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Losing elasticity

So I was at lunch today with a client talking about weight loss when her daughter looks over at me and says, "I can tell you've lost weight, your face is loose".  I had some pretty untoward things run through my head, but luckily, I didn't say any of them. 


I know I have a texture issue where I've lost fat, but not skin (thus the loose skin).  My face is still where it should be.  Not jowly or anything.  However, I'm looking for a holy grail for revitalizing my skin.  I currently use Shiseido Bio-Performance cream at night (and it's awesome!), but apparently, it isn't doing anything for my skin elasticity.  I've tried tons of day moisturizers, but they are either so thick that my make-up doesn't stay on (even with primer) or I don't even feel like I've moisturized at all.  Just got in a new Sephora order and I'm trying Josie Maran SPF 40 moisturizer starting tomorrow. 


I am noticing some dark spots, but I don't think it's age.  I heal really slowly so whenever I use a peel (I've used Henrikson, Murad and just bought NUDE), I have dark scar-like areas for a few weeks, but if there's something out there that lightens, brightens and makes skin firmer, I'll try it. 


Any suggestions?  Thanks, y'all!

Re: Losing elasticity

I know this sounds weird but exercising the muscles in your face every night before you go to bed can really make a difference. It will look funny and feel super awkward but it really is one of the best ways to get the toning back into your face. Basically you just make a series of very exaggerated expressions that incorporates your jaw, neck,eyes, mouth and even your tongue.


Taking a collagen supplement is not a bad idea either. It will also add a nice glow to your skin.



Re: Losing elasticity

Thank you all for the input.  I'll be looking into some of these products.  And for the record, this woman was in her 60's and the daughter was in her 30's - not a child!  Aack!

Re: Losing elasticity

Some folks just lack tact, there's just no pleasing all people. If someone didn't lose the weight she might comment about how out of shape they are and when they do get healthy and drop some pounds, she points out negatives like loose skin....oye.

Re: Losing elasticity

You might look into a serum or daily treatment that contains vitamin C. Vitamin C is a gentle method to tackle dark spots, be it from age, post acne, the sun, or just hyperpigmentation and it also works to boost the natural collagen production in skin, which works hand in hand with elastin to prevent further loss of elasticity and sagging.


Often times, creams or products that tote having collagen or elastin in them offer little help as collagen and elastin molecules are not permeable through topical layers of the skin, so instead, fine ingredients in products that work on a cellular level to boost repair and strengthen what you have.


Copper is another ingredient that aids in elastin strengthening and improvement.


Ole Henriksen's Truth Serum is packed with vitamin C and a great product that can be used in the day and night over areas of dark spots and where you feel your skin is lacking in elasticity or suppleness department. Though Sephora doesn't carry it, PUR Minerals' Moisture Infusion lotion contains copper. Omorovicza's Copper Peel is a more intensive treatment that combines copper, lactic acid (milk enzymes), and fruit sugars (apple and pectin) to boost skin's overall quality to tackle radiance and collagen/elastin production.






It's good that you're using SPF, that will help protect skin and prevent the further degeneration of elastin in your skin.


Peptides are another ingredient to look for in skin care products. Peptides work by sinking into skin and filling in the areas where collagen and elastin are lacking or damaged and swell up in those spots to plump skin up and back to where it needs to be. It's great for targetting loss of elasticity, sagging areas, and even wrinkles or lines.


Algenist's Firming and Lifting Cream works with a multitide of peptides along with great fatty acids like avocado oil and olive oil to improve your lipid levels in your cells to give skin a more hydrated and supple look.




Studio Gear (Ulta/Macy's) also has a product called Revisionist that can be used for face, eyes, and neck and will help with firming those areas you wish to target. This treatment provides more instantaneous results, helping to soften lines and firm within minutes of application as well as work long term to help improve the condition of your skin.


Re: Losing elasticity



If you like your moisturizer I would suggest adding a mask to your skincare routine 2-3x a week.


This one Masque*ology gets great reviews and isn't outrageously priced ($8/mask) like many other anti-aging/firming products out there.


Target has another option I saw featured in a magazine recently.  Masque Bar has a Firming and Lifting gel mask that comes to $5/mask for the trial pack and $3.75/mask for the larger packages.


Congrats on losing the weight!  I hope your client reprimanded her daughter.  I would've raked my kids over coals for speaking to someone like that.  Even the 7 year-old knows the rule, "If you can't be kind.  Be quiet."


Re: Losing elasticity

Hello HMNewbie--  first of all, I'm sorry that the child was so rude. I'm sure that didnt feel very nice but congratulations on holding your tongue Smiley Happy  I don't have a product recommendation for you which I know is what you seek, so I hope I'm not in the wrong for writing a reply here. I just wanted to share something with you. When my husband and I got engaged, my mother-in-law made a decision to lose 60 lbs before our wedding. She did!! but instead of being proud of herself she was horrified because of the loose skin. She has managed to maintain the weight loss and now two years later her skin is so much tighter. It just took time but things did firm up again. She eats a very healthy diet now and walks every day so I think those healthy habits are important too. Just wanted to share this with you. Congratulations on your weight loss and don't get discouraged. Be patient with yourself. Best Wishes

Re: Losing elasticity

Are you using a serum at all? It sounds like that might help because so many target specific issues. 


I'm 49 and lost 50 pounds 4 or 5 years ago. Of course I'm fighting to get some of it off again, sigh. The weight difference shows in my face but thankfully not in my skin. (Forehead lines I have, but not sagging.) I use Clarins Vital Light Serum, mostly because I was concerned with hyper pigmentation issues, but it might be helping keep my skin tighter, too. Clarins was the brand my friend introduced me to when she got me to finally use some proper skin care. (I was 35 and basically doing nothing for my skin, ack.) I found the Vital Light Day cream a bit too heavy for me, but you might want to get samples of the line and check it out. 


Anyway, if you're not using a serum right now, look around and get some samples. I'd also suggest looking for a more gentle peel. It doesn't sound like you should have that kind of reaction 3 weeks later!

Re: Losing elasticity

I've got some acne hyperpigmentation going on. Smiley Sad Would you recommend Clarins Vital Light for that?

Re: Losing elasticity

I think everyone is different and nothing is a miracle cure, but it definitely has made a difference for me.  I had reddish patches along the side of my face and, except for a couple of red spots that nothing really will fix, my overall skin tone is much better now.  It didn't happen overnight, of course.  I wish I had been smart and using it on my neck at the same time, because I still have some lovely red patches there.


It is expensive, so if you have access to a store I'd get a sample first and at least make sure your skin can handle it.  I thought of switching to Caudelie Vinoperfect because it has some great reviews, but I had to take it back within a week.  It just made me redder for some reason. 


Maybe others will have suggestions for hyperpigmentation, but I do like the Vital Light Serum.  They also have a Brightness serum, but since I had a deluxe sample and liked the results, I stuck with what seemed to be working.


(Of course, don't forget to have sunscreen on every day, too.)

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