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Mask of the Week Challenge!

Hello Lovelies! As we make our resolutions and check them twice, I thought we could start a skincare version of the Weekly Challenge. Many of us wanted to use more masks, shop our stash and focus on our Skin so hopefully this thread will be an inspiration to do just that. Join us with pictures and comments down below.


Masking Spreadsheet Info


Hello every, @eshoe and I are very happy to present the BIC Masking Challenge Spreadsheet. The idea is to have an easily searchable database of masks and reviews as a reference point when we are considering our next purchase. Data integrity was important to us so instead of everyone inputing data directly into the spreadsheet where theoretically information could be deleted or edited we have the questionnaire. It should take no longer then 1-2 minutes with the option for a more detailed review (which you can copy from your post on this thread).


Remember the idea is not to replace this thread. I personally love reading, commenting and interacting with all you amazing women here and that shouldn’t change. This would just be on top of that. Hopefully the more people that partake in this, the larger database of information we’ll have for reference. It will be extra effort in the beginning but then we would only need to input any new mask we’ve tried.


Additional Info:


Since we aren’t allowed to post links, please PM or myself for it. You will also find this information on the original post so you don’t need a database to search for this post!

Questionnaire Link:-
Responses Link:-

Incase you need some help to filter/search results, try this :-


Search Specific Word or Phrase —> Edit -> Find and Replace -> Search Word

Filter/Organize by Columns --> Data -> Create a Filter -> Select Options

There are 2 ways to edit a response: 

1) Once you have completed a survey, click on the "Edit Your Response" link on that page. Once this page is closed, the only way to make a change is to:

2) PM @Aaliaa or @eshoe to make the change directly in the response spreadsheet


Thanks @eshoe for putting this together!



Each week there will be a new Masking Challenge posted. It will range from type of mask, brand specific week or fun challenges along the way.
How To: Choose mask, take picture (with mask on or before), place mask on face, relax and dream of the next Sephora purchase you want to make, remove mask for healthier skin.
Most Important: Have Fun!!

P.S. If you have any suggestions or challenge recommendations feel free to message me and I'll add them to the list.

Schedule Updated 06/21


Week 25: (June 18th - 24th): Masks you discovered in 2017

Week 26:  (June 25th - July 1st): Favourite Mask of the “Masking Week Challenge”

Week 27 (July 2nd-8th): Hydrating Mask to get over the dehydration of Air-Conditioning!

Week 28 (July 9th-15th): Brand Week - Glam Glow, REN & Creme Shop

Week 29 (July 16th-22nd): Lip, Hand or Foot Masks to help that winter skin

Week 30 (July 23rd-29th): ‘Weird Mask' Bubbling, Peeling, Colour changing other worldly wonders!

Week 31 (July 30th-Aug 5th): Multi-Masking How many masks can you use at one time or in One Day??

Week 32 (Aug 5th-12th): Sheet Mask! I know we all have a few (dozen) lying around

Week 33 (Aug 13th-19th): When you are getting GLAM for a night out and want that inner GLOW

Week 34 (Aug 20th-26th): Brand Week - Fresh & PTR
Week 35 (Aug 27th-Sep 2nd): Favourites Week - Your go to miracle in a mask
Week 36 (Sep 3rd-9th): Female Owned Brands - In honour of Women's Week

Week 37: (Sep 10th-16th): DIY Mask - Skincare meets Chemistry

Week 38: (Sep 17th-23rd): BIC Made you do it! Masks recommended/inspired by other BIC members

Week 39: (Sep 24th-30th): Sephora Collections Week - House Brand Goodness

Week 40: (Oct 1st - 7th): $-$$$$ - Most Expensive and/or Cheapest mask you love!

Week 41: (Oct 8th - 14th): Sample Dive - I know we have them!

Week 42: (Oct 15th - 21st): Sephora’s ‘Best Selling’ Masks 

Week 43: (Oct 22nd - 28th): Overnight Masks - Sleeping miracles in a jar

Week 44: (Oct 29th - Nov 4th): Laneige and Dr. Jart Week! - Lets show some love to Some Korean skincare brands

Week 45: (Nov 5th - 11th): Forgotten Wonders - Shop your stash for an unloved mask

Week 46: (Nov 12th - 18th): Favourite Smelling Masks - Watermelon, Kale, Spa??

Week 47: (Nov 19th - 25th): Tata Harper, Tatcha or Too Cool For School Masks

Week 48: (Nov 26th - Dec 2nd): Morning Masking - Masks that help give a pep to your step

Week 49: (Dec 3rd - 9th): Asian skincare Brand - Visit old cultures and their 

Week 50: (Dec 10th - 16th): Pharmacy or Farmacy Brand: From France to Honey Potion

Week 51: (Dec 17th - 23rd): Masks you discovered in 2018

Week 52:  (Dec 24th - 31st): Holiday Party Prep Mask

Merry Masking!

Re: Mask of the Week Challenge!

I forgot to include pictures!DEC43A05-9E17-4D18-A700-B0CB0D963A07.jpegC7878880-4D30-45C9-944F-AC0D144992EC.jpeg

RE: Re: Mask of the Week Challenge!

innisfree aloe sheet on an airplane The only person who noticed was my husband who was mortified

Re: RE: Re: Mask of the Week Challenge!

@ShiraBT  you are so awesome!!!  Smiley Happy  Like @MissPuff, I'm too self conscious to wear a sheet mask on a plane.  Love that you did!!  <3 <3 <3 

Re: RE: Re: Mask of the Week Challenge!

@ShiraBT This makes me so happy Smiley Happy I've ALWAYS wanted to do a sheet mask on a long flight but was too self conscious that people would think I'm nuts. I'm TOTALLY doing this next time I fly!

Re: Mask of the Week Challenge!

@keana1, between your review and @Luvstravel's review of the OH mask, I can't wait for mine to arrive.  It was a good point perk.  Clay masks that do not dry down completely and harden come in handy!  Smiley Happy  Nice mask combo!

Re: Mask of the Week Challenge!

@itsfi You should enjoy the OH mask! There is enough in the tube for at least 4 sessions since it spreads easily ! 

Re: Mask of the Week Challenge!

Yes!!!!  I love it when there's enough product for more than one mask session!  Thank you @keana1!

Re: Mask of the Week Challenge!

@itsfi It makes it worthwhile to use 100 points for a multi-use product!

Re: Mask of the Week Challenge!

These both sound awesome!! Thanks for the great reviews, @keana1! I love the blue color! –that always makes the mask a little more fun!! 

Glad to hear the OH mask isn’t too drying! That’s usually why I hesitate when buying clay products. This sounds like one I need to try!! 🤗👍

Re: Mask of the Week Challenge!

@Shosh85 You’re welcome 😉!

RE: Re: Mask of the Week Challenge!

@keana1, that OH mask is so pretty! I think it’s still in the rewards bazaar, I may have to try. Especially since it’s not too drying. Thanks for the review😉

Re: RE: Re: Mask of the Week Challenge!

@eshoe You’re welcome 😉!

Re: Mask of the Week Challenge!

The mask looks great, @keana1!  I'm glad it works!

Re: Mask of the Week Challenge!

@curlychiquita Thanks! I’m quite impressed by this mask! It’s one of the best I’ve tried so far ❣️

Re: Mask of the Week Challenge!

Yesterday I tried the OH Cold Plunge Pore Mask . It felt so nice and cooling! Since it’s a clay mask I expected it to become dry and scaling but it dried nicely without any tightness that might be expected from a clay mask. It was quite easy to remove ( I used makeup removing wipes ) and cleansed my face afterwards. This left my skin quite soft but I didn’t see any pore reducing effect since I don’t have large pores to begin with but I still wanted to try it regardless. Then much later on I used the Holika Holika Collagen skin rescuer sheet mask. The sheet is on the thinner side and fit quite well. It contains glycerin,Centella Asiatica extract,Peaonia Suffruticosa root extract,sodium hyaluronate,Matricaria flower extract,Arginine,Hydrolyzed Collagen,Orange oil,Grapefruit peel oil,Sage leaf extract,Mallow flower extract,Lemon fruit extract Scabiosa Avensis extract,Lavender oil,Pelargonium Graveolens flower oil,Basil oil,Rosemary leaf oil,Claryl oil,2 types of lipids and Acetyl-Hexapeptide-8 as main ingredients. I left it on until the sheet was dry ( 60 min ) and after I removed it, patted the remaining serum on my face, neck and décolleté. The serum penetrated these areas very quickly and I didn’t need to moisturize afterwards. This morning my face was glowing, felt very soft and moisturized, plump and firm ! This one is definitely a keeper! ❤️❤️❤️

@keana1, glad you liked the blue clay mask too! I thought...

@keana1, glad you liked the blue clay mask too! I thought it was a great 100 point perk since you can several uses out of it. Great sheet mask review also.

Re: @keana1, glad you liked the blue clay mask too! I thought...

@Luvstravel Thanks 😉

Re: Mask of the Week Challenge!

Oooooh, I like the sound of these masks @keana1Smiley Happy

Re: Mask of the Week Challenge!

Love the review of the OH Cold Plunge, @keana1! I really like a lot of their products and have been curious about this one since it came out. 

Re: Mask of the Week Challenge!

@quspork Thanks! It’s really a great mask especially in summer since it’s so refreshing and cooling ❄️! You should definitely try it!

Re: Mask of the Week Challenge!



GlamGlow YouthMud Tinglexfoliate Treatment. 
This is a brownish creamy and grainy mud that has little chunks of tea leaves mixed in. It had a pleasant scent-– sort of like tea tree leaf with a note of floral. It only took a few seconds after applying for my face to start tingling. At first the tingling was so strong my eyes started to water and I felt a slight burning sensation. Right as I was about to abort, the burning feeling went away but was still tingly. It only took about 10 minutes for this mask to dry. The directions say you’re supposed to removed with water in circular motions to exfoliate– I felt like the grit in this mask was just a tad too harsh, so I was careful not to put on too much pressure. When I rinsed it off, my face was red, tight, dry and still a little tingly.  It also made my face extremely smooth, soft and even shrank my pores! 
So I was left with a slightly reddish and irritated face but very soft, smooth and clean– this definitely gives a very good deep clean! Of course after I’m done using it, I read on the tube that it’s “not for use on sensitive skin” – ooops, haha!😬 My face survived so maybe my skin isn’t as sensitive as I thought! 😂🤔 I read a review that someone uses this as a spot treatment to help dry out and shrink pimples– so I may just keep using for that, because it’s just a little too intense and drying as a mask for me! 
After the GlamGlow mask my face needed some help calming down. So I pulled out 
The Creme Shop B12 Complex Face Mask. The package says that the B12 vitamin is known to reduce redness, inflammation, dryness and dullness of skin- which sounded like exactly what I needed. The size of this mask was a little off– eyeholes too small, bridge of the nose too wide and just too long in general. This had a nice clean, fresh scent and plenty of serum. It felt cooling and soothing while it was on and after about 20 minutes I removed it and my face felt extremely refreshed and hydrated. The redness I had from the GlamGlow mask was gone. The serum absorbed pretty quickly and my face was soft, smooth and bright! 🙌
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