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Looking for Oily Skin Advice/Tips

I have oily/combination skin and most importantly sensitive skin. It truly is the worst combination because I can't use anything with stylistic acid/alcohol in it because my skin goes crazy and breaks out.

I currently use in this order:

Cleanser- Clinque (Oily Skin Formula which works OKAY but it just keeps me from breaking out and doesn't help with previous scarring or evening out my skin's texture)

Moisturizer- Clinque Gel Moisturizer (Love this, it's worked the best for me)

Foundation- Powder Foundation by Sephora (Doesn't give me a lot of coverage when I have break outs/acne scarring)

Concealer- NARS tube concealer

Pressed Powder- Clinque Matte Powder (This stuff has worked pretty well)

Recently someone at LUSH cosmetics convinced me that using an oil based cleanser (Ultrabland) was a good idea and my skin went crazy and now it is broke out. So with all that said, does anyone have any advice or tips for me? I am really trying to get my skin under control so that I'll be able to use minimum coverage foundation again...So my real question is probably more about skincare than make up, but any advice would be grand!!!

Chinchilla Moose


Re: Looking for Oily Skin Advice/Tips

I agree with @nataliew. Murad makes a good starter kit for acne prone skin without irritation or dryness.



Also, look up the Boscia Black line as comparison to the Murad. They put all their black line products into a kit which is geared toward people with acne prone, oily skin that leaves a nice matte finish while keeping the skin hydrated.



I would say some tips for oily/sensitive/acne prone skin would be the following:


  • Stay away from products with TOO much alcohol (the Clinique cleanser oily skin version is very high in alcohol content and can sometimes dry out the skin and reverse the effects leading to more breakouts) If you like this cleanser, Clinique makes it in a mild formula and extra mild. I would try the mild which is still good for combo-oily skin but doesn't have as much alcohol, as the oily skin version.
  • I love LUSH btw, there are a couple of great acne prone oily skin cleansers there! Coal Face is great since coal fights hard to rid the impurities of the skin in a sensitive manner. Ocean salt is my fav from LUSH though! It's an exfoliator that smells like the ocean and brightens the face with the salt crystals. Just remember to always use your moisturizer after this, as it can be a bit drying.
  • Don't use heavy creams, serums, or oils on the face unless specifically for oily/sensitive skin. 
  • If you're looking for something with more coverage as your makeup foundation, try Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo foundation (if you can find it, its THAT good)
  • Speaking of foundations, try to stay away from the word radiant or dewy until you get your skincare under control. A primer would be best if you're going for a more radiant/dewy finish of makeup which is basically a glowing finish. Oily prone skin can make this "glow" look more like an oil slick which leads me too...
  • ...Setting sprays! Sprays that set your makeup in place and rid the shine off your face with a matte finish. Urban Decay makes a nice one, which is actually in my shopping cart Smiley Wink

Re: Looking for Oily Skin Advice/Tips

My skin revolution for this type was facial oils, it helps limit sebum production and treats acne fairly effectively!

Re: Looking for Oily Skin Advice/Tips

Myself as well.  I have super oily skin and I used to believe that cleansers made for oily skin (which essentially stripped my face) were the way to go followed by a moisturizer.  But I couldn't balance the dryness that those cleansers did.  I have settled on a balm cleanser (easier than an oil cleanser) and argan oil as a moisturizer.


That's it.  And I haven't (knocks on wood) had a break out in months since I started that routine.


Oil on oil...who knew? Smiley Happy

Re: Looking for Oily Skin Advice/Tips

I also have oily, acne prone and very sensitive skin. The only brand that has worked for me is Murad. Other brands have either been to drying/irritating or have done nothing for my oiliness and acne/acne scars. I use The murad clarifying cleanser about every other day (as that is the most drying one of my products) I mix it up with a really gentle drugstore brand cleanser. I then use the Murad clarifying toner. I use this every time I cleanse, it really helps with the oil production ALL day. And it doesn't dry out my skin like all other toners I have tried. Lastly I use the Murad skin perfecting lotion, which is the best one of the bunch. It doesn't break me out, doesn't "sit" on the skin like an oily or waxy layer, it is absorbed within a minute and keeps me moisturized while evening out my skin tone, and gradually making my acne scars go away. In the winter I like to use this only as a day cream and use bare minerals cream for dry skin, as a night cream. Try Murad! I find it to be a lot more gentle on my skin than Clinique. I hope you find a product that works for you. oily/sensitive skin is the worst Smiley Sad

P.s a powder that works really well for my oily skin is Make Up Forever HD powder. 

Re: Looking for Oily Skin Advice/Tips

Cleanser don't stay long enough on your skin to really help with scarring/even texture, altho you can choose a cleanser with a higher glycolic content like Peter Thomas Roth anti-aging one in orange or Anthony Logistic glycolic wash. Oil cleanser is only good as 1st of 2 step cleansing or for "oily" skin that are actually dry skin overproducing oil to compensate for lack of hydration.


I see that you don't use toner (yeah most of them do have acid or alcohol, nvm) or serum. Since you like your current moisturizer, I would recommend a serum to help with scarring or even skintone, Caudalie and Origin both have that under the name brightening serum I think. There's also peels but for sensitive skin....


If you want a powder foundation with more coverage, try MUFE Mat Velvet

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