Re: Masks, Masks Everywhere- Share Your Experiences Here

Thanks for this Review! I've had this mask in my Shopping bag for quite some time!!

Re: Masks, Masks Everywhere- Share Your Experiences Here

Get a sample in store if you can. That's how they hooked me! I didn't even ask for it and now look I have the full size. You guys are making me want to take the Boscia Black mask off my list! Now I want to 


Re: Masks, Masks Everywhere- Share Your Experiences Here

My SiJCP doesn't ever have it when i go :/ i want a sample of it sooo bad! The black mask is something you need to try before you buy!!

Re: Masks, Masks Everywhere- Share Your Experiences Here

I got a sample of this one today, can't wait to try it! It smells so good!


I bought the Boscia black mask without trying it first, and I don't have any problems taking it off, all in one piece and it doesn't hurt. Not sure what I'm doing differently??

Re: Masks, Masks Everywhere- Share Your Experiences Here

Maybe you have a higher pain tolerance on your face. If that's a real thing lol? I've tried thin layers, thick layers, and i always have problems peeling it off and it hurting!

Re: Masks, Masks Everywhere- Share Your Experiences Here

I go with slathering it reasonably thick (enough that there is no skin showing through when I'm done applying) and then leaving it until it has just set on my cheeks (usually the last spot to dry) then I end up making a bunch of grotesque faces in the mirror because it has tightened up and it loosens the mask a bit around my mouth/cheeks. I try to keep a bit of distance from my hairline and the fine little hairs in the sideburn area I guess. Maybe it is because my skin is quite oily, so the mask doesn't adhere quite so hard to my face? I think I can be a pretty big wimp when it comes to pain sometimes, but maybe it's not so bad if I am doing it to myself and in control.  I guess everyone's skin is different and not everything will work for everyone. Are there other peel off masks you like and work better for you?

Re: Masks, Masks Everywhere- Share Your Experiences Here

That could be a factor in why it works for you since your skin is more on the oily side. The Black mask was the first peel off mask i tried and since then i've been pretty skeptical to try others. I'm hoping to find one that doesn't hurt so much cause i love the concept of a peel off mask. 

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