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πŸ’•πŸ˜Œ Mask of the Week Challenge πŸ˜ŒπŸ’–

If you haven’t joined in yet, better late than never!


We love hearing about every masking experience, and suggestions are always welcome.


This Week’s Theme: Overnight Masks - Sleeping miracles in a jar that give your skin the perfect AM glow! Another nod to @keana1 for this week’s challengeπŸ™ŒπŸΌ

Letter of the Week:  M

Screen Shot 2020-11-03 at 10.02.51 AM.png

Mask of the Week Misc. Info & Previous Year's Links:


To Post:

Each week features a different theme, as well as a letter of the alphabet for coming up with new masking ideas. 

Please include the brand and name of the mask you are trying out, as well as a photo if possible. Any other details are greatly appreciated, including scent, fit, adherence, mask type (hydrating, brightening, exfoliating, detox, sleeping, etc.) as well as your overall experience.

Most importantly: Would you repurchase it? 

Second most important: Have fun and merry masking!

2020 Mask of the Week Challenge:

2019 Mask of the Week Challenge:

2018 Mask of the Week Challenge:   

Thank you @Aaliaa for starting this thread, and giving us a place to share our love for masksπŸ’—

Re: 2020 Mask of the Week Challenge

@Loretta55  Oh, gotcha. I did remember reading they aren't in the North. 
I wonder if Fred Meyer is their last stop before they're gone for good. I haven't tried too many of their masks, but the Chocolate one is the only one I've liked - figures they'd get rid of it 😐

Re: 2020 Mask of the Week Challenge

If you could find any additional chocolate masks stock io @Shosh85 . 

Re: 2020 Mask of the Week Challenge

Lol yes @Loretta55 @I tried hunting it down after I used it and discovered the same thing, @Loretta55 @ShortErica @Shosh85. All the good ones are discontinued much too soonπŸ˜•

Re: 2020 Mask of the Week Challenge

😭 @eshoe but I appreciate the information. Sometimes I feel like I should limit myself to masks that have been around forever just to not have them discontinued but then there's always the possibility of a reformulation to break my heart.

Re: 2020 Mask of the Week Challenge

@ShortErica sadly it’s not just masks. I guess this is the result of a consumer culture. I just learned my beloved Youth To The People Superfood Air-Whip Moisturizer with Hyaluronic Acid 2 oz/ 60 mL has been reformulatedπŸ˜• If it isn’t discontinued it’s altered. Why mess with a good thing? Maybe it is limited to the trendier companies, as it seems like some products have been around forever! @Loretta55 @Shosh85 

Re: 2020 Mask of the Week Challenge

@eshoe  What?! I love that moisturizer! I literally just finished my last jar of it! I'll be curious to find out what they changed πŸ€”

Re: 2020 Mask of the Week Challenge

@Shosh85 @ShortErica I messaged the brand and this is what I was told:


”Thank you so much for reaching out! I was able to confirm with our Cosmetic Chemist that our Superfood Air-whip Cream was not updated or reformulated.If you have any question or concerns please let us know, we'd be more than happy to help!”


I shared it with @WinglessOne ; as it leaves me a little confused!

Re: 2020 Mask of the Week Challenge

Do we need @Shosh85 to get to the bottom of it? I remember she was finally successful with customer service for oh, what brand was it? I'd take a picture of the two ingredient lists and reply back @eshoe. I'm guessing @WinglessOne or someone has the proof that it is different.

Re: 2020 Mask of the Week Challenge

I’ve already sent the photos and am waiting to hear back, @ShortErica @WinglessOne. This response might take a little longer, I suspect.

Re: 2020 Mask of the Week Challenge

I'm invested in seeing what they say so thanks for the tag @eshoe. 🀞 they respond quickly and have some info about it

Re: 2020 Mask of the Week Challenge

I saw @WinglessOne post about this @eshoe. I'm so sad for you and everyone else who loved it. Boo!

Re: 2020 Mask of the Week Challenge

@ShortErica if all goes well, only the scent has changed. If the formula has changed in how it reacts with other products ina skincare routine; that’s another story😞

Re: 2020 Mask of the Week Challenge

@ShortErica  That Miss Spa chocolate mask is super yummy smelling. I do recall it being pretty messy, so the makeup eraser is a great idea.

Re: 2020 Mask of the Week Challenge

That's exactly it @PrettyPaint. I was wondering as I copied my notes over why a B+ and now I remember wishing it was easier to get out of the packet and onto my face. The makeup eraser tip from @lmaster has been a real gem!

Re: 2020 Mask of the Week Challenge

P for prevention.... Murad Clarifying Mask 2.65 oz/ 78 mL is a sulfur mask that I enjoy. 10 minutes is all you need, and yes it does smells like sulfur, but not in a way that makes my eyes water. A weeeeee little bit goes a very long way. So the full price $40 USD isn’t bad, and it does go on sale. I recommend it. 





Re: 2020 Mask of the Week Challenge

@Weetart  Happy to hear this one's effective for you! I know I've seen a lot of this brand at TJ Maxx - I wonder if this will make it there eventually πŸ˜‰

Re: 2020 Mask of the Week Challenge

Very interesting @Weetart I've never seen this one!

Re: 2020 Mask of the Week Challenge

Glad to hear this is a good one! @Weetart 

Re: 2020 Mask of the Week Challenge

Looks nice @Weetart and who doesn't love products that you can get on sale!

Re: 2020 Mask of the Week Challenge

P is for Peripera 




Peripera Juice Time Lemon Mask

This mask is thin and drenched with a gel serum, which also made it pretty difficult to unfold because it was just a slippery blob at the bottom of the package. It had a super light lemon scent that I had to actually stick my nose up to the package to smell, and was unnoticeable once the mask was on. It had a great fit – just a little long at the chin. It adhered well and was comfortable to wear the 30 minutes I had it on. I patted in the little bit of serum leftover, that was just very slightly tacky – but it all absorbed quickly. My face looked a little brighter and my skin felt soft and had a nice glow.

So far there hasn't been a mask from either the Juice Time or Smoothie Time line that I haven't liked! This isn't my most favorite from the line, but I definitely wouldn't hesitate using again!


Re: 2020 Mask of the Week Challenge

Add long as it's not cleaning products version of lemon it sounds great @Shosh85 

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