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Konjac Sponge VS Clarisonic

Clarisonics are NOT the best for a college student's budget. I'm just wondering, how often do you use a Clarisonic? I think Konjac is kinda cool with the exfoliation and baked in clays. Not sure which one I should pick.  

Re: Konjac Sponge VS Clarisonic

I honestly don't find the Boscia sponge any more effect than a washcloth. And less hygenic since it takes more than a day to dry completely and is known to grow mold. (I've seen it.) The sponge provides very superficial exfoliation, but is suitable for someone with extremely sensitive skin. If you want to try it go for some of the less expensive brands mentioned.


I know the Clarisonic is expensive, but I managed to get mine for around $85 along with Perricone products. Keep an eye on sites/forums that discuss Clarisonic deals. I only have the Mia and settled on that to save money since I was unsure of the device. The only thing I miss is the timer function on the Mia2, however, my Mia works just as well and I foresee it lasting years. I have seen Groupon deals for replacement heads on the cheap. Now I don't think they're official Clarisonic heads, but they should fit the device.

Re: Konjac Sponge VS Clarisonic

I love my Konjac sponge!  I got a Dewpuff in a VeganCuts beauty box and it is so gentle and soft yet it still exfoliates without hurting my skin.  I wouldn't recommend the Bocia one because you get get much less expensive ones (such as Dewpuff which you can get with charcoal or red clay or regular) and they work just as well and they are only about $8.  I use mine ever day after I have removed my makeup, it is gentle enough that I can careful run it over my eyes and it helps get off that last bit of mascara.  

Re: Konjac Sponge VS Clarisonic

I have a Clarisonic Aria (previously had the original Clarisonic model sold in derm/esthetician offices)and the Charcoal Konjac sponge (I tried the white one first; prefer the black charcoal one; I have oily/combo, very acne prone skin). I think that if you can't part ways with $150+ right now, then the Konjac sponge is the perfect alternative. It's far less expensive (but let's touch upon that in a second) in the short run, its hypoallergenic and easy to use and travel with. Beyond just cleansing, one of my favorite uses for the sponge is the removal of clay masks. If you use any kind of masks that dry on, the sponge is beyond amazing for easy removal; in fact, this is why I continue to buy the Konjac sponge whilst having a Clarisonic as well. 


In terms of cost efficiency, let's examine:



Base cost of device: $125 (Mia); $150 (Mia 2); $200 (Aria); $225 (Plus), 

Brush heads: $27/each; $44/twin pack; $75/4 pack [For the sake of simple analysis, did not include new Luxe brush heads]

Total cost for first year: $200 (Mia and best value of 4 pack brush head) to $333 (Plus and buying each brush head separately)

Total cost for second year and onward: $75 (4 pack brush heads) to $108 (buying each brush head separately)


Konjac Cleansing Sponge:

Base cost: $18 (Bamboo Charcoal or regular), with replacement every 2 or 3 months.

Replacing every 2 months for a year, total cost for one year: $108

Replacing every 3 months for a year, total cost for one year: $72


So putting it in these terms shows that if you were to buy the Clarisonic, after the first year, the replacement pricing for the brush heads is pretty much the same as replacing the Konjac sponge every 3 months for a year. Hope this helps!! 


Re: Konjac Sponge VS Clarisonic

Have you heard of Dr Sponge? I watched a youtube video where CoffeeBreakWithDani did a dupe video on the Boscia sponge against the one from Dr Sponge. They are $8.50 for the face (they have a larger one for body use), $1.99 s&h, and 7 different kinds. I haven't tried one yet, but I really want to!

Re: Konjac Sponge VS Clarisonic

Yeah, if you're on a budget, I recently replaced the $18 Konjac from Sephora with a much cheaper one from Eco Tools! I can't tell a difference!

Re: Konjac Sponge VS Clarisonic

As someone who owns both the Konjac and the Clarisonic and is close to your age demographic - I couldn't recommend the Clarisonic more highly. It literally has saved my skin. The Konjac was nice, yes, and better than washing with hands alone, but it pales in comparison to the Clarisonic. 

Re: Konjac Sponge VS Clarisonic

 I agree that for those on a budget its a little difficult to justify the cost a clarisonic but being that it is sooo important to take care of our skin I see why its considered HG by some many people. While I am still considering taking the clarisonic plunge, I've been trying out alternatives one of them being the Boscia Konjac Cleansing Sponge. I've been using it for a few months now and I do think it is effective at gently cleansing and removing face makeup. It gently exfoliates the skin, maybe too gently for some people but would be great for people with sensitive skin. The boscia one is $18 @ sephora but I picked up a couple for ebay for around $2-$3 a piece. I can't wait to try the green tea & charcoal versions (I've also seen mint & lemon). But if you decide you really want the clarisonic why not try q.v.c they carry them and allow you spread out the payments.

Re: Konjac Sponge VS Clarisonic

I had a Clarisonic and ended up returning it for the same issue. It was good, but not worth the $175. I replaced it with the Konjac sponge (white one) and I really like it so far. It's a lot easier and deep cleans just as well, plus I don't have to use cleanser with it. I was using my Clarisonic every two days or so, and I now use the sponge every day. You are supposed to replace the Kojac every two to three months, so over time it's the same cost as replacing the brush heads but there are a bunch of super cheap alternatives online.

Re: Konjac Sponge VS Clarisonic

Okay, I honestly think you should look into a Foreo Luna because even though Clarisonics are cheaper you have to keep on buying brushes and that can add up. If you really need something now I suggest the Konjac, but if you're willing to save up the Foreo Luna would be my pick.

Re: Konjac Sponge VS Clarisonic

I am intrigued by the Luna, what does the reverse side do?  One looks scrubby but one is just lines, what does it do? 

Re: Konjac Sponge VS Clarisonic

I agree, the Foreo Luna is my favorite cleansing device. 


I was able to find a 35% coupon to use on the Foreo website, so I got it for $130 including tax and shipping. (However, Foreo doesn't have a good return policy like Sephora.) 


However, $130 is the only price you will pay because of not having to buy those replacement brushes. 


I am so happy with my Luna. I use it once per day. 


The mini Foreo Lunas are even cheaper, but don't have an anti-aging side (I don't really need now, but in the future). 


Foreo Lunas have a two year warranty, and ten year quality guarantee. 


I agree with using sponges for now, and then saving up for a Foreo Luna or asking for it for your birthday, Christmas, etc. 

Re: Konjac Sponge VS Clarisonic

You could also try this pore cleansing pad. 


It reminds me of a Foreo Luna, but without the sonic pulsations.

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