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Make products last. Fridge or no fridge?

I like to "stock up" on skincare products, samples and perfumes. However, my apartment doesn't have AC and can get to be ~80-90 degrees during the day---which is fine for my powder make up, but wouldn't too hot temperature make moisturizers or perfume spoil since they always say to store them in a "dry and cool place"? I can store them in the fridge, but fridge is ~40 degrees, and I'm not sure if very low temperature is bad for them, too? especially perfumes and serums that have lots of vitamins and special ingredients?


What are your thoughts? I know things can go bad when temperature is too high (how high is too high?), but have your skincare, make up or perfume ever went bad because it's too cold or being stored in the fridge?

Re: Make products last. Fridge or no fridge?

The only thing I've ever kept in the fridge was a home made toner. I dont think that the fridge would make the ingredients go bad, it will just preserve them.

Re: Make products last. Fridge or no fridge?

from what I've read, for products with antioxidants, vitamins, and retinol in them, it's exposure to light and air that makes these ingredients break down rather than temperature.  that's why airless pump packaging is best rather than open jars.  that said, i'm guessing putting a moisturizer in the fridge rather than letting it sit in 90 degree temps would most likely prevent it from separating or otherwise changing in texture or possibly even color.


Edit to add: whoops sorry, didn't notice this post was from a year ago!

Re: Make products last. Fridge or no fridge?

Ofcourse. With the latest technology anything can happen. I would not be surprise if one day a small built fridge would just pop up in the kitchen. With the wist, efficient and power saver kitchen appliance that is very possible. It could be costly but I know the quality is better and more proficient.

@beautytester - that's a great question, I often wonder t...

@beautytester - that's a great question, I often wonder the same thing myself.... although I am living in the NE now, I am orignally from a very hot and humid climate and we didnt use AC in the day.  I think the main thing is that moisture can damage products so the post about the bathroom is spot on.  Though I will say that I have noticed that some of my products seem to last longer now that I am in a cooler climate than they did before. This is mainly foundations and such.  Perfumes I think can go in the fridge.  Other skincare samples I would just put in a shaded "cool" place, like the linen closet maybe.  I've never had anything go bad, maybe because  I either used it up or threw it out before then.........on wait, the Perfekt skin perfection gel I purchased maybe a year ago seemed to go off really quickly, I threw it out two months ago cause it was all clumpy and congealed. Maybe because I was keepingi it in the bathroom, lol.

Hi beautytester,   My apartment gets super hot too, espec...

Hi beautytester,


My apartment gets super hot too, especially during June and July. I typically keep my skincare products in the bathroom either in my medicine cabinet or the sink's counter top. My bathroom is pretty well ventilated and cool. I store all of my perfumes and liquid makeup in a linens closet which has shelves. As long as you keep your products away from direct sunlight you should be fine. I would stay away from keeping them too cool also,as that could effect their texture and application.

Whimsically yours,

Hi.. I would recommend to put them in the fridge, which I...

Hi.. I would recommend to put them in the fridge, which I do.. I got one of those small hello kitty mini fridge as b-day gift, so I put them all in there, this way I feel it wouldn't get the smell from the foods as I put them in the main kitchen fridge.. just a suggestion, hope this helps.. =}

I know for perfumes should be stored in a space that the...

I know for perfumes should be stored in a space that the temp doesn't change like a bathroom. Since it gets hot and cools down it can change the notes. That's what I was taught when I was an Avon gal. For skin care I know most have a expiration date on them, but only use that from when the time it gets opened personally.

Hi beautytester!   I don't think perfumes necessarily go...

Hi beautytester!


I don't think perfumes necessarily go bad. I think the scent changes. So storing them in the fridge would be helpful to keep them their origional smell. Michelle Phan has a helpful fragerence tutorial "How To's For Perfume." It includes a way better explantion than I just gave you Smiley Happy


Hope this helps!

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