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Loose, wrinkly post weight loss skin on arms and inner thighs

I am 55 years old, recently lost about 20lbs but due to back injuries could not exercise at the same time. I have also been on some seriously strong meds for about 6 months and heard that when detoxing from these things your skin can suffer. So the combined situation of weight loss (a good thing) and detoxing (also a good thing) I am left with arms that look as though they belong someone 30 years older than me.  Any suggestions?  Some articles I have read have mentioned skin tightening creams that combine a hint of colour so that would be a bonus.

Re: Loose, wrinkly post weight loss skin on arms and inner thighs

With that situation there's only so much an OTC product is going to do and I don't think Sephora would have any products that would qualify for what your wanting to do. Most of the products carried are for a slight tightening and also work best with exercise. You may want to talk with your family doctor and see if he/she can give you some better recommendations that you'll benefit more from. Hope this helps!

Re: Loose, wrinkly post weight loss skin on arms and inner thighs

Skin tightening creams and treatments normally rely on two forms of ingredients being peptides and dehydrators. Peptides help to resurface and alter texture by filling in portions of damaged collagen and elastin and plump up, increasing volume so skin is more supple while dehydrators (normally caffeine) help release retained water weight, flushing the system to provide a temporary tightening effect.


Bliss is a line that has a couple of toning/tightening creams and even a product called their Lean Machine. This item like other massagers used for tightening/anticellulite treatments aim to help break down uneveness in skin to help tone by microcirculation brought on by pulses, massaging motions, or varied technologies. Paired with creams and treaments, machines and even regular hand held massagers with multiple nobs or pieces work on different levels to improve tone and texture of skin and desired areas.

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