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Mask of the Week Challenge!

Hello Lovelies! As we make our resolutions and check them twice, I thought we could start a skincare version of the Weekly Challenge. Many of us wanted to use more masks, shop our stash and focus on our Skin so hopefully this thread will be an inspiration to do just that. Join us with pictures and comments down below.



Each week there will be a new Masking Challenge posted. It will range from type of mask, brand specific week or fun challenges along the way.
How To: Choose mask, take picture (with mask on or before), place mask on face, relax and dream of the next Sephora purchase you want to make, remove mask for healthier skin.
Most Important: Have Fun!!

P.S. If you have any suggestions or challenge recommendations feel free to message me and I'll add them to the list.

Schedule Updated 02/19


Week 11: (Mar 12th-18th): DIY Mask - Skincare meets Chemistry
Week 12: (Mar 19th-25th): BIC Made you do it! Masks recommended/inspired by other BIC members?

Week 13: (Mar 26th-Apr 1st): Sephora Collections Week - House Brand Goodness

Week 14: (Apr 2nd - 8th): $-$$$$ - Most Expensive and/or Cheapest mask you love!

Week 15: (Apr 9th - 15th): Sample Dive - I know we have them!

Week 16: (Apr 16th - 22nd): Sephora’s ‘Best Selling’ Masks 

Week 17: (Apr 23rd - 29th): Overnight Masks - Sleeping miracles in a jar 

Week 18: (Apr 30th - May 6th): Laneige and Dr. Jart Week! - Lets show some love to Some Korean skincare brands sold at Sephora

Week 19: (May 7th - 13th): Forgotten Wonders - Shop your stash for an unloved mask

Week 20: (May 14th - 20th): Favourite Smelling Masks - Watermelon, Kale, Spa??

Week 21: (May 20th - 27th): Tata Harper, Tatcha or Too Cool For School Masks

Week 22: (May 28th - June 3rd): 

Week 23: (June 4th - 10th): Asian skincare Brand - Visit old cultures and their 

Week 24: (June 11th - 17th): Pharmacy or Farmacy Brand: From France to Honey Potion

Week 25: (June 18th - 24th): Masks you discovered in 2017

Week 26:  (June 25th - July 1st): Favourite Mask of the “Masking Week Challenge”

Past Weeks

Week 1 (Jan 1st-7th): Hydrating Mask to get over the dehydration of New Years!
Week 2 (Jan 8th-14th): Brand Week - Glam Glow & REN
Week 3 (Jan 15th-21st): Lip, Hand or Foot Masks to help that winter skin
Week 4 (Jan 22nd-28th): 'Weird Mask' Bubbling, colour changing other worldly wonders!
Week 5 (Jan 29th-Feb 4th): Multi-Masking How many masks can you use at one time??
Week 6 (Feb 5th-11th): Sheet Mask! I know we all have a few (dozen) lying around
Week 7 (Feb 12th-18th): When you are getting GLAM for a night out and want that inner GLOW
Week 8 (Feb 19th-25th): Brand Week - Fresh & PTR
Week 9 (Feb 26th-Mar 4th): Favourites Week - Your go to miracle in a mask
Week 10 (Mar 5th-11th): Female Owned Brands - In honour of Women's Week

Merry Masking!

Re: Mask of the Week Challenge!

That's a smart idea @heartsmyface! I've tried countless masks but I can never really recall exactly why I liked the mask or what made me not like it. I should start approaching all my masks like you do and maybe this will help me figure out what masks are Holy Grail qualities in each category of skin need. Plus, this may probably help decrease my urge to want to try everything! Haha


OMG you visit Japan and HK annually?! I'm so jelly! I visited Japan this past spring for the Hanami festival and I absolutely fell in love with the country! Everything is just so efficient and kawaii! I miss Japan so much thinking about it now! I swear my luggage was filled with snacks and beauty products from Japan and Korea when I came back to the states! HAHA how's HK? I've been debating between HK and Taipei for my next Asia trip! 

Re: Mask of the Week Challenge!

Yes.  We go for our work but end up staying for a couple weeks every year after everyone has left.  Oh I hear you!  I normally pack an empty suitcase inside a larger suitcase for the trip homeSmiley Happy. I gave up on actually packing what I need for the trip cause I just buy everything as I go while there.  

Hong Kong is awesome but a completely different experience from Japan.  The shopping is better in Hong Kong believe it or not.  People are generally more straight forward and blunt there as opposed to being overly polite.  There’s definitely some adjusting to do if you go straight from Japan to HK.  I think I still like Japan better.  I waver back and forth between the two thinking about it.  @lol, you’re making me regret not going on the trip to HK with my hubby this week.  I didn’t want to do the jet lag thing again so soon. @juliehnguyen. I’ve never been to Taipei so I’m no help to you there!  If you have the opportunity always choose bothSmiley Wink 



Re: Mask of the Week Challenge!

Your job is ah-mazing @heartsmyface! I've been planning my trip back to Japan (but who knows when that will actually happen). I really wanted to visit Okinawa because I traveled through most of the main island.


Haha I do the same thing with my luggage every time I travel! My mom always tells me how strange I am for packing an empty suitcase rather than my clothes and I'm glad to hear that someone else does the same thing. 


Wow shopping in Japan was pretty stellar for me because of their tax-refund policy. I can't even imagine what it's like in HK. The people in HK sound like Singaporeans. I went from Japan into Singapore and it was a completely different experience. I was so used to all the bowing and politeness but when I went to Singapore, it was like returning to the States. And then I traveled into Seoul and the people were like a balance of the Japanese and Singaporeans.


You should have went with your hubby and depending where you live escape the cold! But then, I don't know how bad the jet lag is for you. For me, I don't experience jet lag. Once I lay down on a bed, I'm in la-la-land. LOL 

Re: Mask of the Week Challenge!

Ditto. I currently have 4 masks in my Sephora bag and I ordered a Honey mask from amazon. I'm trying to find samples to at least try it for myself and decide if I really NEED a new one!

Re: Mask of the Week Challenge!

Ok I caved. I had a ten pound off voucher from Cult Beauty and noticed they sell Ren. The mask ended up being about 50% of the Canadian price so I ordered it 😏. 

Re: Mask of the Week Challenge!

I've never tried any ren masks either @juliehnguyen ! and lol agree everyone is making everything look so good haha

Re: Mask of the Week Challenge!

Agree @heartsmyface - the REN mask is fabulous peel/mask - it leaves my skin happy and bright.  I love that although I will experience a little tingling, I don't get that post-peel redness after using it.

Re: Mask of the Week Challenge!

@myinsidevoice Yeah, it tingles for about a minute and then is okay.  My skin always feels soooo good after using it.  The only thing I wish they’d improve on is the scent but I really don’t mind it. 

Re: Mask of the Week Challenge!

Looking good @heartsmyface!

RE: Mask of the Week Challenge!

Week 2: Pre-work masking! Glamglow Youthmud, followed by Shiseido Retino Vital eye masks. Got the eye masks in Japan, but if you can find them in US, they’re awesome!

Re: RE: Mask of the Week Challenge!

I used that GlamGlow Youthmud on my T-zone last night and it did wonders for all the excess oil.  Will have to check out those Shiseido eye masks @HeyMelissaa.  I found some on; love that they are individually packaged - makes it convenient for travel.

Re: RE: Mask of the Week Challenge!

@HeyMelissaa Ooo that is some skin dedication early in the morning! I find that I'm always rushing to layer all my skincare products before work!


I need to find those eye masks! Tbh I have never used an eye mask before and I really need to invest in something to help with my hereditary dark circles, besides just eye creams. I tried adding Vitamin C into my eye cream after reading about it on a blog post and it was so bad! My eyes were irritated for a few days! 

Re: RE: Mask of the Week Challenge!

@juliehnguyen, those eye masks are available on  I think there may be some available through ebay as well.

Re: RE: Mask of the Week Challenge!

Thanks @myinsidevoice! I will definietely check it out on yesstyle and read more in depth reviews about it!

Re: RE: Mask of the Week Challenge!

@myinsidevoice, Do you have a retailer through Ebay you trust? I've always been skeptical but I hear more and more people using it for skincare, especially Asian skincare.

Re: RE: Mask of the Week Challenge!

I'm also skeptical @Aaliaa. The ebay ones I've purchased from don't stock this eye mask. I may get it from yesstyle - have some items I was planning on purchasing from that site already so we shall see... Smiley Wink

Re: RE: Mask of the Week Challenge!

I've used YesStyle twice last year and been really happy with them. Yes, sometimes packages can take some time, but that is just based on how long it takes to pass customs.

Re: RE: Mask of the Week Challenge!

@HeyMelissaa You've used some great products! Will definitely look for the eye masks because under eye circles has always been a problem. By the way, love your hair!! It looks so good on you!

RE: Re: RE: Mask of the Week Challenge!

Thank you @yankeefaithful! I actually used to have really long hair, but cut it to donate to Locks of Love.

Re: RE: Re: RE: Mask of the Week Challenge!

@HeyMelissaa Oh, I think that's great! That's such a worthy cause and I love when people do that!!  That makes you even more beautiful to me!!

RE: Mask of the Week Challenge!

I'm already behind!! I've been basically out of commission with a migraine this year. Which also means I'm super dehydrated. Here I am with my Dr Jart Hydration mask.

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