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Kate Somerville or Clarins for aging skin/with breakouts due to hormone changes?

I am 47 with my hormones staring to change due to pre menopause. i do have some breakouts.  which line would you suggest?  My skin is normal to dry.

Hi, laosjo!  I would choose Clarins products because they...

Hi, laosjo!  I would choose Clarins products because they have some non-comedogenic products which will not clog your pores and, therefore, will not cause you to break out.  I'd keep your skincare routine simple by using a cleanser and good anti-aging moisturizers.  Below are a some good products that you may want to consider:

Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser is a mild facial cleanser that eliminates impurities and excess oil from your skin without causing irritation. Formulated with coconut and fatty acids to protect skin balance and radiance, this lightweight, refreshing lather rinses away easily with cool water and protects your skin from the drying effects of hard water.  This dermatologist-tested, non-comedogenic formula is as gentle as cleansing milk and as purifying as soap.  It brings out the best and the brightest in all types of complexions and you can find it here:

For daytime moisturization and to double as a makeup primer, I would try Clarins Beauty Flash Balm.  It is a balm that instantly moisturizes, brightens, and tightens facial contours so your skin looks rested and relaxed.  It's the ultimate pick-me-up for tired, stressed skin.  This radiance-making product helps eliminate signs of fatigue and it's a great 10-minute "energy" mask, plus its non-oily formula prepares your skin for perfect makeup application and hours of wear.  Formulated with olive extract, this ingredient helps to smooth the skin's surface, diffusing the appearance of lines and wrinkles.  Bisabolol soothes, softens, and helps restore skin's youthful glow.  Clarins' most popular radiance booster, this product is sold once every 20 minutes worldwide.  It is allergy-tested and non-comedogenic so it won't cause breakouts and you can find it here:

Finally, for nighttime use I'd recommend trying Clarins Super Restorative Night Wear.  It is a high performance nighttime treatment for mature and/or dry skin.  This intensive, anti-aging treatment is specially formulated for those facing natural hormonal fluctuations.  Apply this lightweight treatment in the evening to help stimulate the synthesis of collagen, recharging skin for a firmer, more luminous appearance. Acacia-derived micropearls help fill in lines for a more radiant complexion.  This soft pink treatment is allergy tested and non-comedogenic so it won't clog your pores or cause breakouts.  You can find it here:

The three products I listed above should be a simple enough, yet very effective skincare routine that'll make a big difference in the way your skin looks and feels.  You should be able to tell a big difference after 6 to 8 weeks of use.

Hope this helps! Smiley Happy

Re: Hi, laosjo!  I would choose Clarins products because they...

Thanks for your help girls

Hi between Clarins and Kate Somerville, I'd recommend Cla...

Hi between Clarins and Kate Somerville, I'd recommend Clarins.  Kate somerville line uses and focuses more on using chemicals. Yes, ingredients like salicylic acid, glycolic acids are chemicals and they're not beneficial to the body. They do not balance or regulate the body so you will need to rely on them forever. Slowly they will weaken your skin and age you even quicker.  Clarins use more natural ingredients like plants so they are actually nutritious for the skin. 


I know that in the US skin care market, it is difficult to find face creams without spf. If you can though always buy a separate face cream and spf. This is because face creams with spf are 1.usually low spf 2.tend to be sticky/shiny 3. spf odor and 4. reduces the effectiveness of face cream ingredients.  SPF that i recommend 1.clarins bright plus spf40, amore pacific natural protector spf30, isa knox 365 spf45. 


Also,be sure you exfoliate the skin with the right exfoliator. i suggest using a gentle physical as oppose to chemical one like glycolic acid. the gentle physical exfoliator mean your body has the ability to balance oil production, shedding dead skin cells and keep pores unclogged, all you need for the exfoliator to do is remove it from skin surface. chemical exfoliators do not help your body with a balance. it goes into your skin and "burns off a layer of skin" to reveal smooth skin. Which one sounds more healthy? 


If you also use makeup, i'd suggest to you asia's famous double cleansing method: at night cleansing, first use an oil-based cleanser to remove greasy makeup. (usually cleansing oil, cleansing milk or cleansing cream). Follow up with gentle foaming cleanser like cleansing gel or foam from a pump. The foaming cleanser from a tube like toothpaste contain the highest level of foaming agent (more chemicals!). The double cleansing method is effective because oil-based cleansers remove oil dirt like greasy makeup and foaming cleansers remove water dust like sweat, pillow dust and bacteria. Using a too-harsh foaming cleanser as an "all in one for all messes" will only over dry the skin making the skin lose it's balance to protect itself. This too, will age the skin quicker.

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