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Lip hair


How can I get rid of upper lip hair?

Re: Lip hair

Hi BBBol, If you want to do it yourself at home, I would suggest looking into these products:


Bliss called 'Fuzz' Off™ Super-Fast, Fresh-Scented Facial Hair Removal Cream.  It gently removes unwanted facial hair in as little as three minutes.


Bliss Poetic Waxing Wax Strips Face


And if you decide to wax, definitely check out Shaveworks The Cool Fix™ Lip & Brow Formula Post-Wax Rollerball.  It's a moisturizing formula that cools and calms the skin after waxing.

Smiley Happy -Laura


Re: Lip hair

i think waxing is the best way to go.  You can get a box of pre waxed strips specifically meant for the face at any walmart or target for about $7.  If you do try waxing, make sure the box you get comes with wax removing wipes, or get some wax remover separately, becasue wax is extremely hard to get off your skin without wax remover!

Re: Lip hair

I use really good tweezers..i've found overtime the hair has reduced a lot and become more fine.  Good luck!!

Re: Lip hair

I use Sally Hansen hair removal cream. I have sensitive skin but this doesnt bother me.

Re: Lip hair

I just use nair for the face. you just apply the cream and leave it on for like 5min. im hair free for almost 3 weeks!


and its cheap too, only about $6-8 at walmart or any drugstore Smiley Happy

Re: Lip hair

There are a lot of cool products here, some of which I want to try, but in case those don't work there is always shaving.  It's a biotch because you have to do it every day and by the end of the day you are usually a little fuzzy (though not so much that anyone notices) but you can get really smooth skin and it doesn't hurt or make a mess or just plain not work unlike a lot of products I've tried.  Wow that is an epic run-on sentence.  


tl;dr if all else fails shaving is always an option!

Re: Lip hair

Waxing will do the trick for about 8 weeks.

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